"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Monday, November 29, 2010

Corrupt Amicus Curiae needs his head read far more than me!

The Amicus handed me an 8 page document at Court the other day, a "Notice of Application to Court to Determine Whether Or Not the Accused Was Involved In the Offence(s) Alleged in the Indictment Filed and is Fit to Stand Trial Pursuant to Sections 9,11,12,13 and 14 of the Criminal Procedure (Mentally Impaired Persons) Act 2003 at Special Hearing Post Committal but Prior to Trial Commencing by Amicus Curiae".

Then he babbled on about me having to have two more psychiatric reports.  I said I wanted an inquiry into the blatantly and deliberately erroneous original one by Dr Justin Barry-Walsh, in consultation with the corrupt police officer in charge of the case and a lawyer who quit acting for me after refusing to accept basic instructions.  Corrupt amicus curiae Bryan Yeoman is an ex police officer who is conspiring with corrupt local Police and Court staff to pervert the course of justice by pursuing this malicious and vexatious litigation, and dragging it out as long as possible, in order to milk the taxpayers of New Zealand of as much money as possible to fill their own pockets - it's disgusting - no wonder NZ has the highest rates of suicide in the world!

Ken Daniels was assigned by legal aid to represent me, after quitting at short notice twice before after differences of opinion. In this case the differences arose almost immediately. I incurred around $40,000 in legal fees from Michael Appleby as a result of the last matters Ken resigned from, and wrote at least one complaint to the Law Society about him, so was therefore amazed that he had been assigned in the first place. My first instruction to him was to obtain the audio recordings of all the calls to 111 on the 11 February 2009. I instructed Ken to write his standard information request to the police: He refused. Repeatedly.

Michael Murphy's Depositions Evidence records him taking exception to the statement in his Brief of Evidence "I used to frequent Kate Raue's place". He goes on to elaborate, saying that once or twice since December 2008 he visited but it was when we were friends. I told Ken Daniels and the Amicus Curiae that Murphy came and attacked me on 11th February, seriously enough for three woman to call emergency services and tell police that there was a massive fight going on and men had turned up in a car and were smashing up my house and smashing down my door. Kelly Wilson's statement documents Murphy screaming "Get out of the way Kana and I'll smash down the door" etc, and the audio recording of the phone call will no doubt record Murphy's other murderous threats.

Read Constable Cunningham's record of events, the Offence Report, read the statement he took from Murphy about the attack - is this a report of some people coming to my house and attacking me or is this an attempt to pervert the course of justice by trying to make out that a violent home invasion never happened? Cunningham apparently excuses the attack because Murphy told him that some woman called "Lee Ann" told Murphy that I had left a child unattended in the supermarket earlier in the day.

I told the Amicus to ask Murphy a simple question at the Depositions Hearing: "Did he come to my house and smash the door in and attack me on February 11 2009" The amicus refused to ask it, or anything to do with it, and a record of his cross examination is here.

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