"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Art Fart Stinks: Roffe, Crawford, Kingsley get their snouts in the trough:

Art fart stinks: More money in the pockets of District Councillor's mates

This is the record of the Community Grants given out by the Carterton District Council for the 2002/2003 financial year, the Minutes of a Council meeting held in October 2002, and a letter, dated 12 August 2003, signed on behalf of the Carterton District Council by Julie Hallam, refusing our organisation, Friends of the Carterton Community Gardens, any funding at all "because our organisation was not a legal entity."  Julie Hallam was the very person who tried to cover up all the theft at the CCC, she was one of the very worst offenders in this disgraceful business, she was working for the District Council, a major funder of the Centre, and then just have a read of the documents she signed closing the Centre and trying to make sure nobody could be held liable for their fraud and misfeasance!  Hallam lied about my election nomination deposit and stole $400 from me by doing so.

Hallam was the Deputy Electoral Officer at the last local body election, and lied about my expense return.  Like Tony Feinson, who punched me in the face in the office of the Carterton Community Centre, to try and cover up the fraud and gross misfeasance at the Centre by the committee, which included Feinson and Hallam, Hallam died of cancer not long after stealing our $400 and lying about it - poetic justice for someone who worked so hard to steal $400 off the less privileged people of Carterton, the people who voted for me.  The election was corrupt, the evidence is on the post Election by Deception.  Hallam should have just returned OUR money.  Feinson and Hallam were on the committee of the CCC and Hallam's contribution was to ensure that the committee were indemnified against criminal charges for the fraud and misfeasance.  The motion was seconded by the mother of the administrator fiddling the books, Bev Thomas.  Council Civil Defence Officer Martyn Preece was cheating on his wife, living with Bev Thomas and her sister, (he later married Adrienne Thomas and they all went off overseas with the money they ripped off from the poor).  Preece had glaringly obvious conflicts of interest, as did Noeline Thomas, and I am told that Elaine Brazendale was a Thomas, and also related to Bev Thomas.

The Carterton District Council is corrupt.  The Audit Report (scroll down at that link, the highlights are at the end of lawyer Michael Appleby's formal complaint) confirms that they are also grossly incompetent.  Incumbent Councillors sought their positions because they saw an opportunity to take advantage and benefit themselves and their mates.  I seek a position on the Council because I see an opportunity to make the Wairarapa somewhere to be proud of.  When elected I will focus on dramatically reducing crime, suicide, child abuse and unemployment.  I understand what the real problem is, and how to fix it.  I've put my money where my mouth is, and walked the walk.  The local "news" papers are printing a pack of lies making local idiots like Georgina Beyer and Gary McPhee and the local corrupt and useless police out to be heroes.  This site will put the record straight, make sure you tune in regularly.

Hallam and her other mates on the Council, Ruth Carter, etc, are the same ones who gave Sean Crawford $1000 to have a two week "art" exhibition at what was then the Prime Art Space in Masterton!  Since when was Sean Crawford a legal entity and why was he given $1000 to have a two week exhibition in a FREE gallery - it was FREE to exhibit at Prime Art Space.

The record of Council grants shows that our organisation was the only one to have any conditions whatsoever attached, and we were only given the grant on the condition we provide Council with a detailed work plan and "purpose of the community garden."  The plan was evident, and based on the New Zealand Gardening Calendar and other basic resource materials, the purpose and success of the Garden was also evident as we told the Council: the purpose was to encourage every home to grow a garden, of vegetables, herbs, fruit and flowers, with an emphasis on edible products, and encourage the storage and consumption of produce, and trading of surplus through a Community Market - have a look at the latest funding request to the Council from Green Dollars (on the Council website, link will be up soon).  Professional rip off artist Larry Manson, aka Ljinon Manson, and his wife Catie Lou Manson have their snouts in the trough again through the Green Dollar scheme - people who have been proven to thieve money from charity like these two have should be booted out of any involvement in community organisations and refused any further funding for their self serving schemes!

We produced food for our food bank, to assist people in the community in immediate need, we helped them in the long term by making them a vegetable garden, giving them peach and plum tree seedlings, etc.  We established these gardens and orchards in local schools and playcentres, etc.  We've worked for eleven years to make this community a better place, while the same people go on ripping of the funding, aided by the same group of District Councillors, corrupt local police,etc.

We also had an extremely positive effect on the attitude of every person who came through the gate of the community garden to do community hours imposed by the Court.  We helped our clients develop work skills, personal integrity, social skills, their own potential, and anything else that they or we felt could do with developing at the time.  We listened to people, and helped them into rehabilitation that worked, jobs, we helped repair family relationships, we did a huge amount for the community.  In spite of Julie Hallam and her mates refusing us funding.  We want to know whether Helen Staples, the recipient of a large amount of money and many of the assets of the CCC is/was related to Adrienne Staples, Mayor of South Wairarapa, repeated requests for confirmation or denial have been ignored, so you have to ask yourself why that might be.

The Council Minutes then show that in October 2003 the Council agreed to give $1000 to John Crawford and John Gordon - the very same thieving crooks who had the cheek to announce the closure of the Carterton Community Centre four months earlier and the theft of all the funds and assets of the ten organisations and ten bank accounts controlled by the committee - just to come up with a plan for their silly "gaslight project" - and where are these famous gaslights?  Nobody's ever seen them, although rumours abound that they grace the estates of Council officers and employees.  Note that it was their mates Brazendale and Carter from the Community Centre committee that voted for them to get their hands on the money.  

The recent Wai Art Awards which were won by none other than the organiser, Anna Marie Kingsley for her utterly nauseating paintings of old taps is another good example.  A letter to the editor of a local paper shortly after the award, written by a local art teacher, said what the entire community thought - that her "work" was rubbish which nobody liked and nobody believed had won on the merit of the "work"

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