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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wairarapa Police and Court Staff Corrupt and Incompetent:

I was shocked when local police let off Tony Feinson with Diversion after he assaulted me in the office of the Carterton Community Centre (CCC) in 2001, breaking two of my teeth.  Locals soon assured me that this was normal Police practice, to bully and persecute the victims of violence and protect the offenders.

Feinson and a gang of people associated with the Carterton District Council (CDC) illegally took control of the CCC by assaulting me in early April 2001, and changing the locks on the building after complaints were made to the Police regarding the fraud and serious malfeasance at the Carterton Community Centre and the involvement of disgraced former MP, and transvestite prostitute Georgina Beyer the Liar.

I was legally employed at the Centre, as well as holding my Executive positions on the committee.  Corrupt local lawyer Ainslie Hewton took $50 from me, promising to file a claim in the Employment Tribunal.  I spent considerbale time completing legal aid applications and Employment Tribunal applications.


Dear Kamil,

As discussed with Kate and yourself I said I would get back to you with my view of the issues arising from her relationship with the Carterton Community Centre (CCC).

I note that Kate already has a personal grievance underway with Gawith and Co, arising from a previous employment relationship.  I do not believe it would be helpful for her cases by having three lawyers working for her.  I also hold the view that the personal grievance arising from her employment at the CCC is too closely associated with the other issues that arise and that the wisest course is to confine the matters to one lawyer.  

The issues as I see them are as follows:
  1. personal grievance for unjustifiable disadvantage before her dismissal (or lock out);
  2. personal grievance for unjustifiable dismissal (good arguments on substantive and procedural grounds;
  3. arising from the above there seems to be holiday pay owing (I am not sure what notice provisions there were, if any;
  4. a second complaint to the Police arising from an alleged assault the day before the one that went to Court;
  5. A complaint to the Police concerning the granting of diversion for an assault causing actual bodily harm (broken teeth) and the manner in which that outcome was arrived at by the Police;
  6. A claim for ACC cover and entitlements;
  7. A civil claim for restitution/reparation for the costs of treatment and associated matters arising from both assaults;
  8. Civil action against the person who assaulted Kate if this is possible; 
  9. and civil action against the CCC and the individual members if they nave acted ultra vires (which seems to be the case)
From past experience I doubt if the CCC itself has much in the way of assets.  I doubt whether most of the individuals concerned have much either.

I would be happy to assist, advise or provide whatever I can to progress Kate’s claims.  I believe there needs to be a pragmatic approach, and that any proceedings unlikely to succeed or achieve much for the effort expended should be ditched.  The rest needs to be prioritised and set down in some sort of plan/strategy.

Finally, Kate has asked me about a Notice of Costs the CCC paid to me sometime last year.  As she is no longer employed in the position she held I cannot assist.  This could possibly be obtained by disclosure.

Give me a call if you want any help; leave a message if I am out or unavailable.

Yours sincerely,

Ivan S. Young-Gough, lawyer 

"Acting ultra vires" means acting with no lawful authority.

Ainslie Hewton took $50 off me, telling me it was a mandatory initial contribution toward legal aid, then Hewton refused to do any work on the matter whatsoever, refused to submit the legal aid application which I had completed and handed to her along with the $50, and refused to refund the $50.

When an application was made to the High Court to wind up the Carterton Community Centre, by John Crawford and his SEVEN friends (Elaine Brazendale, twice bankrupted Frank and Maureen Craig, Evelyn Dearnley (who wouldn't know what day of the week it is, and took me to Court unsuccessfully for calling her a hypocrite, poor woman), Julie Hallam, Ewen Hyde, and Jill Greathead,) members of Friends of the Carterton Community centre put up notices advertising a public meeting to discuss the illegal takeover mismanagement and closure of the former Carterton Community Centre and the involvement of a group associated with the Carterton District Council, a major funder of the Centre, in the fraud and misfeasance at the centre, which had been confirmed by several lawyers, including Ivan Young-Gough, Kamil Lakshman, Michael Appleby and others.

I was charged with Billsticking.  Following my acquittal, after the police failed to turn up to Court, like they did on 8th December 2009, and again on 7th April 2008 in the Decision of Judge Butler.

This letter to the police from lawyer Ken Daniels in 2004 clearly details one instance of the frauds complained of by members of the Carterton Community Centre.

Click on the image to enlarge it and read it, or email me for a better copy.

Funds granted for specific projects,  to several community organisations, was indisputably stolen from several different bank accounts of unrelated organisations, and given to an individual against legal advice.
Evidence can be viewed of the Minutes of the Community Centre committee at which the decision was made here and the financial records of the organisations under the control of the committee of the Community Centre there and everywhere on this site, with more going up daily.  Ken Daniels had to be asked repeatedly to write this letter, following my acquittal on the Billsticking charge, and the pathetic "apology" from the police regarding that matter, and repeated harassment from Constables Wakefield, Cunningham and Pope, refusal of police sergeant Glenn Taplin to charge Rachel Betteridge and her husband with sending me extremely threatening and offensive text messages, etc.

The second page of this letter has just disappeared (along with 3/4 of this posting,) but we'll move on and come back to this letter later.  The letter was completely and utterly ignored by police.

On the left is the boastful confession published by the local propaganda distributor the Wairarapa Times-Age, (25 May 2005) complete with the photo of the big oaf in his Sunday best suit with the Mayoral chain - to give the story extra credibility for the many gullible idiots who accepted this rubbish as an excuse for McPhee's drunken criminal violence, instead of the usual one of him with his silly little baseball cap on backwards astride his stupid Harley Davidson.

  Screamed the headlines, and all the posters outside the retail outlets.  McPhee's mates in the police and the Wairarapa Times-Age made up rumours that the victims of the attack had "asked for it" because they were criminals and "trouble makers" -according to drunken violent criminal McPhee!  McPhee and his drunken mate were the criminals, police and local journalists corruptly perverted the course of justice to prevent McPhee being charged!

Contrast that with the posters outside all retail outlets in the electorate two weeks before voting day saying "Mayoral candidate in Court appearance" referring to a corruptly laid charge against me which was promptly dismissed or withdrawn - like so many others!  - Not to mention the other slanderous "reports" of alleged "disorderly behaviour" - NONE of which have been upheld by the Courts and which have also been discredited by WITNESS STATEMENTS - from people who have actually been present - unlike the 'reporters' on many occasions!

Below, left, is a letter faxed to police by Ken Daniels in 2006, refering to  "a total lack of action" regarding numerous complaints, including the ones about corrupt local Mayor McPhee's drunken home invasion, and the ones in the previous letter in 2004 at the top of the page.

And next to that is the unbelievably rude, arrogant, dismissive, unprofessional, damningly corrupt email from Sgt Murray Johnston, who knows perfectly well that there were several complaints about McPhee's drunken attack (with his drunken mate).  Nearly as corrupt as this rubbish from the corrupt Area Commander John Johnston, recently exposed for his corruption and incompetence regarding the systemic failure of child abuse investigations in the Wairarapa - he squanders the resources he gets, and this site is exposing more of it every day:                                                                                                                                               
This is supposed to be an apology to me from the police after they failed to turn up to Court after wasting so much time and money prosecuting me for Billsticking for putting up notices calling for a public meeting to discuss the illegal takeover, mismanagement and closure of the Carterton Community Centre, and gross misfeasance regarding the affairs of the Centre by a group of people mainly associated with the Carterton District Council.
It refers to "police action or inaction" - ? and "procedural disputes within the Masterton Police at present." 

The letter is supposed to be an apology, but as readers can see it is a rude and sarcastic insult, not an apology, written by a man who was once a good police officer, but who has now been corrupted to write this rubbish.

This letter to Ken Daniels is evidence of how the Wairarapa police deal with formal complaints from lawyers, they just ignore them.

Police are supposed to forward formal complaints to the PCA, but in the Wairarapa they do things their own way and simply don't bother when it doesn't suit them.  Even when they are forwarded, the PCA just give the complaints to the police themselves, the subjects of the complaints, to investigate. ad infinitum, at the tax payer's expense, providing employment to people like Tara Sewell of the police, who continues to claim that the file regarding the investigation into the many allegations about the Carterton Community Centre does not exist.

The excuse given for police wasting so much of everyone's time and money is:  "As I've said in the letter, this is part of an ongoing difference of expectations between the Prosecutor and other staff.  The Area Commander is looking into it and I hope a solution will be found quickly."

Well a solution hasn't been found.  The NZ police - and the Wairarapa police in particular - are as corrupt and incompetent as ever, and the (I)PCA is as useless and corrupt as ever - Prosecutors are throwing more money at the corrupt charges before the Court regarding the South End School and Michael Murphy.

I wrote back to the PCA to say that Ken Daniels agreed with me that the letter was rude and sarcastic and was not an apology at all, and that there were far more serious allegations that needed to be investigated, such as the allegations on the notices that Police had charged me with displaying.  Constable Cunningham claimed, when he tried to "arrest" me, that the notices were defamatory.

Cunningham was clearly acting corruptly, like Constable Steve Wakefield, and the other incompetent and corrupt police officers in the Wairarapa.  Like the illegal trespass notice served by Wakefield to prevent me attending the meeting at which corrupt Carterton District Council employee and former corrupt Electoral Officer - who stole $400 from the poor while acting in that position, after stealing all our community resources at the former Community Centre with her other mates on the Council - changed the Constitution of the Community Centre to ensure indemnity and limitation of liability for Hallam and her mates over the corruption and gross misfeasance they had practised at the CCC, which Beyer the Liar had to resign from parliament for 'her' (yeah, right) role in covering up.

Beyer the Liar perverted the course of justice by writing letters repeatedly denying that there was any wrongdoing at the former Carterton Community Centre.  Beyer knew perfectly well that there was, and that it was out of control and the committee was corrupt and incompetent.

Ken Daniels' letters refer to the fact that "I must confess that I haven't given sufficient attention to some of the matters that kate Raue has raised with me in the past mainly I suspect because the matters appeared to be far too complex and involved and I tended not to see any relevance in some of the complaints that she was making." (Ken Daniels letter to The Area Commander NZ Police, dated 28 August 2004, on this site, will locate it and link to it shortly for those with a short attention span).

Ken Daniels' letter goes on:  "On a recent visit to me however and after spending some time looking at documentary evidence that she showed me, I largely changed my view and believe that there genuinely are matters of concern that do need to be investigated.  I have not got to the bottom of all the matters Kate Raue complains about but there is one instance that does seem to suggest that there has been fraud at the Carterton Community Centre which has diverted funds designed for one purpose deliberately to another."

The letter refers to the personal grievance payment which was made in direct contradiction to the legal advice given to the committee chairman Tony Feinson (who assaulted me in the office and broke two of my teeth, Constable Wakefield let him off with Diversion, the police prosecutor lied to the Court, telling them that (1) ACC would pay for my injuries (they didn't) (2) Feinson had written a letter of apology (he had not) (3) I had been given an opportunity to be heard by the Court (police changed the date of the hearing and didn't tell me).

The letter goes on "There is no doubt whatsoever that there was a fraudulent use of the monies received from the Tindall Foundation."  "I believe that the affairs of the Carterton Community Centre are in disarray.  There is currently an application before the High Court to have them wound up because of insufficient numbers.  There are other complaints as well about the way in which members of the public including members [of the Incorporated Society] were excluded from meetings etc.  This letter does not purport to address all those issues but I am deeply concerned after having seen the information supplied to me by Kate Raue that monies received for one purpose be used for an incorrect purpose.

I have been advised that a similar improper payment may have been made in respect of the account that was run for the disadvantaged members of the community.  This apparently exists under the copy of the account also enclosed which is headed up VOSP 2000-2001.  You will see also that there is a "miscellaneous" payment of $1,000 made in September of 2000 following receipt of a substantial amount from WINZ funding.  It is understood that this also was a payment to an individual who claimed to have a personal grievance."

"I believe there are suffficient genuine concerns raised here to warrant some investigation.   These are community funds which were largely received from charitable donations which appear to have been sipnoned off improperl.  I should add that according to Kate Raue there was possible legal advice given to the people running the Carterton Community Centre that they should not make personal grievance payments in the way that they did.  This is another matter that may need to be looked into because it would make the payments even less appropriate if they were done contrary to legal advice.

I appreciate that earlier complaints may have been thought to be ill founded or frivolous or for whatever reason were not properly investigated but I believe that there actually does exist hard evidence to suggest that a reopening of the investigation should be made with urgency.  As I have said the Community Centre and its funds are currently subject to a high Court Application.

If it is more convenient for you to do so I would be happy to act as a go between between yourselves and Kate Raue so that I can request further details from her.  Are you able to assist with want I believe is now a genuine complaint?
Yours faithfully, 
Ken Daniels

This letter was completely ignored by police, who had the cheek to write this rubbish to me:

The last paragraph on the first page of this letter says it all:  It's clear that I am being harassed by Constable Cunningham, and other corrupt members of the police.  This letter was supposed to be an apology for not turning up for the Billsticking hearing.  Area Commander Inspector J F Johnston has got the utter cheek to say that it's alright for Constable Cunningham to harass me, and for the police to proceed with a prosecution on which there was no evidence whatsoever that a crime had been committed, because he "was following the directions of his superiors."  - What???  Sack his superiors then!

In 2007 lawyer Michael Appleby wrote a scathing letter to the Police Complaints Authority, which has totally ignored most of our complaints - I intend taking the IPCA to Court regarding that matter - there has NEVER been any investigation WHATSOEVER into my allegations regarding the FRAUD and THEFT, assaults, etc, at the former Carterton Community Centre - which resulted in Georgina Beyer resigning from parliament when we confronted the Clerk of the House with the EVIDENCE of Beyer's corruption and lies.

Like Constable Laura Rhymer, who didn't turn up to Court on the 8th December 2009, because she stupidly followed the instructions of her superiors and made up a pack of lies about her interviews with Aaron Brook, who came and told me that he and his cousin had seen Michael Murphy in the same place at the same time as I had reported to police that he had earlier burgled my home to retrieve a computer disc containing evidence of an attack by him on me in my home on 11th February 2009, which Murphy and Cunningham are trying to pretend didn't happen.

Constable Rhymer applied for annual leave about two working days before the hearing of the charges of Perverting the Course of Justice and Escaping from Custody set down to be heard in Masterton District Court on 8th December 2009.  

Police did this because they found out that the charges were to be heard by Judge M J Behrens QC, who knows perfectly well that the local Police are not to be trusted.  Police are hoping to get a more corrupt Judge next time, like Judge Susan Thomas, who took the word of Larry Manson, with all his recent convictions for dishonesty (68 convictions apparently, Mr Manson works for the local "news"paper, the wairarapa Times-Age, where the ability to make up a story is considered a great asset to your employment prospects).

Or The Judge who heard the corruptly laid charges based on the perjurous evidence of local prostitute Rachel Betteridge who lied on oath, claiming that I had sent her offensive text messages - over 60 of them.  I never sent her a single one.  

Evidence was produced in Court that Betteridge's claims that she didn't send me any messages was an utter lie, because the phone showed no such messages from me to her, but showed instead that Betteridge and her husband Jason had sent me extremely threatening and offensive messages saying "You need a bullet" and "Watch your back" among other things.  Statements from two Justices of the Peace confirm it, but police refuse to charge them!

Police conspired with corrupt Court staff to obtain a warrant illegally, based on information they knew was false, and used the warrant to imprison me on 22nd and 23rd February 2010, to punish me for speaking to Donald Rose about a lie his wife told, well several lies actually, but the one about the door in particular, which was damaged on the attack on me on 11th February by Michael Murphy and his mates, which the police are trying to pretend didn't exist.  Jenny Rose falsely claimed in the Tenancy Tribunal that I damaged the door.

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