"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Pet Therapy - the Community Garden Horses:

These are two of the horses belonging to the Friends of the Carterton Community Gardens.  The appaloosa horse in the photo on the left is Flynn, and the skewbald one standing behind him on the right is Brutus.  These horses, and Flynn in particular, have given countless hours of fun to local children, and taught them valuable lessons about trust, communication, fairness, friendship and all sorts of other things.  Flynn and Brutus have been friends, brothers, for over twenty years.  Lily and Flynn were both five in the photo on the left, Flynn was given to me for nothing because he was so "difficult", but he was always just lovely with children, really kind.  Kids always loved him, and he wasn't really so difficult, you just have to be patient with him.  Brutus always looked after him, there he is, always right behind him.

Kids don't have to be disabled to benefit from pet therapy, it's a great thing and all community gardens should have a few horses like these.

Carterton District Council animal control officers Murray Clark and Karen Higham saw fit to impound Flynn last weekend, with the help of George Smith, who provided a temporary "pound" and put up a trespass notice.  Then they took him all the way to Clareville, and kept him there for a week without his warm cover.  This was completely and utterly unnecessary, and caused a lot of unnecessary suffering and stress to poor old Flynn, who's done nothing but provide a community service to the kids of this town since he's been here - to kids in lots of towns ever since I was given him over twenty years ago, actually.   

The Carterton District Council have gone out of their way to shut down the Community Gardens, refuse us funding, and steal our assets, our sheds can be viewed on the property of Council employee Melvin Pike, great mate of local bullying Mayor Gary McPhee, who boasts about all the perks of the job he and his mates manage to lay their hands on quite regularly.

So Melvin Pike gets a free shed, that we worked for and we paid for, while poor old Flynn's got no shed to put his hay in, the kids at the Community Gardens have got no sheds to put their tools in any more - aren't you ashamed of yourself Melvin? - that's outright theft.  Theft from poor people, working for the community, how utterly despicable.

Council staff have been making up the rules in order to shut down any grazing options for Flynn and his mates Brutus and Paddy, telling kind people who offer grazing that stock has to be tethered (rubbish), that I am a criminal and a trouble maker (rubbish), etc.

A woman who works at the Council recently had a go at me in Belvedere Rd for having the horse in an area where she wanted to run her dog off the lead, and a complaint was made to the police regarding the actions of Sean Crawford regarding another incident involving Crawford speeding past the horses with loose "sculptures" rattling round on the back of his truck.

Council staff and local SPCA "officers" stole a horse from a paddock in Dalefield Road last year at the insistence of a Council worker's wife, who wanted the horse herself, and her friend who told me about it.

They took poor old Flynn all the way to Clareville last Sunday, refused to return messages for several days, then sent a ransom letter telling me that there was over a hundred dollars owing to the Council - who also stole my $400 election nomination deposit after the last election.   Julie Hallam thought she'd won that one, but it was a bit of a hollow victory, given where Julie Hallam is now.  Poetic justice indeed.  With a bit of luck, Karen Higham and Murray Clark will be next, for what they did to Flynn, and the children who enjoy him.

The ransom letter said that Flynn would be sold or "otherwise disposed of" in 7 days.  I am on an invalid benefit after being sacked from two local schools because of lies spread by corrupt local police.  I haven't got over a hundred dollars to pay the Council to get Flynn back.

I've never lived in a community like this in my life, shame on these people.  I've lived in great communities like Wellington, Te Awanga, Waimarama, Poukawa, Maraekakaho, and others, where people help and support each other, caring communities.  There's no unity in this community.

Flynn was in George Smith's paddock, with a trespass notice on the gate, when I went found him on Sunday morning.  George's partner is on the Board of Trustees of the South End School.  I haven't got over a hundred dollars to pay the thieving Council to get Flynn back because I was sacked from the South End School because of a malicious false allegation spread by corrupt local police that I have recently been charged with child abuse.  I have NEVER been charged with any such thing.

I contacted George's partner, and said that I was very depressed about this situation, I asked her to pass on, and endorse, a request for a meeting between myself and the Board of Trustees of the South End School of which she is a member, because I have not been charged with the offence I was allegedly sacked for, and the Principal is lying to the police and the Privacy Commissioner.  I reminded her that Flynn had given her kids rides for nothing in the past and that this situation is very unfair.

Unbelievably, she ignored everything I said, then came to the home of some friends who I was visiting, to inform me that she was so concerned about me being depressed that she had contacted the police and the mental health unit!  But not the Board of Trustees, who had actually caused and continued to cause the depression, and the Principal and groundsman, who continued to cause it.

Goodness knows what on earth she thinks they will do about me being depressed, but I'll tell you what they did last time some do gooder rang them because I started talking about the rate of suicide in the Wairarapa - twice the national average for several years in a country with the highest rates in the world - the corrupt local police smashed in my back door - totally unnecessarily - it was just an excuse for their Gestapo like violence - then they locked me in a cell at the Masterton Police Station for over six hours.  After which I felt much more depressed.

Thanks for that Emily, I would like a meeting with the Board of Trustees please.
Being on the Board isn't about going on courses, it's about common sense and telling the truth, and acknowledging indisputable evidence.  Ignorance comes from ignoring things.

Rod O'Leary is lying to the Privacy Commission investigator, and others are condoning this:
  1. The only meeting between O'Leary and I on the matter was AFTER I received the letter from the Board, NOT before as O'Leary alleges, he is deliberately lying.
  2. Deputy Principal Dallas Powell told me she had seen notes made by the staff representative on the Board of Trustees about the allegation against me
  3. that the notes recorded the decision of the Board to write the letter, in early 2009.
  4. Dallas told me she had spoken to the staff rep about the written notes, and that the rep had confirmed that the meeting had been told that I had been charged with child abuse and was not a fit person to work at the school, and the decision had been made to write the letter on the basis of the false allegation.
I would like a meeting with the Board of Trustees please, as I've been asking since I got the slanderous letter.

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