"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Friday, July 23, 2010

Corrupt Constable Wakefield's Malicious Vendetta:

Yet again the corrupt, bullying local police have proved me right.  "Whose behaviour does your child reflect?" ask the little posters with the mirrors in that are on the walls of all the police stations in New Zealand.

A couple of hours ago, Constable Mike Wakefield demonstrated why his father retired having never made it higher than the rank of Constable, and why Mike probably won't either.  Because they are both corrupt, nasty, bullies.

Riding along, minding my own business as usual, not bothering anybody, as usual, quarter to eleven at night, cold, wet, homeless - as a direct result of the police telling everyone I'm a child abuser.

Gutless wonder Mike Wakefield wasted more taxpayers money and police resources by using his discretion to maliciously stop me and detain me for a considerable time and finally issuing me with a ticket for not wearing a helmet and "no light on bike" - well there was a light on the bike, and when he asked me if there was any reason I wan't wearing a helmet I replied politely that there was (as he is well aware because he's seen it many times), in the form of a letter from my doctor confirming that I should be exempted on medical grounds.  As can be seen in the picture above (despite the letter) I often wear a helmet, and usually wear a reflective, high visibility vest.  He asked me if I had the letter with me, I produced it.  Instead of just getting on with his job, now that he and his lying mates have cost me my job, the w***er made me stand there, wet and cold, for ages and ages while he had a good laugh, sitting there in his car, looking things up, writing things down, trying his very best to take as long as possible and taking every opportunity to humiliate and degrade and threaten and abuse me, but only succeeding in humiliating and degrading himself and the New Zealand Police with his petty malicious vendetta, if only he had the wits to see it.

And here's local village idiot Gary McPhee, dressed from head to foot in his no visibility, vanity driven, black leather fashion statement, bleating about his ACC fees - what an utter hypocrite!

The ACC has been his main source of income for years!  When he hasn't been getting it himself for all the ridiculous "accidents" he causes or is involved in, he's been busy filling up his pockets by claiming he's been the "caregiver" of his son Jesse for years, after he talked Jesse into getting a great big motorbike when he was 19 or something, and of course, Jesse ran it straight into the side of a bus and got serious head injuries.

I've ridden my bicycle for many, many years, for hundreds of miles, and I've never claimed ACC as a result of a bicycle accident, except when I got 15 stitches in my knee after the damn helmet slipped and caused me to fall off a couple of years ago, and the hospital filled in the form automatically.

The thing is this, and it's very simple: High visibility vests prevent accidents, cycle helmets are no use whatsoever until after you've had an accident.  Take a good look at this idiot in his silly get up, he flipped his silly motorbike, sidecar and all, in a spectacularly stupid crash recently after the "counterweight" he uses for carting coffins around on his stupid Harley Davidson (I know!) shifted and slipped and dug into the road cartwheeling the entire horrendous contraption arse over kite in the middle of the road recently.  He's a total and utter idiot of the highest order, and the day he and his bikie mates wear high vis vests I'll wear a bike helmet.

And what about those policemen who got shot with an air rifle and killed because they weren't wearing their protective vests?  I've had enough of this one law for some people and another law for others.

Here's me on my little bike, my brother gave it to me, and I go everywhere on it.  If I'm not wearing a high vis vest I'm wearing a red t shirt.  And a good hat.  Looks like I'm showing someone how long McPhee's attention span is or something.

The fact is, that I manage to keep safe and McPhee doesn't.  He has "accident" after "accident", and his mates, the corrupt local cops, just keep letting him off over and over again.

Like they let McPhee off after he committed a nasty, drunken home invasion and assault on the innocent occupants of a local flat and then had the cheek to boast about it in the 'news'paper - an outrageously blatant act of corruption!

Mike Wakefield is harassing and bullying me for what I have written about his father, corrupt, sleazy, Constable Steve Wakefield, who is well known in Carterton for his corruption and his affairs with local woman, notably one called Jenny, whose daughter is married to another police officer, and who lied to the Tenancy Tribunal about the door which was damaged in the attack on me on 11th February 2009, and also Jo Roffe, who was sucking money out of the Carterton Community Centre which is why Wakefield turned a blind eye to the fraud there, and why he and his mates continue to ignore it despite letters from several lawyers.  Constable Steve Wakefield was the officer in charge of the corrupt non-investigation of the allegations regarding the Carterton Community Centre, he covered up the bullying and fraud, the Carterton Community Centre was nothing but a little slush fund for Wakefield's other little friends who were stealing money hand over fist from the Centre and all the different bank accounts it controlled!  While he was having it off with Jo Roffe, who was sucking up over $600 a week of taxpayer's money for her pathetic little craft courses, and Georgina Beyer, sucking up vast amounts of taxpayer's money to teach the young people of the Wairarapa "Life Skills" because the community leaders, like the local police, Councillors, WINZ managers, etc, who are all being paid taxpayer's money to make good decisions for our community, all thought it was a great idea to pay a transvestite prostitute a fortune to teach our kids "her" extremely dubious "Life Skills" - when are the people of the Wairarapa going to wake up, grow a brain and start using it?

Wakefield was/is also having it off with Jenny's niece Tracy,which is why she got away with stealing $500 from a local woman, after lying about having received a phone call from me and Jenny's son which created an opportunity for her to steal the money.  Wakefield and his corrupt police made sure Tracy got away with telling the lie.  So far.  We are not putting up with this and will seek justice no matter how long it takes, because this is blatant and extreme corruption.  Jenny's son came to my home repeatedly, threatening me and carrying on, police were called after he caused a dangerous incident involving a child, and told me they'd given him a trespass notice as requested.  A couple of weeks later police stood and watched as Jenny's son shouted threats and smashed windows at my home while I, and a woman who was visiting me, and her two young children, were there.  Police refused to intervene, or to charge Jenny's son with any offence whatsoever!  Just like they refused to charge McPhee for the drunken home invasion and assault, and just like they refuse to charge Michael Murphy and his mates with the attack on me, which funnily enough, involves drunken lout McPhee again:  The Mayoral Diary for February 2009 and the letter from the Board of Trustees of the South End School makes it clear that McPhee and his mates the corrupt police and Michael Murphy planned the attack on me on 11th February, and that they had been coming to my home and threatening and intimidating me on a regular basis, and that the Police lied to the school deliberately in order to get me sacked, just like they lie to anyone who offers me accommodation, or grazing for the community garden horses.  Police and Michael Murphy lied about an alleged incident in the supermarket and tried to use the lie to justify the violent attack on me instead of charging the violent offenders!

Constable Steve Wakefield was famous round here for his corruption, and the sleazy manner in which he habitually offered to let women off - and I use the term 'women' loosely - VERY loosely - in exchange for "favours" - the sleazier the better.  Everyone knows it - there were many MANY complaints to the PCA about Stephen Wakefield and his sleazy, predatory, corrupt behaviour!.

Constable Mike Wakefield is a corrupt, nasty creep who likes to pick on little people, like me, because he's a gutless wonder and a corrupt bully, like his father.  He's got his snout deep in the trough, sucking up our money.  Wairarapa police are universally despised and their disgraceful record is well documented.  They pick on poor depressed, homeless mental health patients and arrogantly boast of the way they destroy lives with nasty lies and gossip while they corruptly cover up a blatant and extremely violent home invasion and attack on innocent people.

Then there's the other local cop's son, who took a whole lot of methamphetamine - as he regularly did - and then viciously tortured, bashed and murdered another tiny, totally harmless person, breached bail and pervertedd the course of justice and contacted Crown witnesses etc, who got off with a 3 year non-parole period and manslaughter, after his other two mates got considerably longer sentences for MURDER - after the cops son actually confessed to murder in a text message to the very Crown witness he interfered with!

Corruption is out of control in the Wairarapa.  Here's statements of witnesses to more outrageous tax payer funded bullying:

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