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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

James Cowley and Maria Saunders Cowley, liars and facilitators of child abuse.

After removing Lily from Woodford House in a manipulative and unlawful manner CYFS colluded with the Cowley family and other parties in order to justify the unlawful kidnapping of a thirteen year old child.  Lily was enrolled at Queen Margaret's College in Wellington, but problems soon developed there before very long and James and Maria packed her off to Nelson Girls College in Te Wai Pounamu (otherwise known as The South Island).

CYFS records show that James and Maria Cowley sent Lily, now calling herself Aja again (CYFS files show she changed her name five times in 12 months) to boarding school in Nelson (they lived in Wellington) in 1999.

After being asked to leave Nelson Girls College boarding house after a short time, again due to "behavioural issues, substance abuse", etc, James and Maria arranged for Lily to board with paid "caregivers" Richard and Larraine.  It seems that CYFS thought Richard and Lorraine were approved caregivers working for the Open Home Foundation, which was later found to be not the case when a competent and fair case manager was finally appointed.   This case manager was Justine Forde, and she immediately recognised the situation for what it was and did her utmost to help Lily, and I.  Unfortunately, the Police and senior CYFS management were intent on covering up the appalling abuse that had been perpetrated on us.

The last paragraph of the case note below makes it perfectly clear that Larraine knew perfectly well that her "partner" Richard was a serial pedophile, and that she was perfectly prepared to enable him to sexually assault the children they were paid to "care for", on a regular basis.  It's quite sickening really.  In fact it's utterly obscene, which is why I am finally publishing the evidence of it.

Sending a 13 year old girl to live with serial pedophiles and then kicking her out of home nine days after the abuse occurred is outrageous and Maria Saunders Cowley, Joy Cowley and her latest husband Terry Coles (former lawyer turned Catholic priest, who Joy "turned to for emotional support" while her second husband, who was a fine man) and James Cowley should hang their heads in utter shame.  They appear to have no conscience.  At least Sergeant Napier admitted that he regretted his part in this outrageous miscarriage of justice and abuse of the processes of the Courts.

Police apparently interviewed Lily once about these allegations, but failed to ever "reinterview" her, and never took any action whatsoever about investigating Richard and Larraine let alone charging them - because according to their response to written questions they were "too busy providing security for Commonwealth Heads of Government Meetings" which were being held in NZ at the time.

More evidence the NZ Police wilfully ignored:

And here's the best bit - Maria Saunders Cowley (formerly married to Barry Saunders, a local musician, kicked my daughter out of their home NINE DAYS after she had been molested - because she has been "refusing to pull her weight around the house and there has been strain put on Maria's and her relationship."

The same woman who started all this because she suddenly wanted my daughter to be her bridesmaid at her wedding to the child's father, on a whim, after encouraging her father to ignore her all her life and commit fraud by refusing to ever pay one cent of child support he owed until well after he'd kidnapped her with his pack of lies about "I have custody.  Lily lives with me", etc, the couple who lied to Police, the woman who sent my daughter photos of her son, Jason Saunders, and letters about her "new big brother" - Jason Saunders used and abused Lily too - before he told her "you're not my sister anymore."  These people are monsters, and it's a sick joke that Joy Cowley is being facilitated to give speeches as a role model and supposedly upstanding member of the community - she is anything but!

James Cowley, Joy Cowley and Maria Cowley are liars - selfish liars - who ruined my daughter's life.  They were aided and abetted by a number of other people, many of whom were paid tax payer's money to protect vulnerable children, but actually did the exact opposite.

Changing the name of CYF to the Ministry for Vulnerable Children is as ridiculous and changing the name of the Police Complaints Authority to the Independent Police Conduct Authority - the real issues are escalating - covered up and ignored, while those responsible, from social workers like Deborah Houston, with no qualifications, through to the top levels of management, through to politicians, lawyers and judges, continue to waste tax payer's money and commit obscene miscarriages of justice like this one.

Nothing's changed except the abusers are growing ever bolder, secure in the knowledge that their offending will be covered up and they will be protected, indemnified, facilitated, promoted, rewarded.

This case note is outrageously damning - as is the rest of the EVIDENCE regarding these matters, such as Lily's school reports, which show a clear and indisputable pattern of a happy healthy and high achieving child whose grades plummeted and serious issues developed from the moment she was kidnapped to facilitate James and Maria's little whims, and then abused and dumped by James and Maria.  Social worker Justine Forde stood out among her colleagues at CYF (or CYPS as they were known at the time) in terms of her caring and professional manner, and I sincerely hope that she has continued in her career and wish her all the best for her efforts to do the right thing.  She diligently followed up and repeatedly tried to encourage police to interview Lily, police responded by saying they were too busy protecting the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting.

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