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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Police breach Privacy Act and slander innocent Community Worker

On the left is a copy of an article which appeared on the front page of the Dominion in August 2008 describing the arrogance with which the local police flout the very laws they are paid to enforce, by 'sharing information' with all the unprofessional people running the local 'community organisations'. on the right is a letter to me from the Board of Trustees of the South End School in Carterton, which says:
"The Board of Trustees were distressed to hear of you recently being charged by the police. Whereas your previous court incidents did not have any risk the present one involves a child. This does present a risk and therefore a problem for the Board.

With this charge over you the Board requests that you stop your work in the school gardens.
Should you be found guilty of the charge the Board could not permit you to resume your work in the school garden.
As a Board we hope that either the charges are withdrawn or you are found not guilty as this would remove our problem. We appreciate the work and enthusiasm that you bring to the school garden and hope that we can be in a position to resume this work in the near future. [signed] Gavin Kennedy, BOT Charman"

As I've told everyone from the moment I heard of this preposterous allegation, there never WERE an charges involving a child, and I have been acquitted of any other charges which were not withdrawn. Rod O'Leary never turned up for Court and should be charged with wasting police time and making a false complaint. He didn't turn up because if he had repeated what he said in his complaint under oath he would be guilty of perjury as he well knows.

I was wrongfully sacked from my job as Boarding Matron at St Matthews College in Masterton too after the police rang the principal twice to complain about "Mrs Raue's behaviour and manner in dealing with matters in the community", referring to publicity in the newspaper about the petition I started, calling for an inquiry into the allegations regarding the illegal takeover, mismangement and closure of the former Carterton Community Centre, and calling for the affairs of the Centre to be investigated and audited by a lawyer and an accountant. There is nothing wrong with that. The principal of St Matthews made notes of these conversations, they will be uploaded shortly, and the records which the Ombudsmen ordered the school to release showed that there were NO complaints from anyone else, or matters of concern even. Police refused to charge anyone regarding the blatant fraud and other offences, home invasions, etc, but they were worrying about a petition calling for an inquiry into the Carterton Community Centre - why? Because local 'artist' Jo Roffe was creaming wages of over six hundred dollars a week through the Centre, using it as the 'funding umbrella', for her part time disaster of a craft course for at risk youth, and having it off with Constable Steve Wakefield, who was and still is famous for his sleazy corrupt behaviour, taking advantage of vulnerable women. His son, Constable Mike Wakefield is not much better, just as corrupt but maybe not so sleazy. They used to write letters in support of her funding applications ;)

Shortly before the takeover of the Carterton Community Centre, in October 2000, the committee of the Carterton Community Centre, who were nearly all associated with the Carterton District Council - major funder of the centre - conflicts of interest all over the place - attempted to close the Community Gardens, because they had committed the fraud involving the fake 'personal grievance' - which I can talk about with impunity because it never went anywhere near the Employment Tribunal, the committee just decided to gift one of their mates eleven thousand dollars, which they stole and defrauded from the bank accounts of several other organisations that they had access to and signing authority on, and then they could'nt get any more funding because we wrote to the funders and showed them the indisputable evidence.

Mainstream media reported on whether Solitaire Robertson was Adrienne Staples illegitimate daughter, deeming that to be in the public interest, but they won't investigate whether Mrs Staples is related to Helen Staples the recipient of this fraudulent payment.

A friend and I formed an organisation called Friends of the Carterton Community Gardens and proposed to the committee that our organisation take over the Community Gardens and run them voluntarily. This was refused, but after publicity in the local newspaper, the committee gifted the Gardens, and “everything on the site” to Oasis 'Trust', a Masterton based church, apparently founded and run by local cult leader, Masterton District Councillor and ex policeman Jonathon Hooker.

Oasis made it clear from the start that they didn't want anything to do with our Gardens, and their own Gardens consisted solely of a small plot at Jonathon Hookers house and another small plot at the home of Oasis's administration manager, gardens which certainly did not benefit the community, they benefited the Hooker family (any "community garden" should have been on the land his trust owned in Lincoln Rd, where the poor people could access it!. They promised to apply for funding and “act as an umbrella for funding purposes” if our organisation did all the work at the Gardens.

So Friends of the Gardens took over the running of the Gardens, with great success. For the next few years we worked hard to develp the site, an old rubbish dump, which had been condemned by the Council years earlier as unfit for use due to the state of the section. We weeded and dug, planted seeds and cuttings and grew heaps of vegetables which we provided to people in need, we also assisted many local people to complete Court ordered community work sentences, and used this opportunity to interact construtively with those people and assist them into jobs, drug treatment programs, and generally improve their lives and improve their relationships with the community. We achieved enormous success in the area of attitude adjustment, gardening does that, it strengthens families, keeps people busy, and improves their self esteem. We helped people realise that they actually liked working. There were apple trees, grape vines, a lemon tree, a feijoa tree, and plum trees, including one that had the biggest reddest most delicious plums imaginable.

We helped people establish gardens at their own homes, and provided ongoing support, after they finished their community hours. We've been doing this ever since, and the benefits to the community cannot be overstated. Attitude adjustment results in a new outlook, new view of life, new goals, new habits. Give me the boy till he's seven and I'll give you the man the Jesuits say, well give us the wounded, the scarred, the wayward, and in 40 hours or so we'll give you a way better person. Give us the children during the holidays and we'll give you better young people when they go back to school.

In about 2006 the Council drove a digger through all our vegetables and smashed a row of new fruit trees we'd planted and changed the lock on the gate later granting grazing rights -for free - to one of their mates, the brother of the Council officer who accompanied disgraced ex Mayor Gary McPhee on his drunken home invasion, he put sheep in and the Council cut down all the fruit trees, the grape vine, ripped out all our edible plants and replaced our garden with a bleak, unimaginative, uninviting "Passive recreation reserve" - nobody goes there, it's horrible.

We simply continued the Gardens at the property I rented up the road, a farm house owned by Mr Tubby Rose, bless his soul. Friends of the Gardens are indebted to Mr Rose and his family for their kindness and support over many years. They made it possible for us to raise chickens and keep horses, hawks, fish, and other animals, and grow a reasonable quantity of fruit and vegetables, which we used to achieve great results with troubled young people in particular, and to teach relationship skills, trust, courage, risk management and many other useful skills, as well as continue our conventional work in the Gardens. Mr Rose had put goldfish in the cattle trough years ago and visitors to the Gardens used to greatly enjoy feeding the fishes and the hawk and chickens and other animals, especially children. Older people used to also enjoy coming to the community garden at Rose Farm. We taught cooking and preserving, quality, marketable arts and crafts, music (if neighbours in town complained about students of the drums they used to bring their drums out to the farm where we didn't have neighbours), and all sorts of other things, useful life skills, work skills.

Sadly Mr Rose passed away peacefully on the morning of Christmas Eve 2000, in his 90th year, and the farm was eventually sold.

Friends of the Gardens then approached the principal of South End School, Mr Rod O'Leary, and asked if we could establish and develop a Garden at the school with the children. Mr O'Leary was very supportive, and for over twelve months I worked hard to develop a vegetable garden with the children, adjacent to the swimming pool. We also weeded and planted the beds outside the school gates, and around the office block and planted many fruit trees. We liaised with two teachers in particular and worked with a group of children on Wednesday afternoons in the gardens. The sessions were really popular with the children, who worked hard to plant and grow a variety of vegetables, a peach orchard, etc, and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Suddenly, I received the attached letter from Mr Gavin Kennedy on behalf of the Board of Trustees.

I was shocked and distressed to put it mildly, because I'd received a visit from the Deputy Principal a few weeks beforehand to tell me that the police had informed the Board of Trustees of this allegation and that I would be receiving the letter, at which point - PRIOR to actually receiving the letter(!) - I immediately told her I had definitely never ever been charged with any such offence, and expected that to be the first and last thing I would ever hear about the ridiculous allegation - especially after I'd made it perfectly clear to the Deputy Principal, Dallas Powell, that I had never been charged with any such thing in my life, let alone recently.

Immediately after receiving the letter I met with the principal to discuss the matter and inform him that I certainly had not been charged with any such offence involving a child, either recently, or ever for that matter. The meeting was perfectly pleasant and civil because I had always had a very good relationship with all the staff at the school, including Mr O'Leary, as typified by the social call from Dallas Powell to discuss her concerns about the actions of the police and the Board in the first place - she couldn't believe it any more than I could.

I asked for an immediate meeting with the Board of Trustees to discuss the matter, and copies of all information regarding the matter, particularly the source of the false allegation. The Board has continued to refuse to communicate with me at all regarding this matter, but has since made matters much worse.

At one stage a Statutory Manager was appointed, he didn't meet with me either, because I was accused of being delusional for allegedly imagining that Rod O'Leary's new car was somehow a payoff for corruption - according to 'Dr' Brenda Sally Rimkeit. There is a clear link between these events and a violent attack on me in my home on 11 February 2009 by Michael Francis Murphy and another person. Evidence such as text messages, the Mayoral Diary, police documents, witness statements, it all stacks up into a mountain of evidence that there HAS been corruption, which is ongoing and worsening, but that it had very little if anything to do with Rod O'Leary's car. If anyone is delusional it is whoever made up the allegation that I had been recently charged by the police with an offence involving a child! And Constable Peter Cletus Cunningham, who has written an Offence Report regarding the attack which is an orchestrated litany of fabrication and fiction, waffling on for the first five pages about what some woman was cooking for tea and some soap opera script of some conversation that didn't happen at some completely different address, then goes on about some 'incident' - non specified, ALLEGED 'incident', at the supermarket - which also didn't happen. because I requested the camera footage like I did the time Murphy threatened and abused me in front of a local real estate agent in there on another occasion and it was subsequently deleted and the request refused.

Unfortunately, the matter of the South End School has still not been resolved, and it needs sorting out because we can't put up with bullying in schools and especially not bullies running schools.

The letter sent to me clearly states: "
As a Board we hope that either the charges are withdrawn or you are found not guilty as this would remove our problem. We appreciate the work and enthusiasm that you bring to the school garden and hope that we can be in a position to resume this work in the near future. [signed] Gavin Kennedy, BOT Charman"
This is the remedy I seek.

It is required to make up in some small way for the damage done to my reputation, humiliation and hurt, loss of standing in the community, disapproval and censure of others in the community - there's nothing worse that being charged with child abuse round here, we've got a very big problem with it involving the police, the IPCA, and the government.

There is no evidence whatsoever to support any allegations of any alleged 'incidents' at all, according to the information released under the Privacy Act, the school has admitted it.

The allegations of Rod O'Leary that I called him a thieving crook, amounted to wasting police time, which is why he didn't turn up to Court, because I was waiting for him with a Summons! The charge brought by Rod O'Leary was dismissed, there never was any "charge involving a child", I've been acquitted of 99% of the charges brought against me by local police since 2004 (Bill Sticking, for advertising a public meeting to discuss the takeover and closure of the Carterton Community Centre and the lawyers letters about the fraud, the evidence of it, etc, a civil matter and nothing to do with police), and I had virtually nothing to do with police prior to suffering the misfortune of coming to Carterton, the Crown failed to front up with any evidence, and wrote an equally fanciful work of fiction to try and explain it away - an absolutely laughable attempt if it wasn't for the fact that it is tax payer funded corruption, and we've got bullies and liars running schools and teaching kids, and setting that kind of example.

In Wairarapa we regularly have double the national rate of suicide, this is a country with some of the highest rates in the world, and this is why. We need those gardens, our communities need them, our children need them. Our staff are properly trained and work with reputable community organisations, with tangible and visible results, to achieve our mutual goals and help children and others in the community reach their full potential through our community gardens and school gardens.

A witness and went to the garden I established at the school and found it in a state of abandonment, as it was all throughout the school holidays, nobody attended it, or harvested what pitiful specimens the birds didn't get. The compost bin clearly had not been used, like other donated equipment like the water tanks and related equipment as confirmed by an email from Ms Powell, we compared the photos of the gardens prior to me receiving the letter with the current state of affairs, and the other information released by order of the Ombudsmen relating to the recent funding granted to the school, which has clearly been wasted and misappropriated, because the evidence speaks for itself!

The Board of Trustees of the South End School needs to honour their letter to me:
"As a Board we hope that either the charges are withdrawn or you are found not guilty as this would remove our problem. We appreciate the work and enthusiasm that you bring to the school garden and hope that we can be in a position to resume this work in the near future. [signed] Gavin Kennedy, BOT Charman"

This makes a mockery of the claim that "Raue's manner caused concern among some staff and attempts to sever ties with her were made" or whatever Rod O'Leary's statement said - which confirms that his statement to police was an attempt to pervert the course of justice. He knows this perfectly well, his girlfriend is a lawyer. which has perhaps got something to do with his three recent heart attacks and his sudden retirement. He knows perfectly well I never told him I'd been charged with an offence involving a child or anything like it - he knows perfectly well that the story was cooked up at one of these little "information sharing sessions" the Area Commander boasts about! This is nothing more than a witch hunt and it has to stop!

Unfortunately, it doesn't stop there, it get's worse. There is the matter of the school secretary, who had to apologise to a young student for saying to her "you're just a lying little bitch".

Then there is the matter of the letters to and from the groundsman, very similar to the letter sent to me. This man is also the ex manager of the community gardens, and a decent and honourable person. The letter was given to a friend of mine by her son, who had been given it at school - a total breach of the poor man's privacy and of the Privacy Act! The man feels he, like me, was unjustifiably dismissed and humiliated and generally treated appallingly by the Board and staff of the South End School!

That was bad enough, but it get's even worse: I delivered the letters to the groundsman, and told him of the breach of privacy, and an apology was requested from the school, whereupon Emily Brown of the Board of Trustees took it upon herself to make a visit to the home of a friend of mine while I was visiting there and launch a verbal attack on me in front of my friend. I had asked Emily to please convey to the Board my request for a meeting as requested in my letter to them which had been ignored like the previous requests, but instead of responding to the requests she launched into a nasty verbal attack on me in front of my friend, accusing me of being a thief who had stolen the letters about the groundsman out of her letterbox (delusional and in denial - I told the school how I came by them and the witness will confirm it - the school simply needs to face up to it). Emily Brown then, after falsely accusing me of being a thief, said she had called the police and the mental health service about me. I asked her why she had done that, she had no explanation, and it seemed to me that she was the one in need of their assistance, not me. I don't steal things out of letterboxes (or anywhere else) and I'm not delusional, or in any way defective mentally, as has been recently confirmed by experts in the field.

Emily's mother committed suicide some time ago and her brother did the same more recently, she left her husband recently after having an affair with her husbands friend and the coach of her son's soccer team, the break up was messy and involved the police and violence, and she is not a fit and proper person to be on the Board on the basis of her behaviour at my friend's house alone! She went on and on, right in front of my friend, with all this rubbish. The police confirm that she made this false complaint to them in spite of me offering to disclose the name of the witness to the Chairperson of the Board of Trustees! The police wisely ignored it, but unwisely, and corruptly, conspired to have me locked up for a while during their failed attempt to corruptly prosecute me for perverting the course of justice, etc, which the corrupt psychiatrist tried to justify with some ridiculous fairy story about the Principal of the South End School. The evidence of the conspiracy is totally indisputable which is why expert psychiatrists stated that I was "not suffering from any mental illness whatsoever and in particular, not suffering from the onset of paranoid delusions."

As a great kiwi icon once said, "It's the putting right that counts." The Board of Trustees needs to put this right and admit that the allegations made about me are without basis and honour the letter they sent me. And that's just the start of the putting right that needs to be done.

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