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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mayoral Diary and letter from South End School more evidence of bullying and corruption

The Dominion Post and TV One recently publicised the matter of a Carterton man who has apparently been the subject of a leaflet which was allegedly distributed to a few local letterboxes, which, according to the police, and the man's family, contains false allegations of paedophilia against the man.
It's interesting to think that the "victim", and his family, were so very upset about being brought to attention by the few leaflets allegedly distributed, but they then sought to publicise the matter, in all the newspapers and several television channels, and blow it into even greater proportions through the media, who are ever ready to help trumpet the innocence of their favorite politicians like Gary McPhee and Georgina Beyer.  Methinks this man and his family doth protest far too much, and so do many locals who have tried to report serious crimes to the local police, and been ignored, then betrayed, then watched their abusers repeat the cycle, protected by the corrupt local constable.  Noboby in Carterton knew anything about any leaflets, this is a story cooked up by the man's family, and the police and the media, who ignore matters that are genuinely in the public interest, while making up stories to glorify their mates.

 I have been the victim of a far worse campaign of malicious gossip from the local police and certain political puppets like Georgina Beyer, Gary McPhee and their hangers on, and that the results in my case have been devastating and cost me my employment at two local schools, and are preventing me finding other employment, accomodation, and are now causing me to be openly abused and attacked by members of the public who have been deliberately misinformed by the corrupt and dishonest local police and their mates, like local bully and well known liar Gary McPhee.

I provided the same journalists with the letter to me from Gavin Kennedy, of the Board of Trustees of the South End School in Carterton, demanding that I cease my work in the school gardens because I had allegedly "been charged by the police with an offence involving a child."

I told the school immediately, as soon as I became aware of the allegation, that it was untrue.  The Principal, Rod O'Leary said he had received contrary information from the Police and the Mayor, and that if charges of child abuse had not been laid against me by the police they would be soon, O'Leary told me and other people that the Police had hard evidence against me of child abuse.  I repeatedly told him I had not been charged with any such offence.

I immediately requested all information held by the school about me or the gardens, under the OIA and the Privacy Act, and I requested all information from the police regarding the matters also.

I also requested the immediate return of all equipment brought to the site by me and our organisation, Friends of the Carterton Community Gardens, or donated through our organisation.  This property belongs to us, it was provided in good faith for a community garden, it wasn't given to teach children vandalism, theft and bullying.

Our organisation was formed by me and Jennifer Armstrong over ten years ago out of the ruins of the Carterton Community Centre, central to the corruption allegations surrounding the management of the Centre by people associated with the District Council, was a "personal grievance payment" relating to the Gardens.  This is just more of the same corruption.  We asked Mr Gavin Kennedy to help us erect a fence around the garden at the school when we started over twelve months ago, we asked the Board to assist with watering the gardens over the holidays and assist us with a working bee, all efforts to communicate with the Board were rejected and ignored.  "We Build Fences" it says on all Mr Kennedy's business vehicles (and he's got a few now) - yes but only if there's money involved: Mr Kennedy and his mates let us do all the hard work, and used the goodwill we have generated in the community for over ten years of faithful service to the community, and then he and his mates moved in and took over what we had lovingly created with the children, as soon as the funding money came in.  Twelve months after spreading lies about me and stealing everything we worked for, the gardens at the school are an absolute disgrace.  There is no plan, no sustainability, the Board of Trustees and Whaia Michelle (who personally arranged the destruction of our plants) have ripped out and thrown away plants that were donated, and the gardens are now over run with weeds.  Our organisation built a great garden out of nothing with the children, and maintained it sustainably.

Repeated requests for input and communication from the Board of Trustees, access to resources, etc, were ignored.  A letter was given to the school from Friends of the Gardens for publication in the school newsletter, and I asked that it be faxed to the local newspapers including the Carterton Crier ('edited' by Councillor Brian Poulson (whose wife left him and whose daughter lives with the owner of the local brothel and lied regarding the paternity of her daughter in order to falsely claim child support from her previous boyfriend, who pimped her out on the streets of Auckland prior to the birth of her first child - great role models, just the sort of people we don't want on the District Council) who was gifted editorial control of the Carterton Crier by the Town and Country Development Group, (also funded by the Council unlike the Community Gardens), led by John Gordon who was largely responsible for the illegal closure of the Carterton Community Centre).  This letter thanked all the people and local businesses who had donated money, goods and services to the Gardens at the South End School, including Parkvale Mushrooms, Oldfields, Mrs F R Armstrong, Mary from Mitre 10 in Masterton, Landsdowne Nurseries, High Street Plants, Ryan Smock, Alec, and everyone else who has supported the Gardens.  The letter was never published in the either the school newsletter, the Carterton Crier - edited by incumbent councillor Brian Poulsen - or the Wairarapa Times-Age who promote Beyer and McPhee.

I have had no response from either the school or the police to my information request and my request for clarification of the false allegation, except a trespass notice from the school.  The other day the teacher known as Whaia Michelle screamed "F**k off" and "why don't you just f**k off" at me at the top of her voice outside the school in front of several children, passers by and neighbours, after I mentioned that after she had pulled out our vegetable plants several months previously, it was disappointing to see that nothing had been planted to replace them, and the bed was just full of weeds and a totally unproductive eyesore.
I have evidence that the school has received a number of complaints from parents regarding the letter sent to me, and about the general behaviour and teaching ability of "Whaia Michelle".  Ripping out plants which were provided and planted and patiently and lovingly maintained, throwing them away and letting weeds take over is outright vandalism, theft and bullying.
Furthermore, I am told that parents who complained to senior staff including the Principal, Rod O'Leary, were told further slanderous lies about me.  Mr O'Leary told people that the police have hard evidence against me of the allegation.  THIS IS AN UTTER LIE, ROD OLEARY AND GAVIN KENNEDY SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES, AND A COMMISSIONER SHOULD BE APPOINTED TO INVESTIGATE THESE MATTERS, OUR COMMUNITY DESERVES BETTER, AND I CERTAINLY DO.  This allegation is a result of a blackmailer called Tracy Feast, a jealous and manipulative woman, and her friend Michael Francis Murphy, who came to my house with McPhee looking for a confrontation on the 6th February 2010, and came back and smashed my door in and assaulted me on the 11th February 2009.
The Mayoral Diary shows that McPhee was very busy in the days prior to the attack. at my home, harassing and intimidating me, with Michael Murphy, well known for threatening behaviour against women, meeting with the ex partner of Tracy Feast, and meeting with the police and the principal of the South End School, and all of this just prior to the attack on me and the letter from the Board of Trustees.
When I went to the library to get a copy of the Mayoral Diary documenting all this, I was charged with criminal Trespass, taken to Court goodness how many times before the police again dropped the charges, after wasting the time of the Court all those times, and after wasting all the legal aid money that they conspired with the local lawyers to milk from the tax payers and rate payers.  The charges were laid maliciously and vexatiously, I simply walked into the library, got the copies and walked out again, and the librarian Ewen Hyde made the complaint to the police as an abuse of his power to prevent me accessing the information and making it publicly available.
There are hundreds of uninvestigated child abuse cases in the Wairarapa, including the ones involving the people who came to my home with McPhee and the police, and smashed my door in and attacked me, McPhee has a habit of smashing in innocent people's doors in and attacking them with his bullying mates, while they're minding their own business and not breaking any laws.  Meanwhile McPhee is busy having cups of tea with people, and  posing for pictures, and making unhappy looking babies pose for them too, whether they like it or not, to advertise his latest marvellous plan to stamp out violence in the Wairarapa - by - wait for it  - printing bumper stickers saying "Lets Kill People", and all the police have been doing is maintaining a corrupt campaign of malicious litigation which amounts to a serious attempt to pervert the course of justice.                                                                                                                                
 When lawyers complained to police on behalf of victims of McPhee's drunken rampage, police arrogantly replied "I presume you're refering to Mayor Gary's unique response to a noise complaint that attracted so much media attention.  It was decided at the time that no charges were to be laid."  There That sounds like the response to the complaint about the violent attack at the Carterton Community Centre when the Secretary and Treasurer was punched in the face by the Chairman of the committee, which included the chairman's mates Deputy Mayor Ruth Carter, District Councillors Elaine Brazendale, Jill Greathead, Council employees Ewen Hyde, Martyn Preece, and Council "Support Services Manager" and corrupt Deputy Electoral Officer Julie Hallam, after inquiring into the fraud and gross misfeasance by the committee.  Police Area Commander Rod Drew decreed that because he was aware that Georgina Beyer and the District Councillors and Mayor had discussed the closure of the Centre it was most unlikely that any criminal law had been broken, in spite of all the evidence to the contrary, and all the lawyer's letters pointing out the evidence.  Wrong link, but check it out anyway, the letter I'm referring to is quoted in dark red print and there is a link to the letter with that statement in it.

Almost every single one of the many, many, charges the local police bring against me are thrown out.  The two that weren't were based on the totally unsubstantiated word of a well known local criminal, who co-incidentally works for the local "news"paper, who apparently has 68 recent convictions for dishonesty, and in the other case, the word of John Crawford, who closed down the community centre illegally and has no credibility whatsoever because of the vast volume of evidence showing that he is a liar, and who, with his crooked thieving mates, has tried to conceal the fraud and corruption at the Carterton Community Centre unsuccessfully for the last ten years.  I'm not a criminal, I had two extremely minor convictions 30 years ago and haven't broken the law since.  Then the local police started focusing their attention on me, instead of focusing on the violent crime and child abuse, etc.

It started with the charge of Billsticking, that was thrown out when the police failed to turn up for the hearing, just like on the 8th December last year.

Then we have the five charges arising from the meeting to discuss the new community 'facility in 2007.'

The charges were thrown out before the police could even finish putting the case for the prosecution to the Court after it became obvious to everyone that the officer in charge of the case was going to stand up and commit perjury in the face of contrary evidence given by another police officer.  Another monumental waste of taxpayers money, spent in a failed attempt to pervert the course of justice.  Several witnesses called the police and asked to make complaints about Georgina Beyer's threatening and disorderly behaviour, and all these witnesses were ignored and the police refused to take their complaints, or witness statements.

Peter Cunningham and Gary McPhee conspired to pervert the course of justice regarding the attack on me in my home on 11th February 2009, the threatening text messages sent to me by Rachel Betteridge of Vivian Street, Masterton, saying "You need a bullet" and "Watch your back", and several other matters.
I was charged several times with trespass - unsuccessfully, mainly - for going in to the library and copying the Mayoral Diary, in another attempt to pervert the course of justice and waste the time of the Court and the taxpayer's money, pursuing the vendetta of a few corrupt and incompetent local political aspirants.
I'll put up the incident reports that police based the arrest and prosecutions on, and readers will see clearly the corruption, the waste of time and waste of taxpayer's money on this petty vendetta, and they will realise just how much time and energy the police have devoted to this while the crime and suicide rates continue to skyrocket.  They'll figure it out for themselves.  More soon.

Here, especially for "Sceptic", is evidence of the community spirit of Julie Hallam and Elaine Brazendale and their friends, this letter says it all really, the only way they stay in power is by preventing the community from hearing what other people have to say.  DON"T VOTE for any candidate that won't take a stand on these issues, which is all of them except me so far - where's Ron Mark's blog?  Or Janine Vollebrecht's?  Greatheads?  What have any of them had to say about the murder of Paul Irons, or McPhee's violent assault on the innocent occupants of a local flat?  Ron Mark's had his chance, he's only interested in his own career, he has had no active part in local politics, had no published opinions on local issues like the murder of Paul Irons, etc, not felt strongly enough to comment, Mark will just be another Beyer or McPhee, but more sneaky.  Here's Hallam and Brazendale's letter refusing our group permission to use the Ron Wakelin Centre for a community meeting to discuss the illegal takeover and mismanagement of the Carterton Community Centre, of which Brazendale and Hallam were committee members along with fellow members of all three organisations, Jill Greathead, and Ruth Carter, and Rob Harris, who was booted out after two universities raised concerns about his ethics, or rather lack of ethics:

These other two letters show clearly that Edwin and Owen Perry knew perfectly well what was going on at the Carterton Community Centre and just chose to ignore it.  They knew that the books hadn't been audited.  "Give back the books" indeed!  I told Edwin Perry what I told the police - that I would hand the information to an appointed auditor.  Mediation?  Edwin Perry knew perfectly well about Elaine Brazendale's refusal to engage in mediation, as evidenced by the letter from the Mediation Service.  And what's Ron Mark going to do about this?   Here's the link to the Minutes of the CCC featuring Hallam's actions, here's her name on this letter telling the community we can't have a meeting at our Health Centre


sceptic said...

You may be interested to know that the "corrupt Deputy Electoral Officer Julie Hallam" passed away today. Knowing Julie in her professional capacity at the Council I find it ludicrous that anyone in their right mind could target such an accusation towards Julie. She was very much a professional woman who did the right things for the district. Julie deserves better. Shame on you.

Transparency in New Zealand, Kiwileaks. said...

Shame on her, and shame on you. She was a corrupt thief who lied and stole my election nomination deposit by lying about my expense return. She also played a major part in the illegal takeover, mismanagement and closure of the Carterton Community Centre, and was directly responsible for changing the rules of the society shortly before the closure of the Centre to insert a clause of indemnity and limitation of liability to cover herself and the others associated with the Council, to ensure that they weren't held accountable for their actions. Tony Feinson, former Chairman of the Centre, dropped dead too after he punched me and broke two of my teeth. She didn't "do the right things for the district", neither did Beyer or McPhee and it is high time you woke up. Because of your ignorance, I will now post further information showing exactly what Julie Hallam did, because I have nothing to be ashamed of and will not put up with this orchestrated litany of lies. Julie Hallam knew perfectly well that the books of the Carterton Community Centre had not been audited, and she knew why. Like Brazendale, Carter, Hyde, Greathead, Tankersley, etc. Thieves and liars all. That was OUR Community Centre that Julie Hallam shut down and that is how she will be remembered, she made her own choices and it's here in black and white for all to see. You haven't even got the conviction to put your name behind your feeble defence of her. I can't believe that anyone in their right mind could continue to defend these criminals, you and the rest of the Council are held in contempt now, it was apparent at the recent meeting. Their biggest fans are the local news media. That's why nobody will give them any money for their "Event Centre" - you arrogant lot plan to start building in September - what a joke - you'll be voted out the following month. Julie Hallam deserves to be exposed for what she is, like Beyer and McPhee.

Transparency in New Zealand, Kiwileaks. said...

Katherine Jane Reid was the best asset the Carterton District Council ever had, they didn't appreciate her enough in my humble opinion, she should have had Julie Hallam's job and Hallam should have got the boot years ago regarding the blatant corruption and fraud at the Carterton Community Centre and Hallam's conspiracy with Lyn Patterson regarding the non-audit of the Centre's books!