"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Friday, July 16, 2010

Grand Bicycle Theft Inspires Another Home Invasion by Wairarapa Cops:

On Sunday afternoon, 4th July 2010, I was minding my own business, riding along on a bicycle, enjoying the sunshine, when Constable Harvey Pope, who has nearly made it to retirement and still never reached above the rank of Constable (like Steve Wakefield and Peter Cunningham) demonstrated (again) why that is.

Pulling up alongside me in his big flash police car, with all the bells and whistles, and flashing lights, he ordered me to stop.  Of course I did, whereupon he got out of the car and set upon me.  "That bike's stolen" he said.

"No it's not" I said, "yes it is" said Harvey.  This went on for a while, before Harvey physically pushed me off the bike and seized it, saying he was taking it whether I liked it or not, and if I had a problem with that they would arrest me.  I then said that I wanted my property such as the two bags attached to the bike, and their contents, etc.  Pope said yes at first, then changed his mind and said no, he was seizing all my property as well as the bike, which was NOT even stolen in the first place.

I was extremely upset, Pope was loudly accusing me of being a thief, which I am not!  I walked the short distance around the corner to my friends' house, leaving the bike with Pope, because I was concerned for my physical safety due to the menacing attitude of Pope and Dallinger - confirmed by a statement from a witness (link below).  Shortly afterward we heard Pope and the other police officer, Dallinger, enter the house demanding to know where I was.  My friend and I both felt afraid and intimidated by their shouting.

They then smashed in the door of the room I was in and attacked me, manhandling me out, handcuffing me, and assaulting me, bashing my head into the door frame, etc.  They then wasted all afternoon taking me back to Masterton Police station and locking me up for hours before charging me with - wait for it - allegedly swearing at them.  Not bike theft of course, because the bike wasn't stolen, like I told them.

Which is why they left it at the house where they smashed the door, and why I am still riding round on it, I rode it to Court.  If they didn't falsely accuse people of being thieves when they aren't, maybe people wouldn't allegedly swear at them.  This is just more malicious and vexatious litigation, more of Pope and Cunningham's vindictive witch hunt.  More importantly, it's a total and utter waste of public resources and a criminal abuse of power - as well as a blatant attempt to pervert the course of justice.

Even if the bike HAD been stolen - that's NO excuse to smash in a door and assault anyone.  No wonder local police are so despised.  Here's a link to a statement made by a witness regarding a similar incident.  The original is signed, I've removed the identifying details to protect the privacy of the witness.

Pope and Dallinger took delight in going on about the fact that Dallinger was from Dannevirke, and the corrupt cover up of an assault on me in about 2008 in Dannevirke which I believe Dallinger was involved in, then I had to listen to a tirade from Pope about how I had allegedly ruined the lives of everyone in Carterton, so I asked him to name just one of these people, and was amazed when he came out with the name Julie Hallam, the Deputy Electoral Officer who falsely claimed I had failed to submit an expenses return after the local body elections is 2007, described in more detail at this link to 'Election by Deception, How McPhee rigged the election', the architect of her own destiny as far as the article goes, which is what Pope was referring to.

Police took no further interest in the bicycle, because it wasn't stolen, as they knew in the first place, but charged me with swearing at them, then the police prosecutor conspired with the Court to convict me of it in my absence - I hadn't even entered a plea or had proper disclosure of information.

Police continue to ignore all my complaints, telling me to come into the station "for a chat about your complaints" - what a joke!!!  Evidence shows that I've been into the local police stations numerous times and been laughed at, assaulted, abused, and told to "Piss off" by corrupt local officers on every single occasion I've tried to make a complaint!  .

Have a look - and a listen - to how corrupt Constables Harvey Pope and Paul Dallinger lept into action when Tim Reynolds rang up (- emergency services apparently -) and made a deliberately false accusation against me for allegedly "taking" a bicycle - it wasn't his bicycle at all and he needs to be charged with making a false complaint to police - the point is that there are two different sets of rules here - the evidence of Dallinger and Popes corrupt sadism will be added to this post very soon, including full details of how they smashed in the bedroom door to "arrest" me as a result of the phone call in the clip below, and used the phone call as an excuse to detain me at the Masterton police station all afternoon and assault and abuse me.  Here's the recording of Reynolds's pathetic complaint.  He is a bully and a thief.  - The woman pictured in the clip below is Kirsten Grenfell of Barnardos - a trouble making, bludger, who contacted Reynolds to complain that she's got a "smack in the gob"  from another woman for having it off with her partner - Grenfell richly deserved it - she is a manipulative, spiteful trouble maker who regularly sleeps with other women's partners!  Grenfell urged Reynolds to evict me so that she could come round and have it off with him when her partner was working without me to witness her nauseating, adulterous behaviour.

Here are the police documents which Pope and Dallinger wasted their time writing up to try and create an excuse for their sadistic and corrupt vendetta - on the basis of this utterly pathetic phone call from a person who REPEATEDLY stated that they did NOT want to make a formal complaint!:

CONSTABLE Harvey Pope demonstrates why he's never been promoted!

CONSTABLE Pope's orchestrated litany of LIES
Corrupt EX CONSTABLE Dallinger's "Jobsheet"

"Victims" Constables Dallinger and Pope - two grown men - two sadistic liars!
It can be seen from these documents that there was at least one witness to this incident (I have obscured her name to protect her privacy) - Dallinger and Pope tried to convince her to back up their story but the witness refused to do so because she was shocked at their actions, like the witness who wrote the statement at this link.

Now, here is the second page of the records of the police communications centre regarding this incident, which shows evidence of the three calls the police call taker apparently made to Reynolds to try and talk him into making a formal complaint - Reynolds repeatedly said he didn't want to or intend to do so!  Dallinger and Pope knew perfectly well that no crime had been committed!  THIS is what sadistic, vindictive local officers are doing while they're deliberately covering up for child abusers and paedophiles and making sure that our region regularly has TWICE the national rate of suicide - in a country with some of the highest rates in the world - REGULARLY!

Here's what Reynolds and his mates Wayne Friend, etc, have done to my television and the keyboard I used to teach children music with - Reynolds has illegally disposed of much of my other property as well, including two guitars, and police refuse to even acknowledge any of my complaints.  I've been into the Carterton, Greytown and Masterton police stations REGULARLY to report this and other vandalism and theft of my property - not to mention the assaults from Reynolds and his mates!  I get told to piss off every single time!

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