"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Constable Basher - Something needs to be looked at all right!

Regarding Constable Basher's interest in my blog (see the previous post), I suggest he spends a little less time worrying about his image and a bit more on investigating serious violent crime and domestic abuse.  The Carterton police spent their time smoking cigarettes and looking at the internet.  Mayor McPhee's big deal about getting another police officer for Carterton - wake up and smell the coffee people, we've ended up with "family friend" of Constable Cunningham's daughter, according to a picture published in the Dominion Post, UNSWORN staff member Acacia Simpson, who can answer the phone, pass on messages make cups of tea, and not much else.

But seeing as Constable Basher spends so much time reading my blog, I'll post my complaints on it from now on, and the official police response  - or lack of it:

I received a text message from Tim Reynolds on 29 August 2010 at 9.01 pm saying: "Wayne found racheal taylor in yor room when he got outta the shower on sat nite they have fight then she left had a bag with her sori wasn't there from 0211540 645.  Rachel Taylor is famous in the Wairarapa for being a methamphetamine addict (and any prescription drugs she can get her hands on, pills etc), police informer and thief.  There have been innumerable similar complaints to police.  Wayne Friend likes to associate with people like this and let them roam through wherever he's living, which is why his mother doesn't want him living with her.

The following day I received a message from Tim Reynolds saying "come down then" in response to a request from me to come and see what had been taken.  When I did I was assaulted and detained illegally for some time (kidnapping), all of which is recorded on the audio record of the call as well as video footage on Friend's cell phone, which is evidence of these SERIOUS crimes, as well as other incidents when I have gone to the property to attend to the horse and been abused, threatened and assaulted by Friend and his mates, and as such should have been seized by police by now.

I received a text message on *** saying: "Tim has given me full control of the property you have 1 week to sort a place for your house stuff or the cops have a shed i CAN put it in :)dr feel good:) from 027 270 5152.  It was apparently sent on 4 Sept 2010 at 1.53 pm by Wayne Friend alias dr feel good, the methamphetamine addict, who's mother doesn't even want him living with her.

Reynolds refers to me as his me as his "partner", as such I am entitled to protection from the law and the police and the Courts, both of who are responsible for bailing me to that address recently, in spite of it having been rejected by police and myself because Mr Reynolds has a history of violence toward me and other women.  Here's an email I sent to police this morning: To: murray.johnston@police.govt.nz,
"kevin.basher" ,
Ken Daniels ,
Independent Police Conduct Authority ,
Independent Police Conduct Authority ,
"J Collins (MIN)"

I went to attend to the horse in Gallon Road and check my property on Wednesday and discovered a considerable amount of damage to my property including the following:
  1. Damage to property in my car including a tv set and kitchen equipment that would have taken a very high level of violence to effect.
  2. Broken glass throughout the drawers of my dressing table, amongst all my clothes. 
I insist that police go to the address immediately and photograph this damage and take statements from Friend and Reynolds about the theft of my property by Rachel Taylor which I have reported clearly and repeatedly.. 
I insist that the audio recording of the phone call from Friend to the police during the attack on me is provided immediately.
Further to the email sent a few minutes ago it goes without saying that I expect police to take statements from Friend and Reynolds about the damage to my property.  I also found a bike of mine thrown outside which had previously been in the laundry, Friend was the one who had access and was responsible for the property.  It appears Friend changed the locks at around the same time he sent me the text message, I expect police to fingerprint the car and the dressing table, etc and conduct a full scene examination and investigation.  

I also request immediate assistance to get a Protection Order and any other orders necessary to secure the safety of myself and my property, which Tim Reynolds threatened yesterday to put on the road tomorrow.
Kate Raue
Further to earlier emails, when I arrived at the property the horse's water container was empty and had not been filled for a long time by the look of the horse.  
Horse food which Bill Armstrong delivered and paid for, for the horse, was being fed to the goat instead by "Friend", there was a full container by the goat and none by the horse.
I want him charged with theft and cruelty to animals.

Here are my Court papers, thrown outside on previous occasions.  Wairarapa has one of the highest domestic violence rates in the world, here's why, corrupt police and politicians.

When I went to the police station to report these, and other, matters recently, I was assaulted and tormented for hours by Constables Paul Dallinger and Gregory Peters, and others.  Here's Sgt Johnston's response to my complaint and information request regarding this matter - note the lies about how they got rid of the CCTV footage!  Showing I requested the footage at the time - writing it on my Police bail bond on the 4th September 2010 and made another formal complaint and request for the information two days later on the 6th - note this letter says footage is kept for fourteen days but the info I requested on the 4th AND the 6th was magically disappeared by the corrupt Masterton Police to cover up Dallinger's brutal assault on me and his pack of corrupt lies!

When I arrived at the Carterton police station the door was locked, Dallinger was inside having a smoke.  He finally unlocked the door and released a foul cloud of stinking smoke, laughed at my attempts to actually make a complaint, then started to bash me and push me round in front of witnesses, and street cameras.

Dallas Powell, Deputy Principal, South End School
I wrote the initial request for all the camera footage regarding the incident, including all that from the Masterton police station, clearly on the Bail Bond I was asked to sign, weeks ago.  Police think it's funny to ignore requests routinely and respond arrogantly and dishonesty when they bother at all, like the Principal and Board of Trustees of the South End School in Carterton, who sacked me - and another member of staff - unlawfully, and breached our privacy unlawfully, then tried to cover it up in such a disgraceful and blatantly corrupt and dishonest manner that a Statutory Manager was appointed.  The dysfunction continues to this day.

Wayne Friend
Wayne Friend's mother

Kirsten Grenfell and Rachel Taylor
Andrew Dean Kupa Caudwell
Gary McPhee

My property vandalised by Wayne Friend and his mates

This is the face of violence in the Wairarapa. 



kevin basher is corrupt.


kevin basher is corrupt.