"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

Until we have legislation adopted into law to ensure fiduciary accountability and transparency in public affairs we will continue to have human rights breached because the existing crown immunity and lack of any independent oversight invites corruption to flourish.

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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

NZ scores a C for Corrupt Complaint Resolution and D for Damage Control

I've made a few complaints in my time about unjust, unfair or seriously wrong decisions of public servants, etc, and been amazed at the response.  On the left is a letter from the soon to be ex Mayor of Carterton, Martin Tankersley.  The annotation, from Edwin Perry's brother Owen, a nice chap, reads:

"4/9/03.  To:  Kate  From: Edwin Perry.  Copy of letter from Martin Tankersley.  Please note - FOR YOUR EYES ONLY."

Why should this letter be for my eyes only?  It is about the community petition calling for an inquiry into the affairs of the Carterton District Council and Community Centre, evidence that Tankersley tried to pervert the course of justice; and conspired with Beyer and the group associated with the District Council of which he was Mayor, regarding the affairs of the Carterton Community Centre.  Tankersley knew perfectly well, and so did Beyer, and all the group associated with the Council who took over the Community Centre illegally, that Council accountant Lyn Patterson joined the conspiracy to pervert the course of justice when she wrote the following:

The financial statements and supporting schedules of Carterton Community Centre for
the year ended 31 March 2001 have been complied solely for my client.
A compilation is limited to the collection, classification and summarisation of financial information supplied by the client. A compilation does not involve the verification of that information. I have accepted the information and explanations provided by the client and have not audited or reviewed the financial statements. Further, the financial statements have been prepared at the request of and for the purpose of the client and I disclaim any responsibility on any ground whatsoever, including liability in negligence, to any other person.

Lyn Patterson Carterton
Chartered Accountant 20 September 2001
Martyn Tankersley knew the books had never been audited, and that I had never been removed from my positions as Secretary and Finance Officer, so did Beyer the Liar and the others associated with the Carterton District Council and the Wairarapa police, who conspired to cover up the massive fraud and incompetence, and give those responsible for the misfeasance and fraud free rein once again to rip off the more vulnerable members of the community and steal from the tax payers and rate payers.  Item 3 is Mayor Tankersley's response to the request for a copy of the audited accounts of the Carterton Community Centre for the financial year 2000-2001.  The Minutes of the Committee meeting show that money was taken from several different bank accounts and recorded as "miscellaneous".  The payment was one of two on the go at the time I was elected to the committee as Secretary and Finance Officer, and had not only not been recommended by the Employment Tribunal, but had been made against legal advice.

The people of Carterton called for the affairs of the Centre to be audited by lawyers and accountant, not looked over by 
a transvestite prostitute.  

Who in their right mind would pay a transvestite prostitute nearly $1000 a week to teach to town's youth her "life skills"?  Beyer hasn't got any life skills!  Nobody in their right mind would give 'her' a job, "she" never had a proper job in "her" life, after being a stripper and prostitute, Beyer got a job at the Carterton Community Centre because the committee, who were mainly associated with the Carterton District Council, inexplicably decided that hiring a transvestite prostitute to teach at risk youth of the town life skills was a good idea.  The also hired silly old Jo Roffe to run "art and craft courses" part time - these people who claim they do voluntary work in the community are often receiving huge amounts of taxpayer funding.  Roffe was getting $600 a week in 2000, and paid for many months when there was no courses even being run. The standard of the courses was appallingly bad, there were no performance reviews, audits, checks and balances, no proper records kept, no policies and procedures, the Rules and Constitution are a joke, as is the Minutes Book.

The attitude of the local police is indisputably corrupt and some of the evidence can be found at this link.

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