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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Michael Murphy, Tracy Feast and Corrupt PC Cunningham Pervert the Course of Justice:

Here are the "statements" taken by corrupt police Constable Peter Cunningham about the violent attack on me in my home on 11 February 2009.  Note how they waffle on about all sorts of trivial rubbish that has absolutely nothing to do with the attack on me, and a pack of lies about me allegedly taking a child to the supermarket without permission, what Tuakana Greig was cooking for tea, etc - this was a violent home invasion exactly like the one police corruptly ensured Gary McPhee got away with!

Also note that the matter originates with Tracy Feast and her mate "Lee Ann" and their lies about me leaving Tuakana Greig's daughter "alone" in the supermarket - but when I insisted police obtain the CCTV footage from the supermarket the lies magically change into another story about me taking her to the supermarket "without proper permission" - as if this is some sort of excuse for the violent attack!  Tracy Feast and her partner are responsible for the death of a local woman called Donna Thompson.  Donna's death was classified by Police as suicide, although many believe that there is evidence to suggest she was murdered, and every single person I have spoken to believes that Feast and her partner are directly responsible for her death.  Feast discovered that her partner had been having an affair with Donna Thompson and blackmailed him into extorting $20,000 from her to get them out of the financial mess they were in and buy another house for Feast to live in.  Feast's partner found the body, and had ample opportunity to get rid of damning evidence, and it seems the suicide note disappeared during the "investigation".  Here's evidence of how Police perverted the course of justice AGAIN for Tracy Feast's best friend, Michael Murphy - these statements aren't about the attack on me they are a further attack by the corrupt local police and a clear attempt to pervert the course of justice!

The facts are that Murphy incited the attack by conspiring with Feast - who was paying him to look after Feast's daughter, making up the story about some vague non-incident in the supermarket and telling it to Greig.  This is the same little games they've been playing for years in the Wairarapa, and it's why there is so much child abuse, violent crime and suicide round here.  Here's what 2 witnesses said:
Clare Marie COOK: Handwritten statement -  PC Cunningham           12 February 2009

Last night I was out for a walk with my friend Kelly.  I had my dog with me.  We left from my house down Lincoln Road.  We went into Brooklyn Road.  We walked the length of Brooklyn Road and were on the corner of  Brooklyn Road and High Street on the left hand side of the road.

We heard a female and a male’s voice.  We couldn’t hear what was being said.  We heard a loud bang then several bangs.

We heard a female voice saying what the fuck have you done to my baby.  She said it again.  She sounded hysterical.

I went over to the house.  There was a male walking back and forward from the car to the porch way.  There was a female slumped against the door.  She was the one saying about her baby.  She was upset and crying.  She looked a mess and looked exhausted.

The male was saying move out of the way and I’ll fucken smash the door down.

I said excuse me what’s going on I can hear you down the street.

The male stopped and turned around and said that the lady inside has been abusing this lady’s 5 year old all day and she has just found out about it.

I said where is the baby now.

He said he is at home.

I said “This is not the way to deal with it you need to tell the police if someone hurt your baby.”

He said “I know I am trying to get her away from the door and get her home.

I was in front of the door and telling the lady to leave and go home.

The male said “We have been to the police and they don’t do anything about this lady.”

I said “This isn’t the way to do this.”

He said “We are going now.”

He took hold of the female and guided her over to the car.

The lady was sobbing.

They drove off.

Kelly came over after speaking to the police.

The lady in the house opened the window and asked for my details.

She then came out and said these people had been following her for ages.

She said that they have been driving past in the morning.  She started to go on about Fijians and how they were druggies.

She showed me some blood on her hand.

She said look, and showed me the blood on her arm.

It looked like a little scratch.

She never said she was assaulted.

To my knowledge the male and female didn’t get inside the house.

She kept going on about her lawyer in Wellington and the people and their family.

She said he was a druggie who lived in Wyndham St.  She said that she looked after her kid at the supermarket.

We said if the people are like this why are you looking after her kid.

She then got rude and said I don’t think you are in a position to comment.

She then said about children getting beaten.

I said We have just come over to help and now you are being rude.

We then walked off.

We went to the police station but there was no one there so we went home.

I have read this and it is true and correct.

Clare Marie Cook: Handwritten statement -  PC Cunningham           12 February 2009
Note: This statement contains several inaccuracies, one obvious one is that when Cook asked me why I was looking after their children I said that it was obvious to anyone that they were both violent people who had anger management problems, and looking after their kids was what any normal person would do.  What kind of person calls that rude?  Cook and Wilson are both employed caring for children and when I requested their permission for access to the audiotape of their call to emergency services they refused, saying I should just "get over it."  It's obvious to most people that Cunningham has perverted the course of justice to cover up for Feast and Murphy, a careful read of the documentation reveals the corruption to anyone with half a brain!  This isn't an attempt to resolve a crime, this is a corrupt cover up and Cunningham should have been sacked years ago.

The cost of not sacking him is that he has now corrupted so many other police officers, dragging them into this, like Constable Rhymer, who said to me "You are going to be charged" because she wasn't stupid enough to risk her career for arresting me for something I didn't do in the face of all the evidence of this corruption, while violent child abusers were protected by this blatant corruption.  Cunningham and his corrupt fellow officers have created an environment where corruption flourishes, the blatant cover up of corruptly 'elected' Mayor Gary McPhee involved other Carterton officers Pope and Cadwallader, all conspired to pervert the course of justice and cover up McPhee's serious violent home invasion, none of this has been addressed.

Here's Murphy's lies - he never once came to the farm where I lived to pick mushrooms - what a liar! 

Michael Francis MURPHY: Handwritten statement -  PC Cunningham           12 February 2009

I have known Kate Raue since May last year.  We went and picked mushrooms from her farm.  When I first met Kate she convinced me that Gary McPhee was a bad person.

She use to come around lots.  She would say I have a sore back and am tired I’ll burst into tears if you don’t agree with me.

Malcolm Swanson is a mate of mine.  Kate was in our group as a friend.  We all shifted Kate from Moreton Road to Brooklyn Road

She didn’t have enough room at her new property in Brooklyn Road for all her stuff.  I let her put some of her property in my garage.

When she is stressed she talks really fast.  Malcolm and Kate became interested in each other.  She stopped talking fast and stopped going on about the Council.

Malcolm started to go out with Kate.

When we went to Auckland we all left out house keys with Kate.  When we came back from Auckland about the second week of January 2009, Kate and Malcolm had broken up.

Since then Kate has blamed me for breaking them up.  She has decided that all her problems were caused by me.

I decided to convert some of my garage to a gym.  I had a lot of Kate’s property stored in the garage and decided to take it back to her.

I took one load in the car around to Kate’s house.  Her landlord Hayden was there.  I put the stuff in the shed.  He was sweet over this.

I went around the next day to work out how to shift the rest of her stuff.  It was too big to fit in the car and I didn’t have a trailer.

Kate came running out and looked angry.  She was saying get off my property.  I didn’t want a confrontation with her.  She was calling out to a mate called Aaron across the road.

She was saying look Aaron he is assaulting me look at his face remember his face.

I left and came home.  I decided to go to talk to Gary McPhee to see if he could help.  He wasn’t in his office but  phoned me back saying he was going to be in his office at 3:15 pm.  I went and asked if he could help get her property out of my garage.

Gary made an offer to help move the property and drop it off at Kate’s place.

He also said he would ask the police to come with him

We had tried to get Kate to come and pick up her property but she didn’t.

Gary and I took the property around to Kate’s house.  Constable Cadwallader came with us.  We dropped the property off.  I felt that Kate was inside her house but she didn’t come out.  When we finished dropping it off Constable Cadwallader asked me to text Kate to say her property had been dropped off and to take responsibility for it.

Later Malcolm came over and showed me a letter that Kate gave him the letter was upsetting because it referred to me not looking after my daughter and talked about me hurting her horses.  I would never hurt any horse.

I later learned that Tiare who is Tuakana’s daughter had been to the supermarket with Kate.  I heard from Lee Ann that Tiare was left in the supermarket and was found wandering around by herself.

Tuakana was at her home.  I went around with Mitch.  I told Tuakana what I had heard about Tiare and the supermarket.

I wanted to go and tell Kate to stay away from all of our friends.  Tuakana wanted to go and ask her what happened at the supermarket.

We drove to her address.  I had to get out the passenger side of the car because the drivers door is broken.  Kate ran into the house.  Tuakana was on the door step asking Kate what had happened at the supermarket.

Kate was inside the house laughing at us.

Tuakana yelled what did you do to my baby.

I was standing behind Tuakana.  I went down the steps and started to walk back to the car.

I was yelling as well.

A lady with a dog came up to me.  She asked what was going on.  I told her that Kate was abusing Tuakana’s child.

She said to go to the police.

I said the police are not doing anything.

I went up and grabbed Tuakana and pulled her back to the car.

We left and went back home.

The police officer came to number 14 Wyndham St where I had parked my car in the driveway.

He came up to the back of the car.  I had to get out the passenger door again.

I told him the drivers door was broken.

He asked what had happened in Brooklyn Road.

I told him that Tuakana was upset because Kate Raue had taken her daughter without permission to the supermarket.

I admitted going to the address and yelling and I was also upset at Kate.

I told him that I didn’t hit Kate and the door was shut and she was inside and we were outside.  I didn’t see Tuakana hit Kate either.

I know it was silly to go around there but with all that has been going on we were both upset.

After the lady with the dog talked to me I realised that I had played into Kate’s hands by going there.

I went and got Tuakana and left.

I have read this statement and it is true and correct.

Michael Francis MURPHY: Handwritten statement -  PC Cunningham           12 February 2009

"We left and went back home" - Murphy and Greig went straight back to Tracy Feast's house - paid for with Donna Thompson's money.  The car wasn't even in warrantable condition, and I doubt it was road legal.  Compare Cunningham's lack of concern over any of this with his zeal in issuing me with hundreds of dollars worth of tickets for not wearing a bike helmet.  Methamphetamine addict Wayne Friend was pulled over by police recently in the same car, still unlicensed and unwarranted, but after a brief discussion with the officer's supervisor, Wayne Friend was allowed to drive away without even a ticket!

In the Wairarapa you can get away with murder if your name's Tracy Feast.  Read Cunningham's corrupt "Offence Report" - this isn't an offence report at all, it's an orchestrated litany of lies!  Cunningham didn't even speak with me, his focus was on covering up what Tracy Feast and Michael Murphy had done.  I didn't demand that police repair my door immediately as he states - I insisted that they arrest Murphy because I had made a number of complaints about him stalking and harassing me in the weeks and days before the attack, including that very morning.  I pointed out that while he was still at large and the door was unable to be secured I was at risk of another attack from him during the night while I slept.  I've since been introduced to another local woman who made a formal complaint to police about Murphy making almost identical threats to her a few years ago.  Police are of course saying they can't find the file.

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