"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Decision of Judge Barry - Escaping from Custody - ACQUITTED.

A few days ago I received an email from Pearl Christian at the Wellington Court, telling me that I was meant to have appeared on the 2nd November in the Wellington Court for yet another hearing regarding the corruptly laid charges resulting from the attack on me in my home which the Wairarapa police are trying to pretend never took place, and charging me for perverting the course of justice because they allege I am a liar.  NZ tazpayers are funding gross and deliberate corruption being practised on a routine basis by the NZ police force, which is why staff refer to national headquarters as "Bullshit Castle".

On 11th February 2009 three independent witnesses rang 111 to report a home invasion type attack on me at my home in Carterton.  This attack was planned by ex Mayor Gary McPhee, who conspired with a woman called Tracy Feast and her friend Michael Murphy to commit the attack after I made allegations to the police of child abuse regarding Murphy and others.  The Mayoral Diary shows that McPhee was deeply involved in planning the attack, and text messages received from Murphy days before the attack say that him and McPhee are at my address trying to provoke another confrontation with me.  Corrupt librarian Ewen Hyde has tried to prevent me accessing the Mayoral Diary and other information by corruptly having me issued with a trespass notice from the library to prevent me accessing resources and information such as this and sharing it.  The information at this link shows clearly the conspiracy regarding the attack on the 11th February.

Police have corruptly refused to release the audio recording of a call to emergency services from two women, Clair Cook and Kelly Wilson, who were walking past my address at the time and saw the attack in progress, because they know that it contains evidence of Murphy's violently insane screaming and threats, and the sound of him smashing the door.

On the 8th April 2009 Murphy returned to my address to steal a computer disc containing 46 separate recordings of police radio calls, including another call to emergency services regarding the attack, made by one of my neighbours, evidence of the attack which police had corruptly denied existed.

When I caught Murphy red handed in the act of stealing the disk I immediately called police and made a statement, which was later corroborated by two witnesses who had also seen him very close to my address at the same time I had reported the break in and theft to police.

When I later went to make further complaints to police and enquire about the progress of earlier complaints, such as the original attack on me by Murphy, Constable Laura Rhymer refused to take any complaints and told me I was "going to be charged" with perverting the course of justice!  

Rhymer knew perfectly well that I was totally innocent of any such thing, and was not prepared to stake her own career on charging me with something she knew perfectly well I was innocent of, which is why she didn't arrest me herself.

The corrupt amicus curiae tried to make me sign an agreement that Rhymer not have to appear and be cross examined in Court and that we all just take her word for it that she "arrested" me, at the Depositions hearing.  I refused and made a formal complaint, which resulted in the hearing of an application by the Crown that Rhymer's written evidence be admitted unchallenged.  

The transcript of that hearing shows that responsibility for the application was assigned by prosecutor Jodi Ongley to prosecutor Andrea Ewing - because Ongley knew perfectly well that the charge was corruptly laid and the prosecution amounted to perjury!

The decision was received by me on 4th November 2010 - the ruling was apparently made on the 30th September 2010, but corrupt, arrogant Court officer Pearl Christian did not provide me with a copy of it until six weeks later!  Here it is - the decision is also available at this link:

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