"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sgts Basher, Wilson and Peters need looking at - again:

This is the house I was bailed to in February, by corrupt Police and Court staff, despite Police having me sent off to prison not long ago, after they successfully opposed it as a bail address on the grounds that I had "previously been the victim of violence there."  After being then ordered to live there by the police and the Court, I was assaulted again and robbed. 

Lawyer Frank Minehan was representing me at the time, to the best of his ability under the circumstances, and has faithfully written a letter about it.  Frank's a good lawyer, unlike his boss, Ainslie Hewton.  More about that later.  Police opposed the address last September and the Court sent me to prison accordingly.  Suddenly Police and the Court changed their mind and ordered me to live there in February.  A woman called Kirsten Grenfell who works for Barnardos in Upper Hutt began causing trouble soon after this, she'd had a brief fling with the owner of the property, Tim Reynolds, about a year previously, when she wanted to make her ex husband jealous, when that worked she dumped him, and told him not to contact her, then she suddenly turned up in about May with all her baggage, and resumed the affair.  She made it quite clear that she wanted me gone.  

Kirsten Grenfell had sent emails through the Barnardos email account after she dumped Reynolds, gossiping about me, and telling people that I'd moved in with the owner of the property, and other personal information which was nothing to do with her, titled "This is a Taita Community Initiative for Barnardos New Zealand."  I'd been very annoyed at the time I discovered this, because of the content of the messages, but had taken no action at the time, but after she turned up and made it clear she wanted me out I sent her an email telling her not to send any more emails about me to my friends (a totally reasonable request).  She had told him not to contact her when she dumped him, but suddenly when someone else moved in she started sending emails to our friends titled "The Tim Report", telling our friends, who she barely knew, about us, in an effort to worm her way back in to his life.

Then Grenfell rang Reynolds and told him to get rid of me if he wanted to keep having it off with her while her husband was at work, so he did.  Which presented a problem regarding my bail address, among other problems.  It's ironic that Barnardos run courses in dealing with domestic violence when their staff are busy causing it with emails marked "This is a Taita Community Initiative for Barnardos ."  Grenfell is an overpaid bit of fluff.

Note the photos at this link of my Court papers (nearly half way down the page) and other things, thrown outside into the mud and rain.  I was assaulted there again on the night of 1st September 2010, and the assault was recorded in a phone call to police, by Wayne Friend, who has been selling my belongings to pay off his drug debts and letting his P addict mates into the house while Reynolds, is at work, to steal my belongings.  Friend was left in charge for about 6 weeks when Reynolds went on holiday, Friend changed the locks, preventing me accessing my own property, to facilitate the thefts by his mates.  When confronted by Reynolds about the thefts, Friend told him he'd caught fellow P addict Rachel Taylor in my room taking my things.  They've both refused to make statements to Police about it.

Reynolds sent me a message telling me about this, and invited me to come and see what was missing and secure my room.  Almost as soon as I arrived Friend began causing trouble.  Shouting and trying to block my way.  Then he called Police, on *555 apparently, to report to the Police that I was trespassing and being rude to him, or whatever.  He should just have made himself scarce!  Or told Police about Rachel Taylor's theft of my property.  Neither he or Reynolds have ever made a statement to Police about it apparently.  So Friend called Police in spite of the fact that he had no authority at the property whatsoever and I'd been expressly invited there in writing by the owner of the property to see what Friend and his mates had stolen.

Friend babbled on the phone to the police, I ignored him and started checking what was missing.  I had brought a medium sized backpack to collect some property (can't carry too much on a bike) and after checking the contents of a couple of writing desks in the dining room I went down to my room at the other end of the house.  There I was thankful to find a little blue box with fairies on it and one of those tiny little ballerinas that spin around while it plays music.  Inside it is a little blue bottle with some of the ashes of my brother David.  I put it in the backpack.

Friend and Reynolds were now standing in the doorway screaming and shouting at me, I could hear Friend on the phone going "Yeah she's taken something, I saw her" and Reynolds was shouting "what have you taken?"  I told him I hadn't taken anything.  As they got more and more wound up and aggressive I just wanted to take the little blue box and get away from them, so I tried to leave.  Friend blocked my way and babbled on with his running commentary to Police, I tried to get past him and out to the door, Reynolds grabbed the backpack from me and started going through it.  As I tried to take the backpack from him he punched me twice in the side of the head.   When he'd finished going through it, he realised that I hadn't taken anything after all.  I managed to get the backpack from him and immediately tried to get out the door.

Friend said "Grab her Tim, the cops are on their way"  Reynolds grabbed me from behind, they were both shouting at me at once and my ears were still ringing from the punches.  A struggle ensued as I tried to get away.  This went on, and on, and on, as Friend babbled away to the Police call taker.  Finally, after a very long time, I heard Friend say:  "The cops said to let her go Tim, they're not coming."  Whereupon Reynolds stopped the assault, which also amounted to a kidnapping legally speaking and I left.  I have requested the tape of the phone call, police have failed to provide it, and are refusing to take my complaint of assault, etc.

Friend is now taking me to Court for wilful damage of an aquarium, and even his mates say he's lying through his teeth.  

Here's a couple of photos of how Friend trashed my car while Reynolds was away.  He also strew broken glass throughout the drawers of my dressing table and squashed a great deal of fresh putty into my clothes, ruining them.  So while the local corrupt cops are hammering away at me all the time for not wearing my bike helmet, this is the kind of violence they encourage, and turn a blind eye to.  Violence is out of control in the Wairarapa, because the police condone and encourage it.  The police themselves are rotten to the very core.  New cop Paul Dallinger is an absolute psychopath, from Dannevirke, more on him later.

I've just received a text message from Reynolds to say he's going to throw my property outside on the road on Saturday and give me a trespass notice - he and the police have allegedly given me several of them - that's why I can't go and get my things!  The reason given is that he says he's sick of my alleged "narking and thieving."  He alleges I stole his remote control of all things - what a joke, he needs to face up to reality!  The reality is that Wayne Friend is a lying thieving drug addict, which is why his own mother doesn't want him living with her.  As for 'narking' - what a joke!

Sgt Murray Johnston assured me a couple of weeks ago that he would personally ensure that Reynolds not touch my property until these matters are sorted out.  I have tried to contact him, and Sgt Kevin Basher (should be two links there).  

And while we're on the subject of photos, here's the staff member at the local Mobil garage, Smith, Hare and Christison, who defrauded my bank account of $60 last week, to avoid any suspicion being cast on other members of staff.  He, together with another male staff member of similar age, and a manager called Blaine, were all involved, and laughed their heads off when I asked for a phone to call police and a pen and paper to make a written request on the spot for the CCTV, right before they threatened and intimidated me and tried to take my bike.  Avoid this thieving little creep at all costs, and the chubby old bald guy with the Charlie Chaplin moustache. 

I got the distinct impression that staff at this garage have been defrauding their customers for a long time with credit card scams like the one they pulled on me, and I'd advise people to stay well away from this garage, and if you are silly enough to go there, don't give them your bank cards.
Staff Thief, Smith Hare and Christison.

Sgt Murray Johnston told me recently he would ensure the safety of my property which is in Reynolds' house until these matters are properly sorted out.  He is refusing to speak to me on the phone or respond to messages left on his answerphone.  I have also been put through to Sgt Kevin Basher and relayed my concerns about Reynolds' threats to him, he said he would get back to me, and hasn't, and when I rang back staff refuse to put me through to him.

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