"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

To Ombudsmen, 9 September 2009:


I wish to complain about the administrative acts, decisions and recommendations of the Office of the Privacy Commissioner.
I complained to that office about the corrupt and incompetent so called "investigation" into my complaint by Diane Swan of that office, and about the original complaint, which was:

  1. The refusal of the South End School, Carterton, to provide me with information.  I requested all information about me after I received a letter sacking me from my job because I had allegedly been "recently charged by the police with an offence involving a child".
  2. The refusal of the School to correct the false information:
  3. The Principal of the School denied the existence of letters of complaint from parents regarding the manner in which I have been treated until confronted with the evidence.  I request an apology for this.
  4. The Deputy Principal of the School confirmed that the matter was discussed at a Board of Trustees meeting, I requested the Minutes of the meeting at which it was decided by the Board to send me the letter, and 
  5. the notes of the staff representative which were referred to by the Deputy Principal, confirming that the Board had discussed the false allegation, and the source of the allegation, the police and McPhee.
  6. The refusal to correct the information - that there was a meeting with O'Leary and I regarding these matters prior to me receiving the letter from the Board.  There was no meeting between O'Leary and I regarding these matters until after I received the letter from the Board.
  7. Principal Rod O'Leary has falsely claimed that I told him that I had recently been charged by the police with an offence involving a child, which is utter rubbish, as the Deputy Principal Dallas Powell knows, and it is an obvious lie to pretend otherwise.  I told him no such thing.  The allegation is obviously completely illogical and untrue, I hadn't been charged so there is no likelihood at all that I would say so.  Or that the Board would take such action on that basis anyway!
  8. The refusal to correct the information contained in the letter to W and J Armstrong from the School, which falsely claims:
  9. That "it was brought to the Board's attention that there could have been a problem with Kate Raue's actions out in the community and we sought only to make sure our children were safe and secure as is our responsibility."  This is an orchestrated litany of lies.
  10. I requested all information regarding the above statement, including who brought it to the attention of the Board, when, specifically how - what exactly was the allegation?  
  11. The refusal to correct the information regarding the false statement "there could have been a problem with Kate Raue's actions out in the community" - what problem?  What actions out in the community?  What relevance does any of that rubbish have to do with my actions at the School?  (None)
  12. I request that the Board write immediately to the Armstrong family apologising for providing the false information - there were no valid concerns about any problem with my actions in the community - I represent a large proportion of this community who fully support me, and this is blatant, politically motivated corruption, by McPhee and his mates in the local police.
  13. Corrupt local police and Mayor Gary McPhee deliberately provided false information to the Principal of the School and others in the community.  This fact is welll documented and witnessed, and indisputable.
  14. This is also confirmed by the Mayoral Diary, and the evidence of the Deputy Principal, which the Privacy Commissioners Office arrogantly refuses to acknowledge or investigate or confirm.  The continued refusal to delberately ignore the evidence of crucial witnesses amounts to serious corruption.
  15. The complaint has been "investigated" with extreme prejudice and bias by the Privacy Commissioner.  Clearly the decision of the Board of Trustees to write the letter sacking me for this very serious allegation would have been discussed and recorded in the minutes of a meeting of the Board, and as such the minutes must be provided as requested.
  16. The notes of the staff representative have been deliberately destroyed after I requested them, which was immediately I was told by the Deputy Principal of their existence, which was immediately after she saw them, days after the meeting.  I formally requested them in writing from the Principal, along with the rest of the information immediately after that.  This is blatant corruption, to prevent the investigator finding out the truth of the matter.  I repeat my request that Dallas Powell be required to confirm what the notes said, and the truth of what I have written in regard to these matters and the untruth of what has apparently been told to the Privacy Commission's "investigator" 
  17. Can I have access to all information regarding the "investigation" of the Privacy Commissioner's Office please?

Katherine Raue

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