"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Police lie about station CCTV footage of brutal assault by police.

Judge Broadmore adjourned the hearing of the charges against me yesterday after he discovered that the Wellington Court has asked for 2 more psychiatric reports to be done on me - at the expense of the NZ taxpayers and myself.  I was required to be at the Court for most of the day, and was subjected to serious threats and abuse from friends of the complainant, including Julian Tyerman Ellis (a friend of lawyer Michael Appleby), Wayne Friend and his mother Karen Friend, Hayden Rose, Esther Cretchley (a local mental health patient), Kym O'Connor (benefit bludger like the others), and various other low life dole bludgers with nothing better to do.  I became so frightened of the seriousness of the threats being uttered "We're going to kill you you bitch, we're going to run you over on the way home, etc" that I asked for an escort from the Court.  The request was ignored.  The matter had taken most of the day and by the time Judge Broadmore adjourned it I had missed the last train home.  Corrupt Police prosecutor Gary Wilson, live in lover of Court Registry officer Liz Harpleton, tried all his usual tricks to have me locked up for one reason or another, but failed.  He tried to say that the decision that I needed more psychiatric reports - according to the Court and the amicus curiae - shouldn't be considered because that was the Wellington Court and this was the Masterton Court, as if I could be insane in Wellington but sane in the Wairarapa.

As I left the Court I was followed by what can only be accurately described as a pack of baying dogs, shouting and screaming their threats and abuse.  It was absolutely terrifying.  Apparently the Police promised them I would be convicted on the day, and they were bitterly disappointed that the matter was adjourned, and just couldn't contain themselves.  

Judge Broadmore certainly seemed determined to hear the case come hell or high water, but realised in the end how bad it would look, and how there would be obvious grounds for an appeal.  

Luckily for me on this occasion, the incident was witnessed by the Vicar of St Matthews Parish, Masterton, the church right next door to the Police station.  I understand he also acts as Police Chaplain.  He was shocked and disgusted.  He gave me his card and said that he would be a witness to what had happened and will confirm that I am not making it up, or exaggerating the incident in any way.  The enraged mob only stopped following me when they saw me stop to speak with him.  He'd been walking down the street and had stopped when he saw what was happening and was observing the offenders.

Now, about that CCTV footage.  I was brutally assaulted, repeatedly, by a number of police officers at the Masterton Police Station on 4th September 2010.  The assaults took place over several hours while I was in custody at the Masterton Police station, and the violence and verbal abuse and threats were serious.  I wrote a written request for the CCTV camera footage from the police station on the police bail bond I was asked to sign when I was released on that day, in other words I requested the information, in writing, on 4th September, and this letter copied below confirms that I requested it again in writing on 6th September 2010, two days after the attacks.

This response claims that the request "was not processed quickly enough" - what utter lies!  Wairarapa Police are becoming more corrupt every day, and more blatant in their mocking of the laws of New Zealand.  The footage was deliberately deleted to get rid of the evidence of severe police brutality.  This letter is signed by Sergeant Murray Johnston, the same officer responsible for the email to lawyer Ken Daniels, arrogantly refusing to take any complaints from me.  

Paragraph 5 on page 2 refers to an assault and kidnapping on 1 September 2010.  The audio recording of the incident is deeply disturbing.  It is evidence of an obvious serious assault and kidnapping.  I'm working at making it accessible to readers so they can judge for themselves.  Police are refusing to acknowledge the attack and the evidence of it.

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