"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

More lies from the corrupt Wairarapa Police as they frantically try to cover their tracks:

This is a letter from the police to me dated 30 May 2008, regarding complaints to the PCA, Ombudsmen etc, regarding various corrupt acts of the Wairarapa police, persons associated with the Carterton District Council etc, page one is reproduced as the original, page two was scanned in a different format and so is typed below, while page three is reproduced in original form: So page one is at left, page two follows here:

1. “All information regarding police file 010518/2481’

There is no file with that number held by Police therefore your request for information is refused pursuant to section 29(2)(b) of the Privacy Act 1993 as the information does not exist.

2. “All information regarding a complaint of theft by the same group of people against myself and Jennifer Armstrong and Oasis Trust regarding a derelict caravan on the site of the former Carterton Community Gardens in Moreton Road.
I am advised by Senior Sergeant Johnston there is no correspondence or documentation held by Police on the theft of the derelict caravan. He further advises that this matter was dealt with at the time on the telephone. Your request for this information is refused pursuant to section 29(2)(b) of the Privacy Act 1 993 as the information does not exist.

3. “All information regarding the complaints relating to the illegal takeover, fraud, theft of mall and theft of all assets of the former Community Centre”

Police currently have insufficient information to locate the information that you have requested. Police will require more information from you in order to locate the information.

Please provide Police with details such as the date(s) of the above mentioned incidents, the approximate time(s) of the incidents, any Police staff involved and what specific information you require from Police.

Police will consider and process your request for information once further details are received.

4. “All information regarding the phone calls made to the police by Larry Mason (through 111 emergency services I believe), Rachel Betteridge and Ewen Hyde (either 111 or directly to Masterton Police station), including all transcripts and audio recordings, job sheets, etc regarding the complaints made against me to the police by these people”

Police currently have insufficient information to locate the information that you have requested. Police will require more information from you in order to locate the information.Please provide Police with details such as the approximate date(s) of the above mentioned phone calls, the approximate time(s) of the phone calls and any further information that you think will help Police in the search for information about the phone calls.

5. “Any information that any attempt whatsoever was made by police to obtain any evidence of Rachel Betteridge’s claims.”

So firstly, Police File number 010518/2481.  This is the file referred to in the letter from Sergeant Reid of the Masterton Police to lawyer Ainslie Hewton's office, of course if exists.  Every time the police are told to investigate it or respond to communication regarding the complaint, by the PCA, lawyers, etc, they say the complaint has been responded to in previous correspondence - what rubbish!  Now they are saying the file doesn't exist - what utter lies.  This is how your taxes are spent folks, paying liars like Tara Sewell and her corrupt mates in the Force.  They just make it up as they go along!  Why are we paying the wages of so called public servants who are just blatantly LYING to us?!

What's next?  Oh yes, the caravan, and "There is nothing in writing" - what about THIS then?!:



There's more interesting reading on this matter, watch this space.  Jonathon Hooker is an ex police officer who perfed out and set up his own church, Oasis, another Oasis church was recently exposed for fraud.  Jonathon Hooker and his church don't care less about Community Gardens, they care about getting funding for themselves.  Here he is bribing John Creepy Crawford with a couple of hundred bucks to shut up and stop complaining to the Police about me, because he knows as well as I do that neither Oasis OR the Carterton Community Centre current administration and governance will stand up to scrutiny in the face of the serious allegations of fraud and malfeasance - the reason Beyer the Liar resigned from parliament.

Alan Royal and John "Creepy" Crawford had no authority whatsoever to make a complaint to the police about the caravan!  They are lucky they haven't been charged with making false complaints and wasting police time!  - Like other local liars and thieves.

The matter of the requests for information are typical non responses, more on that soon, watch this post.

The matter of Rachel Betteridge is evidence of deeper and more malicious corruption involving conspiracy between Police, lawyers, Court staff, and Judge Davidson.  Check out other posts on this matter, such as the one at the link, which shows statements from TWO Justices of the Peace, and Betteridge's father, confirming that Betteridge is LYING, and that SHE send ME messages saying "You need a bullet" and "Watch your back", etc, and indisputably committed perjury!  Corrupt Judge Bruce Davidson is probably quite used to accepting perjury and allowing it in his Court from what I've seen and he refused to look at the evidence of the perjury - the messages on the phone - besides which, regardless of any comments the Judge may or may not have made, the Police are obliged to charge her with sending me the serious threats AND committing perjury, making a false complaint, wasting police time, etc. .
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