"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Neverending Nutter Julian Tyerman Attempts to Pervert the Course of Justice, on behalf of lawyer Michael Appleby:

The following is the "work" of some very warped and twisted minds.  Mainly Julian Tyerman, good friend of lawyer Michael Appleby, Merlene Chambers or Shedlock or whatever she calls herself, local methamphetamine addict Wayne Friend, Robert Brooks, who works at the local Mobil service station, and the good old corrupt local cops.

These people have created a website with a title nearly identical to this one (and others), and are using it to publish material that is not only slanderous and defamatory, but has now crossed the line to constitute a serious attempt to pervert the course of justice, the sheer vindictive spite, and mental imbalance of the writers, is evident.  Tyerman was trespassed from the boatshed owned by Michael Appleby and some of his friends, because of Tyerman's clearly evident malicious spite and insanity. Tyerman has a very dark history, and anyone interested in knowing more about it is welcome to contact me.

This refers to a recent complaint to the Law Society about Michael Appleby.

Here are the ravings of lunatic Julian Tyerman, "friend" of lawyer Michael Appleby, in order from the most recent to the earliest my comments in red, copied from the website he built using my name as the title.  We note he's removed all these posts since this was published, except one.  Julian Tyerman is CLEARLY and indisputably deranged, and should be locked up for his cruel and sadistic "urge" to incite me publicly to commit suicide:

"Im perturbed, hence the reason Im posting again."  (- sic - This follows the post of October 25, below, which Tyerman announced would be the last he would write)
"This week Katherine Raue stood in court and instead of addressing the issue at hand, that being assault.
Cleverly admitted that perhaps she was mentally impaired, and as such could not defend herself as planned."
No, I just reminded the Court about the Application from the amicus curiae, Bryan Yeoman,  which he presented to the Court at the last hearing.  This application effectively says that I have to have two - yes TWO, more psychiatric assessments, and that no proceeding should take place until that has happened.  Which, of course, I consider to be a load of bollocks.  Yeoman is, of course the reason that these proceedings are still before the Court, and he is the reason that I was wrongfully imprisoned.  

"The presiding Judge had no option but to once again adjourn the case."  Well it certainly wasn't my fault, it was the fault of corrupt police, Court staff, lawyers and the amicus curiae, as the evidence shows!

"This is in fact the same raving lunatic that purports to expose corruption in our taxation system, while costing each and every New Zealander an unknown amount to deal with her. " The evidence proves my point, that the corrupt Police, Court staff, lawyers and amicus are incurring the cost and profiting handsomely at the same time.  Creating their own gravy train.  Me exposing this corruption, the same corruption the Bazely inquiry uncovered, is saving the taxpayer money. Dame Bazeley's inquiry was criticised for a lack of detail and reliance on anecdotal evidence. Plenty of detail and indisputable evidence is on this site of it and it's time New Zealanders faced the fact that Emperor Key has no clothes. 

"She cried suicidal tendancies in order that she may weasel out of appearing. " What rubbish!  Yeoman, and the Police, the Court staff and the lawyers are just milking the system for all it's worth.  They are the ones saying I am insane, not me, idiot, are you blind?  This is absolutely sickening stuff from Tyerman, and shows the world why his own brother committed suicide, Toxic Tyerman we call him.  The Emperor has no clothes Julian, it is those people, with their snouts in the trough, who are all pontificating that I might be "a bit marginal", and Hastings Police Dr Sheardown, who wrote that I "might have a mood disorder" - I was in the same building when he wrote it, in another room, but he didn't even bother looking at me or speaking with me, just relied on what police told him.  It's a pack of lies, based on nothing more than nasty gossip. 

"And yet requested a police escort to leave the premise, as she feared retaliation from those that she has savagely defamed, who rightfully so are baying for her blood.I haven't defamed Julian Tyerman, (or Michael Appleby) or any of his nasty waste of space unemployed mates who followed me from the court after sitting there all day disrupting proceedings.  An independent witness was shocked at the sight of Tyerman and his mates following me from the Court and screaming threats and abuse at me, "baying for my blood".  These people should get jobs and leave me alone, my business is nothing to do with Julian Tyerman and his friends Esther Cretchley, Merlene Chambers, Hayden rose, Kym O'Connor, Darren Hughes, Kevin Signal, or any of the other losers who come and carry on in the Court becasue they've got nothing better to do.

"Its appalling that Katherine Raue continues to manipulate the system at enormous expense to us all.
Carterton has recently experienced an upsurge in burglarly, and yet the local plod have to spend valuable time dealing with what can only be described as a maggot on the face of the planet."   Carterton police spend most of their time fabricating corrupt prosecutions against me instead of actually investigating let alone solving crime.  We have an epidemic of crime because the Police waste their time and our resources harassing me, and more importantly, because they turn a blind eye to the real criminals, because they are mates or relations of the local coppers, or because the police are too scared to deal with them, it's easier to pick on me, or because a shocking one in 25 New Zealanders has admitted in a survey to having paid a bribe in the last twelve months, that's only the ones who admitted it and only in the last 12 months.  The intensity of the raging spite is really disturbing and clearly shows Tyerman to be a madman, and a very nasty madman at that.

"That maggot being Katherine Raue.
If it were not for the fact I feel intensely sad whenever a suicide happens,
I would urge Katherine Raue to hurry up and get it over with. " WHAT!?  Now I can see why Tyerman's brother committed suicide.  What a nasty, evil creep!
"Why on earth can she not be afforded the help she so desperatly requires, before the owners of the backpackers on High street Carterton have to deal with what for me seems like an inevitable end .  
Come on the powers that be. can we please gratiously, discretely and quickly give Katherine the help that even a layman can obviously see she needs. " What I need is for the Police and Tyerman to stop harassing me with this spiteful witch hunt.
"This has gone on so long that it is becoming a farce... and the egg on the face may well end up on our social system, and the police ... perhaps that is Katherines ultimate agenda.   By neverending December 9 2010, 2:29 am:   No, it's TYERMAN'S neverending agenda.   Bullies like Tyerman don't give up till the target of their deranged and vicious hatred are dead - Tyerman was involved in deliberately knocking me off my bicycle using a motor vehicle as a weapon - corrupt local police officers laugh about this and the evidence of witnesses to it, while tripping over themselves to issue me with a series of tickets for not wearing a cycle helmet and refusing to take any of my complaints about serious assaults, home invasion, etc.

Then there's this rubbish from Merlene Chambers which I won't even dignify with a response, the only purpose in putting it here is because it is a record of an attempt to pervert the course of justice, and evidence of Michael Appleby's unprofessional behaviour, Merlene is a sad old alcoholic, a thief and a liar - she was also involved in defrauding Diane White of $1000 (reward for a dog Diane White had acquired) together with local criminal Lenny Spowart.  Here's Merlene's effort on Julian Tyerman's site (they have since deleted most of these posts after I republished them here): 

"It must be frustrating being so clever and surrounded by a mob of slobs? Because you are very clever Katherine Raue, you understand innately the psychology of "apathy" and "complacency", and you do have a penetrating insight of human nature. And you are probably ahead of your times. You have been referred to as a "lightening rod" in Carterton, and i agree.

With the precision and meticulous attention to detail you scroll through your hit list and focus on who is next. The Court Room is your stage Katherine Raue, and the last ten years has seen you sharpen your skills as that of an apprentice. You don't need a lawyer, it's expensive getting justice, your a self contained woman Katherine Raue, you'll defend your self. Because you can, that is your destiny, it was written in the Celestial Heavens on the day you were born. You are a revolutionary.Your learning as you go, and of late the frustration you are experiencing is that of being surrounded by a pack of pathic complacent losers who do not fancy solving the ill's of the world and it gyrates you menacingly. Because that's your job, your good at it. You don't need anyone's help because you can do it yourself?. And you do. I totally respect you, and i admire the way you charge into the hornets nest and demand attention. I've never met a woman with steel balls before, but you cut the mustard. I cannot stand being in the same room as you. Your like an electrical substation, i guess you need to be when you are a lightening rod. There is an element of genius in your far sighted visionary thinking. I agree with you when you talk about an information centre with broadband access to everyone for free. The behaviour that is your Achilles Heal is your desire for revenge.
Merlene Shedlock December 10, 2010 3:51 PM"
I don't have a hit list or a desire for revenge.  I have a desire for justice and truth.
The Court is not my 'stage', I don't 'act', or demand attention, or initiate any of these Court proceedings.  I've never sought the limelight, Merlene performs onstage, I never have.  Back to Julian's nonsense:

"Katherine Raue .... with respect !

We hear the final hearing is on the 8th of December,
A date one surely must remember .
Standing room only ... so early one must be .
Bring a packed lunch .....
Im not sure if the courts provide tea.
Posted by neverending  
Wednesday December 1 2010 at 3:50 am

Katherine Raue....Kate Raue....any such name associated with Carterton or Transparency New Zealand

Katherine Raue continues with her one woman crusade to defame and ruin the lives of people.

People that rightfully so want nothing to do with her atagonstic / protagionistic shit.
It needs to be known.
Katherine Raue is the sort of person who will cause you harm, and would.
She recently assaulted probably the last person person to give her a roof over her head, simply because thats what Katherine Raue does."  What utter rubbish!  I have been the victim of assaults by local low life, and the police have protected the offenders, and accused the victim, as they have a history of doing, as in the violent drunken home invasion committed by Gary McPhee and his mate, and the attack by Michael Murphy and others on 11th February 2009.
"Katherine Raue never had anything much to do with the founders of the so called Transparency New Zealand. She caught on to the idea when once invited to a rally."  NOTE:  What rally?  Remember readers that this is a work of fiction.  I am the founder of Transparency in New Zealand, there was no "rally".  I founded the organisation after the arrest of Vince Seimer and Penny Bright at the AGM of Transparency International (NZ).  I was invited to meet with Vince and Penny in Wellington and we discussed the fact that that organisation was a sham, which has recently been confirmed with the findings of a global survey which revealed that 4% of respondents in New Zealand admit to having paid a bribe in the past year alone.  The implications of that news are "alarming" according to the National Business Review (10 December 2010) "Nearly three-quarters of New Zealanders (73%) felt corruption had increased in this country in the last three years and political parties were rated the most corrupt group, followed by Parliament and the private sector."
Referring to new UK anti-bribery legislation (see NBR, October 15), Mr Tan said it is illegal for New Zealand companies to pay overseas [is there a word missing from this sentence?] but there has never been a single prosecution for it."  says the article - the last sentence of the article is clearly flawed.  The day after the meeting I built the first website under the name Transparency in New Zealand and started putting information on it, and links to other sites.

"I have no affiliation to such,"  No, because nobody wants Tyerman affiliated to any of their groups, for obvious reasons. 

"I guess its a bit like inviting a friend to your party .... they bring a mate .... and then bugger off home, Leaving all and sundry to deal with her." Why Tyerman has decided it's his business to "deal with" me is beyond my comprehension, he should get a life and find something more constructive and meaningful to do.  He has no idea what he's talking about, this is pure and utter fiction.

"Katherine Raues delusional actions cause people harm."  Laughable, WHO Julian?  Come on, WHO?  Click the comment box below and tell us all exactly WHO.

"Katherine is clever enough to work a computer and malicious enough to steal images of people and place them on her site."  More delusional rubbish, anyone who believes I have "stolen" images is welcome to take Court action - they will get nowhere because I have not "stolen" anything!

"This has caused some incredibly talented people to suffer employment issues,"  People such as you perhaps Julian?  Georgina Beyer the Liar perhaps?  Disgraced Police Area Commanders like John Johnston and Rod Drew?  WHO?

"Avoid Katherine Raue at all costs.

I respectfully leave the reader of this to decide.

Kindest regards  - This is the work of a psychopathic hypocrite!

P.S This is my last post on Katherine Raue as Ive done the best I can .  (sic)

And this is the latest "work" of the amicus curiae, Bryan Yeoman:

Karen Friend
These are the pack of unemployed, homicidal maniacs who followed me out of the court last week screaming abuse and threats at me, witnessed by the Vicar of the local church.  People like Karen Friend, who spent over an hour following me in her car last Sunday (12 Dec2010) threatening me, filming me with her phone as I was minding my own business as usual, riding along on my bike, obstructing me with her car, abusing and threatening me.  She does it regularly.  

Karen Friend is the mother of unemployed methamphetamine addict and general waste of space  Wayne Friend.  More on the pack at this link, and the association to the matter of the South End School, through Karen Friend's best mate Dallas Powell, ex Deputy Principal of the school.  The Wairarapa has been like the Twilight Zone or something out of Deliverance or something, long before I ever came here.

Wayne Friend has moved into the house I was ordered by the Police and the Court to live in - after they opposed it recently and imprisoned me because of their opposition being so strong, he has recently moved most of my property out onto the road.  He and his unemployed, thieving, drug addicted mates are still using a lot of my things, which are still locked inside the house.  Other items of my property have been sold, given away and stolen by Friend and his mates.  

I was ordered to live at the address by the Court and the Police, then Wayne Friend moved in and shifted my things out, then I was ordered not to communicate with the owner of the property by the same corrupt officials, locked in prison because of alleged "concerns over your bail address" - a flimsy excuse for barbaric cruelty and monumental abuse of power.  Half my Court documents have been held at the Carterton Police station for months, unaccessible by me, and finally been dropped at the very address Police have been told to send my property, mail, etc, all along, the same address Police refused to return it to for months.

There were no grounds for the bail condition that I not contact Tim Reynolds orWayne Friend in any way, because I avoid all contact with weaselly Wayne Friend anyway, and need to communicate with Tim Reynolds regarding my property.  Tim Reynolds has only very recently been bribed or blackmailed by Police into making any sort of formal complaint.  His statements to Police (above) confirm that he didn't have a problem with communicating with me, or with me coming to the address., which is further confirmed by Constable Harvey Pope's statements (Pope Loses the Plot post) - "Raue still has a horse at the property which she is allowed to come and care for and ride".  A witness confirmed to Police that Wayne Friend refused to give us the saddle or bridle and Tim Reynolds arrived shortly after and also refused to hand over any of my property.

Police are causing the violence, suicide, etc, in the Wairarapa.  It was Police who told the lies to the South End School, and the Police told Wayne Friend that I "fiddled with [my] own little girl" and "stabbed someone before", and all the other rubbish.  The same police who kicked in the door of a 14 year old girl's bedroom recently and refuse to investigate hundreds of local child abuse allegations because they involve them and their mates.

Read the ravings of these tiny minded raving nutters, inspired by the likes of Georgina Beyer and Gary McPhee, encouraged by local corrupt Police and Court officials, paid for by YOU, the taxpayers of New Zealand.

Listen to the ravings too.  
Remember that Tim Reynolds the owner of the property, invited me there, in writing, to see what Wayne Friend's mates had stolen, Friend had only been living htere a couple of weeks after bullying me out.  Reynolds told Police he had invited me, and that I had only come to see what Friend's mates had stolen.  Wayne Friend was the cause of the problems as usual, Reynolds should have made sure he stayed out of the way while I checked the missing property, instead Friend aggressively confronted me on arrival, ordered me to leave - with no authority to do so, and assaulted me.  

The recording is clearly evidence of the attack on me.  It describes how Friend confronted me on arrival, ignoring the fact that I had been invited in writing by the owner and occupant of the house, Tim Reynolds, to see what Wayne Friend's friend and fellow P addict Rachel Taylor had stolen from my room.  Wayne Friend lies to Police, bleating about it being a home invasion, although he had only moved into one of the rooms in the house a couple of weeks earlier, after he had moved my belongings out (I'd lived there about a year and a half).  

On 29th August 2010 I received a message from Tim Reynolds saying "Wayne found Rachel Taylor in yor room when he got outta the shower on sat nite they have fight then she left had a bag with her sori wasn't there"  Rachel Taylor is well known as a local drug addict, a thief, and a police informer - and liar.  Kirsten Grenfell was having an affair with the owner of the property and persuaded him to evict me, which is when this trouble began.  
Kirsten Grenfell of Barnardos, and Rachel Taylor, unemployed P addict and Thief.

The following day on 30th August 2010 I received a text message from Tim Reynolds inviting me to the property to see what she had stolen.  When I got there Friend confronted me, ordered me to leave, and called Police, as per the recording embedded below.  In the recording it can be heard that Friend alleges I have stolen something of his, a general, unspecific allegation, and that I am assaulted and illegally detained (kidnapped) for some time.  I was hysterical because I had been punched in the head and had my backpack ripped from my grasp, which contained the only thing I'd had time to locate in my room, a little blue music box with a small blue glass bottle containing some of the ashes of my deceased brother, and these two men were continuing to assault me as they roughly rummaged through the backpack and I feared the bottle would fall on the concrete floor and smash.  My distress is entirely reasonable under the circumstances, Friend's ravings about a home invasion are not.  I simply wanted to check what was missing and take whatever I could fit in the backpack I'd brought.  Friend can be heard raving on about me having stabbed someone - complete and utter lies, and "she fiddled with her own daughter" - which is complete and utter lies of the worst possible kind.  These lies are coming from the Police, who boast of a policy of breaking the law, the same way recidivist violent offender Gary McPhee did when he committed a drunken violent home invasion and assault on the occupants of a local flat, for which the corrupt local police never charged him or his accomplice.  The occupant of the flat had just got out of hospital the day before after having a stroke, it was an appalling attack!  Like the attack on me in my home by Michael Murphy on 11th February 2009 - starting to see the pattern yet, corrupt Police refuse to charge the attackers in each case, and charge the victims instead.

Friend then sent me a text message from his phone (027 270 5152) on 4 September 2010 saying "Tim has given me full control of the property you have 1 week to sort a place for your house stuff or the cops have a shed i CAN put it in :)dr feelgood :)"

I contacted the Police immediately.  I had lived and paid rent at the property for a year and a half, Friend had illegally evicted me and let his friends steal my belongings and was now preventing me accessing them.  I had also been bailed to live at the address by the Court and Police.  I asked that Police make sure that my property was not touched until I had a chance to check what had been taken by Taylor.  

On 4th September I went to the Carterton Police station to make a formal complaint about the assault and kidnapping on 30th August, and other assaults by Wayne Friend and his mates at the property.  I was immediately assaulted by Constable Paul Dallinger, a nasty sadistic corrupt creep.  The front door of the station was locked when I arrived, Dallinger was sitting inside with his feet up having a cigarette, and only opened the door after I rang the police communication centre and asked them to tell him to open the door.  

He immediately assaulted me and handcuffed me, mocking my attempts to have my complaints taken.  The assault continued for about 20 minutes outside the Police station and on the road, and was witnessed by a number of shocked locals.  He transported me to the Masterton Police station, where I was tormented and assaulted for the next several hours.  I requested all CCTV footage in writing on the bail bond I was asked to sign upon eventual release, and verbally at that time, and in writing again the following day in a letter to Senior Sergeant Murray Johnston who I have been told to deal with.  His letters saying all the footage has been corruptly deleted will be posted today.  In spite of his promises that my property wouldn't be touched until the matters were sorted out - I had been ordered to live at the address by the Police and the Court shortly after Police and the Court had imprisoned me after opposing the same address because of alleged fears of violence at the address - my belongings were thrown out onto the road by Friend shortly before Christmas.

The name of the woman in the picture below is Kirsten Grenfell of Upper Hutt, New Zealand.  She works for Barnardoes, and they should have sacked her years ago!  She hangs out with methamphetamine addicts and criminals in her spare time, and causes a considerable amount of domestic violence, which is so ironic given that she sucks up so much of our money working for an organisation that purports to be against domestic violence.  The Manager of Barnardoes, Murray Edridge, covers up for her and ensures she keeps her job, he should be sacked too.  Here she is inciting more trouble, and more pictures of Kirsten Grenfell will be up soon:

If that doesn't work, try this link to Wayne the Weasel - which is clear and indisputable evidence of kidnapping and assault on me by Reynolds and Friend, and this one to The Great Bike Theft, which clearly and indisputably evidences the fact that Constable Pope and EX Constable Dallinger were NOT acting in the execution of their duty because Mr Reynolds had made it perfectly clear to Police that he did not want to make a complaint!  Here's what Friend and his mates are doing to my property as well as stealing it!  - Police refused to do anything about this other than advise Reynolds and Friend to get rid of the evidence of their cowardly, destructive violence and vandalism!:

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