"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Constable Paul Dallinger Perverts the Course of Justice:

Further to the corruptly laid charge of Breaching a Protection Order, the charge which the Masterton police prosecutor was forced to admit had been "laid by mistake", and "should never have been laid."
Here's more of Constable Paul Dallinger's handiwork, in collaboration with James Laurence Cowley, who lied to police in 1996, telling them he had custody of our daughter and that she lived with him, when the truth was that he denied paternity in order to avoid paying child support.  This is the police report, showing that James Laurence Cowley lied, telling them he had custody and Lily lived with him - he couldn't even spell her name and was not supposed to have unsupervised access with her - for good reason!
She had never lived with him in her life - he wasn't even supposed to have unsupervised access because of his mental instability according to his own mother
The Principal and staff of Woodford House and other people wrote affidavits to the Court - friends, neighbours local Justices of the Peace, etc - all were ignored, in the blatant and corrupt cover up.

Sgt Mark Napier of the Hastings police wrote a statement saying that he regretted his actions and would have acted differently if he had the chance to respond again to Cowley's lies.
Several months later CYF or whatever they were called then convened a Family Group Conference, hel in Wellignton at James Cowley's insistence.  On the day of the hearing James Cowley couldn't even be bothered attending, but his letter to those who did attend, which can be viewed at this link, is clear evidence of his deluded state of mind.
So, 15 years later, Cowley is still manipulating police and perverting the course of justice.  Here's the latest pathetic, despicable efforts from him and Constable Paul Dallinger of Carterton:
This is just absolute NONSENSE!  Frustrated at the obvious, indisputable and ongoing injustice regarding these matters I decided to document them, quietly, on a website.  The main reason for doing so was to avoid having to repeatedly write the whole story out and provide documents and correspondence to one lawyer after another in an unsuccessful attempt to get legal assistance to help repair the ongoing damage done to my family by corrupt and incompetent government organisations.

This statement by Dallinger is deliberately misleading - to the point of being a blatant attempt to pervert the course of justice - AGAIN.  I didn't email James Cowley - HE emailed ME.  REPEATEDLY.  My only response was to ask him not to contact me.  Dallinger knows this because he corruptly obtained access to my emails and other personal information, just the same way corrupt (and incompetent) Constable David Gallagher unlawfully obtained my DNA!

Full story of how Cowley used the existence of this bogus Court Order to pervert the course of justice at this link.
Local lawyer Ken Daniels applied to the Court for a rehearing, the same two incompetent and corrupt Justices of the Peace who dealt with the matter in the first place after corruptly conspiring with Court registry officer Liz Harpleton and Masterton Police prosecutor Garry Wilson to have the matter "heard" in my absence refused the application for a rehearing - despite the evidence that I attended the Court that day from 10:00 a.m.until approximately 12:30 when it was announced that Court was adjourning for lunch.  I had briefly gone to the public counter at the Court to request that my matter be called as soon as possible as I was feeling increasingly unwell, possibly around 11:00 a.m., at no time did I leave the Court building, and the public counter staff were well able to pass on my message to the staff in Court, the matter was delayed deliberately to cause me maximum stress, anxiety and inconvenience, because Court staff conspire with Police, like Liz Harpleton and Garry Wilson, Court registry officer and Police prosecutor respectively, both cheated on their spouses and now shack up together, while prosecuting and judging the rest of us.  Pretending it's "justice".

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