"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

Until we have legislation adopted into law to ensure fiduciary accountability and transparency in public affairs we will continue to have human rights breached because the existing crown immunity and lack of any independent oversight invites corruption to flourish.

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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Decision of Judge M J Behrens QC

This is the decision of Judge M J Behrens QC after he stopped the trial of the five charges laid by corrupt local police after they barged into a local community meeting like the Gestapo and dragged me out, took me to the police station in handcuffs, strip searched me and locked me up all night, to "teach me a lesson" as vindictive Detective Sue Mackle testified in Court - just before her 'evidence' was stopped by the Judge because it was inadmissable - as she knew perfectly well! She and other officers DELIBERATELY LIED in Court!

Judge Behrens stopped the trial after it became apparent that the police were trying to pervert the course of justice.

Police tried to withdraw three of the charges, but Judge Behrens refused their application to do so and acquitted me of the charges, totally rubbishing all the evidence of Georgina Beyer and all her mates on the Carterton District Council.

This case has taken some unusual turns" said Judge Behrens.
"There are many things I could say about these charges. I think the first thing I should say is that . . . . the prosecution attitude is that although the evidence from the officer in charge who was the one subject of the alleged resistance, the prosecution is happy for me to proceed to make a decision about these three charges now and I can see the reason for that." - The other police officer had just testified that he hadn't heard the senior officer arrest me as he claimed he had.

"Without going at length into the charges the police accept that the evidence in relation to them is tenuous and I must say that I agree. I could perhaps leave it at that on the basis that tenuous evidence is not evidence beyond reasonable doubt which is the standard the police must achieve if they are to get a conviction in respect of these three charges."

"I am concerned too about what appears to have been physical action taken against her by the police before she was arrested. I refer to evidence which shows that she was grabbed and told that she could not leave until police had sorted out what had happened. It seemed to me at that time that perhaps there was a difficulty there for the police, but I'm not taking that any further at this stage."

The trial was stopped during the evidence of the first of two police officers who attacked me at the Carterton Municipal Hall following a public meeting to try and talk the public into supporting the proposal of the group of criminals associated with the Carterton District Council who took over and closed the former Community Centre to cover up their fraud and misfeasance. The Secretary and Treasurer was punched in the face for speaking up about it, and the right respectable District Councillors and Council staff changed the locks on the building which had been gifted to the community. Then they illegally subdivided and sold the land the building was on, and two of the buildings on site, and the Borough Farm, and every other community asset they could think of, because nobody would give them any money for their 'Event Centre'. Nobody in their right mind would ever do so - read the unbelievably appalling Audit Office report highlights at the end of lawyer Michael Appleby's submission to the PCA, and the Great Cuisine School Disaster about how they lost over two million dollars!

Read the evidence of independent witnesses, with a first hand view, who were so outraged that they went home, wrote to the Prime Minister, went back to the meeting and remonstrated with Georgina Beyer, the police and Ewen Hyde (corrupt Council Librarian). The following day, these independent and very credible witnesses were still so outraged at what happened to me that they rang the Area Commander of the Police.

Read how corrupt local police have covered up crimes committed by Beyer and McPhee and their other mates.

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