"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Corruption in Carterton

Regarding  continued propaganda circulated by various local journalists, and  recent article in the Wairarapa Times-Age promoting the incumbent Carterton District Council members, particularly Deputy Mayor Ruth Carter, and more recently the rubbish published about Georgina Beyer standing (or not) for the Masterton Mayoralty.

Ruth Carter is one of several people associated with the Carterton District Council who are responsible for the closure of the former Carterton Community Centre amid allegations of serious mismanagement, fraud, bullying, etc.  The Centre was closed to try and get rid of the evidence, which we are now posting on the internet for all to see.  Others associated with the Carterton District Council who were involved in the cover up of the fraud and gross misfeasance at the Community Centre, and the illegal takeover and closure of the Centre, include Councillors Elaine Brazendale, Jill Greathead, Council officers Julie Hallam, Ewen Hyde and Martyn Preece, and others.  Beyer was the Patron of the Centre and has worked tirelessly (but unsuccessfully) to try and cover up the incompetence and corruption at the former Carterton Community Centre, the conflicts if interest, pecuniary gain, fraud, etc.

These are serious allegations.  If they weren’t true, action would have been taken long ago to shut these sites down.  Posts like “Beyer the Liar” show why Beyer had to resign from Parliament in disgrace.  Corrupt, incompetent and dishonest politicians like Beyer and Gary McPhee are the cause of the social dysfunction in the Wairarapa.

The so called ‘news’ media has hoodwinked people gullible enough to believe the rubbish they publish and broadcast.  Have another look at the Chief Reporter of the Times-Age, Nathan Crombie, and ask yourself, would I buy a used car off this man?  And then ask yourself, why would I let him tell me who to vote for.  He promotes his mates, Beyer, McPhee, Tere Torea, etc.

“Exclusive - McPhee: Why I Did What I Did” is a confession of a cowardly violent crime against poor, sick, vulnerable people, for no reason, a drunken home invasion and assault committed by McPhee and his mate.  Then McPhee announced in the newspaper that he was not a violent deranged criminal after all, he was a hero, because the occupants - THE VICTIIMS - were “troublemakers”.  He boasted that he’d run them out of town as part of his efforts to stamp out crime, and the lying local police backed him up saying that the flat had been “the centre of police enquiries for some time.”

These people were not troublemakers or criminals, it wasn’t the boogie man as McPhee tried to make out, they had names and faces.  Both of the occupants were small men, both of them together wouldn’t have weighed half of what McPhee weighs, or his co-offender.  None of the occupants was a danger to the community.  The main tenant had only got out of hospital the day before after having a stroke, and weighed no more than seven stone.  The were not violent people, unlike McPhee and his mate.  McPhee threatened the occupants with further violence if they pursued the complaints to police and bribed the owner of the building.  Police told the occupants to piss off and told the owner of the building they couldn’t press charges because the tenants hadn’t made a formal complaint.

McPhee didn't run them out of town at all, they moved into a house over the road from the old folks home and lived there peacefully like they had been before McPhee's mate decided he wanted to fence off the alleyway that was the tenants access, in order to put tables and chairs in the alleyway and sell more alcohol.   We’ve had enough of McPhee's lies.  Compare this with the number of prosecutions pursued against me which have been based on no evidence whatsoever, for which there weren’t even statements of complaint - below is a letter from the police dated 30 October 2007 referring to the Bill Sticking complaint: “the complaint was not put to paper and I am not prepared to say who complained.”

Well I am:  It was the manager of the NZ Post shop in Carterton, Paul Fafieta.  His wife Colleen works for Wollerman Cooke and McClure, who made the complaint to police that I had stolen property of the CCC - complaints dismissed ans being without foundation.  The complaint was corrupt.  The manager changed the lock on the CCC post box without lawful authority and police continue to refuse to charge him.  Sgt Reid of the NZ police wrote a letter confirming that the complaints against me regarding the Community Centre property were groundless.  The bill sticking charge was dismissed because the police didn't even bother turning up to Court, wasting everyone's time, when they realised there was absolutely no evidence to support their case.  Lots of people had been putting the notices up and the postmaster should have been charged with theft of the mail and Mark Hinton with making a false complaint to the police, because he was well aware that that group he was taking instructions - and lots of money - from had no lawful authority regarding the affairs of the Carterton Community Centre.

“Corrupt Police Cover up for Beyer the Liar and Their Other Mates” shows how Police “Area Commander” Rod Drew fobbed off letters from seven lawyers (at the last count) calling for an inquiry into the affairs of the Carterton Community Centre, the District Council and individuals associated with the Council and with other organisations funded by the Council, and other government agencies, departments, etc.

Drew’s comments in response to our serious complaints, supported by letters from 7 lawyers, are clear evidence of corruption, here they are in black and white: “I am aware that the MP Georgina Beyer has recently discussed issues around the closure of the Centre with the mayor and Council and Police therefore think it most unlikely that any Criminal Law would have been broken.”  What blatant codswallop!

There are also two petitions calling for an inquiry, one from the Carterton Residents Association and the FOCCCers (Friends of the Carterton Community Centre and Caring Communities Everywhere).  We called for an audit of the Centre’s affairs in 2001 with a mandate from a public meeting held on 18th April 2001, eight days after I was punched in the face in the office of the CCC by the Chairman of the committee, Anthony Rolf Feinson.

Ruth Carter, Elaine Brazendale, Jill Greathead, Julie Hallam, Ewen Hyde, Martyn Preece and others conspired with Georgina Beyer, and local police constable Peter Cunningham, who was having it off with Jo Roffe, who was one of the people using the Carterton Community Centre (CCC) as a slush fund (for her little “art courses” - which were a bit like Georgina Beyer’s little “Life Skills Courses”)  Roffe was a signatory of the cheques, but not on the committee, Ruth Carter wasn’t on the committee either, but was signing funding applications and claiming to be the Secretary.  These people have conspired to pervert the course of justice by covering up the fraud and gross misfeasance at the Carterton Community Centre, and organisations such as the “Facility Focus Group” and other organisations associated with the Council and the Community Centre, such as the so-called Heart of Carterton “Trust”, also appointed by the Council.

I, Katherine Raue, was elected Secretary and Finance Officer of the Carterton Community Centre at the 2000 AGM.  I was asked (in writing) by members to investigate serious allegations, which I attempted to do.  I was prevented from accessing information by Carter, Brazendale, other members of the committee including Martyn Preece, who was having an affair with Bev Thomas, the Administrator at the Centre, who was fiddling the books, which can be seen at the post showing the financial records of the CCC, and the large payments to individuals, made against legal advice and listed as Miscellaneous on the financial records.

Our petition called for the affairs of the CCC and the CDC to be audited.  They never have been.  The letter from Sgt Reid of the Masterton police shows that I offered to hand copies of the material I held to an auditor, and that Elaine Brazendale refused, on behalf of the group who took over the CCC by punching me in the face and changing the locks of the building (because they were also on the committee of the District “Trust” which owned the Health Centre, in which the CCC was housed,) to meet with the police, myself and an auditor.  Why do you think that was?  If you can’t work it out have another look at the Minutes of the CCC showing how Carter, Brazendale and their mates decided to just give a woman an exorbitant amount of money when there is no evidence that the payment was justified.  There is evidence that the payment was made against legal advice, and by a committee which was acting ultra vires, with no lawful authority.   There is evidence that this was one of two such payments being made at the time I was elected.  It soon became apparent that the CCC was exploiting vulnerable members of the community in order to secure funding that was going straight into the pockets of incompetent bullies.

NOTE: The Carterton Residents Association, which I represent, supports competent, transparent and accountable governance.  The CRRA or CDRRA is another ‘group’, formed as a support group for failed politicians Bill Knowles and Georgina Beyer, and is not committed to fair and open democracy or they would support our call for an inquiry into the fraud and misfeasance a the CCC and CDC.  These people have no credibility whatsoever, do not waste your time or money supporting them.  After listening to them argue for an hour and a half about what the group should be called, I proposed the Motion at the inaugural meeting of that group, a public meeting held in the Bowling Club (of all places), that the group be named the Carterton Residents Association.  Frank Riley, the pompous organiser of the annual ‘community’ Christmas dinner usually held at St Mark’s Church, piped up and argued that the group should be called the Carterton and District Ratepayer’s Association, only ratepayers should be allowed to belong to it, and there should be a membership fee.  The Constitution of this ‘group’ is designed to exclude people with differing opinions, your membership application has to be approved by the Chairman, etc.

The article in the Times-Age titled “Controversy persists” ignores the fact that the meeting at which Council librarian Ewen Hyde claims he was elected head of the “Facility Focus Group” was not advertised and not open to the public, it was only open to a small group of his friends, including the group associated with the Council.

This is typical of the way the group manipulate the public consultation process regarding the plans concerning community facilities in Carterton.

Taxpayer’s money, and the time of the Court and the police, has been wasted on a campaign of malicious and vexatious litigation which has been almost without exception unsuccessful (and the exceptions do not stand up to scrutiny).

For the ten years I have been in Carterton this has been going on.  On 14th August 2009 the Times-Age published a front page feature article titled “Police mum on case backlog ”about how local police Area Controller Inspector John Johnston refused to comment on the recent revelations made by a District Counrt Judge that there was a huge backlog of child abuse allegations that Wairarapa Police have failed to investigate.


Wairarapa Police Pervert the Course of Justice While Ignoring Child Abuse:

The letter above waffles on making excuses for Constable Cunningham's harassment of me regarding the "Billsticking" charge.  The Police charged me with putting up notices to advertise a public meeting to discuss the illegal takeover mismanagement and closure of the Carterton Community Centre.

Then, on page 2, this letter admits that the trespass notice used to prevent me from attending meetings of the Carterton Community Centre since 2001 was never legal.

The letter above refers firstly to some of the letters written by lawyer Ken Daniels to the police.  Follow the link to Katherine Raue's blogspot site to read two of the many letters sent by lawyers to the police, and Sgt Murray Johnston's rude and arrogant email dismissal of our complaints.  The complaints have been corruptly ignored in spite of monumental evidence of fraud and gross misfeasance.

Secondly, the letter contains the refusal of the police to charge local prostitute Rachel Betteridge with Perjury, or anything else, after Betteridge and her husband sent me text messages, saying "You need a bullet" and "Watch your back" among other extremely offensive and threatening messages.  Police have been provided with signed statements from two Justices of the Peace, and a considerable amount of other information, in support of my complaints regarding this lying prostitute.  We'll come back to this matter in a minute.

Thirdly, the letter refers to the nasty drunken home invasion and assault committed by corruptly 'elected' Mayor Gary McPhee, and the refusal of the police to charge him or his co-offender.  "The matter was investigated at the time and no charges were to be laid."  - Oh really?  WHY NOT?  - This sounds like another excuse used by the police to let criminals off:  "I am aware that the Carterton District Council Members, the Carterton Mayor and MP Georgina Beyer have recently discussed issues around the closing of the centre. In such circumstances the actions of the 'elected' officers of the centre are most unlikely to have breached any Criminal Law."  

Fourthly, the letter refers to the Bill Sticking charges laid against me by Constable Cunningham in about 2003, and the fact that the prosecution was so zealously pursued although there was absolutely no evidence whatsoever to support the police wasting their time on it right from the beginning.  

Let's have a look at how the police have been wasting their time and our money trying to pervert the course of justice in order to prolong the corrupt reign of Gary McPhee and the others on the Carterton District Council who are guilty of conspiring to pervert the course of justice.

Let's compare the evidence in all of the prosecutions brought against me - nearly all of which have been unsuccessful and the rest of which do not stand up to scrutiny - with the evidence in support of all the complaints made by me, and supported by letters from several lawyers and community petitions, etc, all of which the police have refused to acknowledge or accept.

We'll start with the Bill Sticking, because this was the first charge.  

I was convicted of shoplifting about thirty years ago and have committed no crimes since then.  I came to Carterton in 2001 and have been the subject of a campaign of corrupt, politically motivated bullying by the local police and their associates, beginning with the refusal of the police to prosecute anyone for the assault and illegal takeover, misfeasance, etc at the Carterton Community Centre in 2001 and the laying of the Bill Sticking charges laid in 2003, and have continued to the present day and the lies told to the South End School and St Matthews Collegiate, and the current corruptly laid charges, based on the word of one of the biggest criminals in Carterton!  Good luck trying to convict me on this orchestrated litany of lies!  Masterton Police prosecution staff won't touch it, the prosecutor has crossed his own name off the summons and substituted it with that of Constable Peter Cletoris Cunningham, who never made it past the rank of Constable for obvious reasons.

So after letting off the man who punched me and refusing to investigate the illegal and violent takeover of the CCC, the fraud, etc, the local police issued me with a trespass notice that they later had to apologise for, then they charged me with billsticking for allegedly putting up  notices advertising a public meeting to discuss the governance of the CCC and then failed to turn up to Court.  Then they refused to charge male prostitute Alex (Paul) Tozer with smashing my window and causing considerable damage in a drunken rampage, and refused again to charge him when he came to my house again and stood outside making threats, they refused to charge Olivier Rochery with damaging my car and assaulting me even though his fingerprints and handprints were all over the car, which had been washed only hours before, they refused to charge Tracy Lee with the theft of $500 and making a false statement to police deliberately in order to pervert the course of justice.  They refused to charge McPhee and his mate with the home invasion and assault.

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