"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Friday, November 26, 2010

More psychiatric reports for Alice - Cunningham, Murphy, Brook and Rhymer need psych reports much more than me!

Went to Wellington again yesterday for Court, accompanied by a fellow member of Transparency in New Zealand and the FOCCers, who kindly offered to act as my McKenzie Friend.  Hopped on the train, and as it swept around the bend and onto the waterfront, rolling round the harbour and into the little city I love so much I felt slightly less sick and depressed and anxious about the Court hearing (or whatever it was called) at 2:15.  

We noticed the difference immediately as we cycled round the waterfront to some very sweet music from the buskers.  There were people everywhere, walking, jogging, on skateboards, rollerblades, a rickshaw, and all manner of wheeled contraptions.  As usual, there was a happy and peaceful mingling of everybody.  Everyone was smiling, quite a few cycists weren't wearing helmets, and certainly not the rickshaw riders, skateboard riders or anyone on the other wheeled contraptions.  

What a contrast to the Wairarapa, where locals feel obliged to shout out "Where's your helmet?" at me ad infinitum, and police feel obliged to carry on the way they do - issuing hundreds of dollars worth of tickets one after another for not wearing a cycle helmet, and a campaign of malicious and vexatious litigation and corruptly laid charges against me. 

 There is some strong feeling against cyclists in Wellington, but in my own experience most drivers there are considerate of cyclists when driving, and when opening car doors when parked, and there is mutual tolerance, and deference to, pedestrians.  There is a markedly different attitude in the Wairarapa.  Most motorists in Wellington have a reasonably considerate attitude to cyclists, and most cyclists have a reasonably considerate attitude to pedestrians, we all have to share the same space and there are few problems.

We went to check out the new bus lanes in Manners Mall - scary stuff!  The road is clearly too narrow for buses to pass each other, and bicycles will be forced onto the footpath.  Six cyclists killed on the roads in a week!  I bet all six were wearing their helmets too.  75% of accidents involving cycles and cars are caused by the car and cyclists suffer far serious injury than drivers in these cases which are often fatal to the cyclists.
So, off to Court it was at 2:15 pm; I was the last person called, and had to stand in the dock trying to balance my papers and diaries and write on a thin shelf in mid air as the prosecutor and amicus curiae carried on, perverting the course of justice with this utter travesty of justice, based on an orchestrated litany of lies.  It was as surreal as ever.

The amicus curiae got up and started going on about me having two more psychiatric reports!  Saying I needed two more done!  This is an outrageous abuse of taxpayers money - something needs to be done about recovering whatever money Dr Justin Barry-Walsh was paid for cobbling together the orchestrated litany of lies he came up with in support of the corrupt attempts to have me declared insane or written off as a hysterical and pitiful nutter.  The amicus curiae knows this perfectly well.  His communications with everyone except me are here for all to see.  Except that I didn't ask him for the transcripts of the calls to 111 on the 11th February - I asked for the audiotape of the call, which records Murphy's mad threats and the sound of him smashing down my door!  Yeoman has been asked to provide all communication he has received from me regarding these matters, which will show these communications of his to Pearl Christian and Michael Snape to be corrupt and inaccurate rubbish.  Yeoman deliberately refused to ask Murphy "Did you or did you not go to Katherine Raue's house on the 11th February 2009 and attack her, smashing down her door and bashing her with the door handle which you ripped off the outside of the door, violently in a sustained and violent rage?"  He also refused to ask Rhymer why she refused to charge Murohy with the attack on me of which there is indisputable evidence, unlike the basis for the Crown case in this matter which is an orchestrated litany of lies.

Then the Judge looked at me and said "Mrs Raue, do you think you need to have a psychiatric report done" - what a question to ask someone!  Especially if they're suspected of being mental!  Of course I responded by pointing out that the only reason I'd had to have one done in the first place was because of the notes written by a certain lawyer who was representing me at the time and was actually present in the Wellington Court yesterday as well but who shall remain nameless, who wrote  the notes at left, which include the comment that "everyone agrees that she's a bit marginal!"  It is perfectly obvious to anyone with a functioning brain that I'm the last person involved in these proceedings who needs a psychiatric report.  This matter is an abuse of process and it's obvious that it should never have made it into the Court in the first place - it is further evidence of police corruption in the Wairarapa and a refusal to investigate child abuse allegations if they are against mates of the police or police informers.  The Evidence of Aaron Brook, Peter Cunningham, Laura Rhymer and Michael Murphy makes it perfectly clear that I am the last one involved in this matter who needs a psychiatric report!

More evidence of why Murphy and Brook need psychiatric reports tomorrow!

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