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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Lies (by the police), Lawyers and Legal Aid - September 2010 update

After being assaulted again last weekend by Constable Paul Dallinger, previously of Dannevirke, and his new mates including, corrupt Masterton police prosecutor Greg Peters, after I went to the Carterton Police station to report the theft of my property by local methamphetamine addict Rachel Taylor, and recent assaults by Rachel's mate Wayne Friend and his other low life mates, and request assistance from the police to access and remove my belongings from where I was living until very recently, I now have to go to Court again today, after police wasted Court time on two separate  days last week, after charging me yet again with trivial offences I didn't commit in a pathetic attempt to make me out to be a criminal.  Talk about pot calling the kettle black!  Running out of time to get to Masterton,

Police prosecutor Gary Wilson and Court Registry Officer Liz Harpleton have been perverting the course of justice in the Masterton District Court for years.  They conspired with others to issue a warrant for my arrest on the 16th February 2010 in the Masterton Court, on the basis of information that they knew was false, namely: that I had failed to appear in the District Court on that day.  I was not due to appear in Court that day.  

Charges of perverting the course of justice and escaping from custody were laid together by corrupt Community Constable Peter Cletus Cunningham in April 2009, both charges relating to the same matter, and both charges relating to an attack on me in my home by Michael Murphy, the witness in this case.  Cunningham has refused to charge Murphy with that attack (or anybody, for that matter), pretending it didn't happen.  

When I obtained indisputable evidence that it did happen, in the form of evidence that there were three independent witnesses who called emergency services as they witnessed the attack, all of whom described a violent and unprovoked attack.  Upon learning that I had obtained this evidence, Murphy came back to my home to try and steal the evidence.  Some Police officers tried to prevent me getting this evidence, saying "According to the Privacy Act you are not entitled to information that is created by other people" - which is, of course, utter rubbish and completely untrue.

Corrupt Police officers and Court officials, and amicus curiae Bryan Yeoman, have been trying to separate the two charges that were laid together ever since, because they think they have a better chance of success with winning one or both of the hearings if they can do this.

The other thing they've been trying to do is excuse the attendance of the police officer ostensibly in charge of the case, Constable Laura Rhymer, and ensure that she doesn't have to give evidence or be cross examined in front of a Judge and jury on the so called "evidence" contained in her statements and affidavits, and the contents of her Police notebook, and to try and ensure that her word that she arrested me is taken for granted by the Court without question or scrutiny, so that the question of whether or not I "escaped from lawful custody" becomes twisted and manipulated.  My position is that I was never "arrested" and so could never have "escaped custody", which the Court upheld, acquitting me of the charge. 

At which point the Crown scandalously decided to further pervert the course of justice by using lawful powers for an unlawful purpose by using the Criminal Procedure (Mentally Impaired Persons) Act and the Mental Health Act, in order to detain me in a high security mental asylum for months on end and forcibly medicate me in order to derail the criminal trial on the remaining indictment of "perverting the course of justice" by saying that I was effectively 'mad' and 'delusional'.  The evidence of this is utterly indisputable.  I was only released, and the charge dismissed, after writing my own application to the High Court for a judicial inquiry into the matters.  The response to this was to transfer me to another facility in order to negate the application and appoint yet more lawyers to tell me they didn't know what the delay was in having my application dealt with, until I discovered how it had been discontinued, and insisted it was immediately reinstated, which I did on 15th June, the very same day the Crown suddenly announced it intended to offer no evidence on the charge of perverting the course of justice because "it wasn't in the public interest" all of a sudden.  Yeah, right.

Corrupt amicus curiae and crown prosecutor Michael Snape tried to make me sign an agreement that Constable Laura Rhymer not be called to give evidence in Court, and that her written statement that she arrested me and I escaped from custody, be admitted unchallenged.  They are worried that she will be questioned about other matters as well as this one, such as why she has refused to take a complaint about Hayden Rose smashing a window at my home and making serious threats, in spite of numerous complaints from me and another woman present at the time, and other matters.  

Police are also responsible for engineering the bail address to the very same one that the police prosecutor opposed, as described in the email below, because of alleged concerns for my safety.  

Evidence shows that I tried to draw this to the attention of the Court on the 9th March 2010.  An email from Bryan Yeoman to Michael Snape (crown prosecutor) and Pearl Christian, Wellington District Court officer - but no copy was sent to me - records that "Ms Raue also ought a Variation of Bail to allow her to return to a "no fixed abode" setting.  Judge Barry was not willing to do this and told Ms Raue to file a proper written Variation of Bail Application, file and serve it on the Crown and then the Court would give it hearing time.  Ms Raue protested this decision and in the end Judge Barry stood up and said he would retire if the Accused would not leave the dock from where she was arguing the point.  She did so and left Courtroom.  
Outside Ms Raue abused me and made various demands and reiterated that she did not want Mr Sainsbury as her Counsel, and she did not want me as the Amicus Curiae either.
The end point is that there are the matters I raised in my letter of 12th February as pretrial issues to resolve - can you please advise what disclosure matters can be addressed without reference back to the Court and then perhaps we can determine what other issues should be set down for Pre Trial hearing (no time was allocated at all today as no proper written Applications had been made on her behalf to the Court).  
Is it appropriate to have both Counts in the one indictment ?
Please advise.
Bryan Yeoman.

This is why I requested all information from the Court!  I have never seen the letters referred to, notes of phone calls, etc, the Court refuses to listen to me when I try and tell them that their decision directly contradicts another recent decision on the matter and puts me in danger of violence as indeed has now happened.

Yeoman and the prosecutor were told off by Judge Behrens for continually trying to split up these charges!  Judge Behrens ordered that they be heard together on the 8th December, when the police didn't turn up for Court again.

I went to the Carterton Police station last weekend (4th or 5th September) to request protection and make complaints of assault and burglary/theft at the address and was assaulted by Constable Paul Dallinger at the Carterton and Masterton Police station, illegally detained again, and falsely charged with more trivial offences myself, for which I have to travel to Masterton again tomorrow to appear.  

The evidence of my complaints of burglary and assault, requests for assistance and protection have all been ignored.

Lawyer Ainslie Hewton acted corruptly while her firm was representing me, culminating in the hearing before Judge Behrens QC on the 8th December 2009.

Judge Behrens isn’t stupid, or corrupt.  The police know that, so they didn’t turn up on the 8th December, and they wasted the time of the Court as they have done countless times in the past few years.

Judge Behrens asked the prosecutor why the officer in charge of the case, Constable Laura Rhymer wasn’t there.  The prosecutor replied that she was on annual leave.  

Judge Behrens enquired further as to when this leave was applied for by Ms Rhymer, and was informed that she had applied for it about two working days before the Court hearing, knowing full well that her appearance was essential to the hearing.  

Judge Behrens expressed his extreme dissatisfaction with this inexcusable waste of Court time by the Police.

Judge Behrens asked if there was an up to date medical report on the effect of the ongoing proceedings on my health, and a lawyer from Ainslie Hewton’s firm referred the Judge to the very same psychiatric report that firm had been instructed to appeal and challenge on the ground of serious inaccuracy.
The report contains  considerable false information.  From the first paragraph, which says that I am facing one charge of attempting to pervert the course of justice - I am facing two charges which were laid together, perverting the course of justice and escaping from custody.  I didn't do either and the Police know that perfectly well.

The second paragraph contains reference to photocopies of previous assessments of me by Mental Health Service in the Wairarapa.  I have requested these and they have not been provided, I question the accuracy of these ‘reports’ because of previous experience with these ‘Services’, and current complaints about them.

The third paragraph contains reference to the other selected people that the psychiatrist spoke to about me, on the recommendation of Alison Mulholland, Court Liaison Officer.  He spoke to Constable Peter Cunningham of the Carterton Police.  The history of corruption and malicious actions of Constable Cunningham towards me is well documented, and it is completely inappropriate that he speak with Cunningham.  The name of the usual police prosecutor, Gregory John Peters is crossed out the Summons, or Information, filed in Court, and the name Peter Cletus Cunningham is handwritten in it's place, because the usual Masterton prosecutors know how corrupt these charges are.  Cunningham was touted in the newspaper recently as a Community Constable, not a prosecutor.

Cunningham was the officer in charge of the corrupt ‘investigation’ into the attack on me in my home on 11th February 2009 by Michael Murphy, who is his crucial witness in this case currently before the court, This is his first attempt at a prosecution as far as anyone knows - he is a junior Community Constable, not a prosecutor of serious charges!  The matter is directly linked to the attack on me in my own home by Murphy and his associates, and even the other corrupt staff at the Masterton prosecution section won't touch this one, because they've lost too many times already and had to apologise, after listening to Cunningham and his mates. 

There is indisputable evidence of Cunningham’s corruption toward me over a number of years, this will be referred to later.

The psychiatrist also spoke with a previous counsel, Ken Daniels.  There is no note of who referred him to Mr Daniels, but again, this was gravely inappropriate.  Mr Daniels withdrew at short notice for the third or fourth time after refusing to accept specific, reasonable, logical, instructions to send a particular letter we had agreed should be sent to police, a standard letter requesting information I am lawfully entitled to, request specific information from the police, such as the recording of the call to emergency services from Claire Cook and Kelly Wilson, witnesses to Murphy's attack on me last February, etc.

The email below was sent on 16th March 2010, there has been no response, the information is urgently required:
I also require an Application for Variation of Bail, as previously requested.  Please email this to me so I can copy it or fill it in and email it back urgently.

I asked/instructed Mr Sainsbury and Ms Scott to do this numerous times, and asked Mr Yeoman to assist me with it also.  I asked Mr Sainsbury and Ms Scott to act regarding the illegal imprisonment and the warrant issued on the 16th February and to obtain all information.


On 16 March 2010 07:17, Katherine Raue <kateraue@gmail.com> wrote:
Please pass this URGENT message on immediately to Frank Minehan of Ainslie Hewton immediately.  Please ring the office of that firm and request an email address for Frank Minehan and forward this message to it.
Please also forward it to the Masterton Court and the Area Commander of the Wairarapa Police and the Police Complaints Authority, it is a formal complaint and an URGENT information request.
I have been illegally imprisoned twice recently and have lodged a complaint with the Law Society about Ainslie Hewton, which is relevant to the illegal imprisonment and matters currently before the Court.
On the most recent occasion I was arrested on a warrant which was illegally obtained by conspiracy between Court staff and police, particularly adulterous de facto couple Liz Harpleton and Gary Wilson, on 22nd February 2010, which was based on information known by police and Court staff to be false, and my bail address was changed because of actions of the police and the amicus curiae, and I was bailed to an address previously opposed by the police to the extent that I was imprisoned.
  1. I request immediate confirmation in the form of a statement from lawyer Frank Minehan and one from the manager of the Court to confirm that when I was brought before the Court on 23rd September 2009 (or at a recent hearing at which Mr Minehan represented me) I was bailed to the address: "NO FIXED ABODE"
  2. I request that Ainslie Hewton and the manager of the Courtimmediately forward me a copy of the bail bond stating that I am living at "NO FIXED ABODE" and typed copies of any notes made by Frank Minehan regarding the hearings on 22nd and 23rd September (I have received some documents from Ainslie Hewton but cannot read many because of illegible handwriting and faint photocopying, there are also missing pages, and no information regarding the bail bond or the hearing at which the police opposed the Hodders Road address.
  3. I request immediate confirmation in the form of a statement from Frank Minehan to confirm that when I was brought before the Court on 23rd September 2009 it was revealed that the police had deliberately lied to the Xxx family in telling them that there was every likelihood of a curfew being imposed when the Judge had clearly and firmly refused the application hours earlier and made it clear that there was NO possibility whatsoever of a curfew being imposed.  This lie by the Police led to my imprisonment.
  4. I request immediate confirmation in the form of a statement from Frank Minehan, and one from the police prosecution section, to confirm that when I was brought before the Court on 23rd September 2009 the police successfully opposed me being bailed to an address in Hodders Road because of concerns about "previous violence at that address", which is why I was finally bailed to no fixed abode.
  5. I request immediate confirmation in the form of a statement from the Police that the occupant of the address at Hodders Road went to the Carterton police station and complained about disharmony at his address resulting from the letter to me from the Board of the South End School.
  6. I request from the police all information about this incident involving the occupant of the address going to the police station about me, including a statement he says was taken regarding the matter.
  7. All this information has been requested before and the request is now urgent.
Katherine Raue

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