"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Saturday, December 4, 2010

"Ron Mark's Offers Just Don't Stack Up" - it's Official:

- 2 November 2010, Wairarapa Times-Age

The cheek of Ron Mark.  He whines that there's been a distinct lack of investment in Carterton, and also notes that the previous Council, under drunken lunatic Gary McPhee, was also turned down, although the Events Centre is already under construction.  There has been huge opposition to the Centre, two substantial community petitions (if not three).

Funders will not invest in this project, and well informed funders have refused to do so since 2002, when the former Carterton Community Centre was taken over illegally by a group of people who are mainly associated with the Carterton District Council, a major funder of the Centre.

Trust House CEO Bernard Teahan says that the Carterton District Council has never made any credible applications for funds: "We have certainly had no suggestions by the (Carterton District) council.  Mr Teahan says that while the Trust will always look at opportunities, there had been several businesses offered to them over the years, but none of them had stacked up, including Mayor McPhee's pub, the Buckhorn.

The so called Event centre doesn't stack up because the same group of people behind the proposal are the ones responsible for the illegal takeover and closure of the former Carterton Community Centre.  The ringleaders of this definitely not bloodless coup were the recently appointed (by Mr Mark, I think) Deputy Mayor Elaine Brazendale, Councillors Jill Greathead, Ruth Carter, and Council librarian Ewen Hyde, among others associated with the Carterton District Council.

Mr Mark is pretending not to know about any of this.  Of course he's well practised in public deception and manipulation of the media for his own political and personal gain, having fawned at the feet of well known oily, greasy, two faced preening peacock, disgraced former MP Winston Peters.  He's learned how to pose and smile and make pathetic little noises like "I am conducting a rates review", etc, while ignoring the real issues, sweeping them under the carpet, greasing the palms of the local corrupt police officers in order to shut up any opposing view and shut down the dissemination of information, regarding the "Carterton Events Centre", which has been the subject of at least two substantial community petitions against the plan to build it and calling for an inquiry into the involvement of a number of people associated with the Carterton District Council and the Carterton Community Centre and conflicts of interest, fraud, bullying, etc.

These people, Elaine Brazendale, Ruth Carter, Ewen Hyde, Jill Greathead, Julie Hallam, Gary McPhee, Georgina Beyer, and others, took over the Carterton Community Centre illegally, by punching the Secretary and Finance Officer in the face in a vicious assault and then changing the locks.

They then made a formal complaint to police through local law firm Wollerman Cooke and McClure.

This complaint was soundly rejected and dismissed by Senior Sergeant Geoff Reid of the Wairarapa police.  It appears that Snr Sgt Reid was bullied into retiring from the police in disgust at the corruption which is so rife  within the Wairarapa police, shortly after writing the letter advising of this decision.

Police refuse to this day to investigate the allegations of serious misfeasance of people still on Ron Mark's Council, but it's nice to see Mr Teahan isn't fooled by the big smile, and nor is anyone else with even half a functioning brain.

Also of interest is the fact that local propaganda specialist Tanya Katterns has been sacked by the Dominion Post "news" paper for plagiarism, regarding a sickeningly sycophantic "report" she wrote about failed New Zealand First MP Ron Mark, the latest incompetent and corrupt Mayor to be foisted on the poor people of Carterton by corrupt election systems, having suffered through the misguided, destructive madness of unemployed, disgraced, transvestite prostitute Georgina Beyer, Gary McPhee, etc, and now we have to put up with this smarmy grinning gnome.

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