"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Noel Sainsbury, legal aid lawyer, who is he REALLY acting for?:

I had to apply for legal aid regarding the current corruptly laid charges against me and was recently assigned lawyer Noel Sainsbury.  I received the following letter from him in April 2010, following the illegal imprisonment in February, which resulted from the corrupt Masterton Court blatantly refusing to follow the directions given by Judge Behrens on 8th December 2009 regarding the two separate indictments for the counts of Escaping from Custody and perverting the Course of Justice, which Judge Behrens ordered be combined in the one count.  Police and corrupt Court staff were trying to separate the Counts because they believed they had a better chance of perverting the course of justice by doing so.

Legal aid initially assigned lawyer Ken Daniels, who was instructed immediately to write to police and obtain a copy of the audio recording of the call to 111 regarding the attack on me on 11th February by the Crown witness in this matter Michael Murphy.  Murphy came to my home and attacked me on that date and Police have corruptly tried to make out that I am the offender instead of the victim of a serious attack.

I was illegally imprisoned on 22nd and 23rd February 2010 because of a warrant issued illegally in the Masterton Court as a result of a corrupt conspiracy between Court Registry officer Liz Harlpeton and her boyfriend Police Prosecutor Gary Wilson, and false information given to me by amicus curiae Bryan Yeoman.  I was also robbed of over $100 while at the prison, which has still not been returned to me.  I'd earlier received a letter from Amicus Curiae confirming that Legal Services had refused me another lawyer, but magically, all of a sudden, here's Mr Sainsbury - the question is, who is he really acting for?

Suddenly, after I requested the court file to find out who was responsible for the illegal imprisonment and theft, I was informed that Legal Services had changed their mind and Sainsbury was appointed.  He didn't show up at Court, and sent a representative, Miss Lucy Scott.  I told Miss Scott that I had been illegally imprisoned and robbed at the prison and that I needed my money returned immediately, she laughed and said I obviously didn't understand what it was that the firm had been assigned to do.  

I said to her that I wanted access to the Court file, she said that wouldn't be allowed access to it, that's why a lawyer had been appointed.  

I said that I wanted my money back from the prison, she said I'd have to go to the prison and sort it out myself.  

I told her that I have a bicycle and live in Carterton and had no money to even get home.  She laughed and said it wasn't her problem, so did the corrupt amicus curiae who was also involved in the discussion and was responsible for the theft and imprisonment in the first place.  Their blatant, sadistic, ridicule and contempt matched that demonstrated by other corrupt lawyers like Louise Sziryani, etc.

I told her that these matters were a continuation of the corrupt, politically motivated campaign against me by local police, which started when I raised concerns about the fraud and malfeasance at the Carterton Community Centre.

I instructed Miss Lucy Scott clearly and repeatedly to request the audio recording of the phone call to Police (through 111 emergency services) which was made by the two women who intervened in the attack with their dog, and to pass on that instruction to Noel Sainsbury and myself.  That call is evidence that the Police are Perverting the Course of Justice, NOT me!  Noel Sainsbury has pocketed a whole lot of legal aid money while refusing to request that information (and other specified information) as he was instructed to do!

The New Zealand Courts are nothing but a big trough, overflowing with the nmoney of honest Kiwi mums and dads - taxpayer's money - where greedy lawyers and amicus curiae stuff themselves till they can hardly waddle (like Louise Sziryani) through the doors of the Courts, they don't operate in the interests of justice, they operate to line the pockets of the Court staff and the lawyers who work there, and the corrupt police officers who supply them with the never ending supply of fodder in the form of innocent people like me.  

NZ has the highest rates of suicide in the world because we have such a high level of corruption.  I've never received a copy of the Court file, or the recording of the call from the two women who intervened in the attack and recorded Michael Murphy screaming "Get our of the way and I'll smash the door down" as he attacked me in a frenzy of deluded rage.
One lawyer after another has been involved in these matters but they all stop short of actually filing proceedings in the Court against the NZ Police and IPCA as I instruct them to do!  Legal aid changes implemented by the National government removed access to justice for many New Zealanders.  Here's the email recently received from a lawyer who was asked to assist to help stop this sadistic corruption:
"In respect of complaining about the IPCA, there is no process I know of short of the High Court in litigation.
However a new Authority is about to be appointed Sir David Carruthers previously Parole Board Chairperson, and before that Chief District Court Judge.  (sic)
You could complain to him that his staff have not done their job, as a new broom he might be interested. 
Other matters
Given . . .  changes in Legal Aid funding I should advise you I am not going to be able to take your case on legal aid. 
I have been doing criminal legal aid files for some time, but with the introduction of fixed fees and the associated administrative burden now required for legal aid, in order to make a living I am forced to reduce the amount of legal aid cases I can do.
Partly as  result of this tightening in the year ended March 2011 , i.e. 12 months ago and that I had my worst year ever earning less than the average wage, $50,000, as a result I have been forced me to reconsider the number of cases on legal aid I can take. 
In the civil area, where your case falls, the paperwork required from the Legal Services Agency is onerous.
It is does not surprise me that of 4000 lawyers willing to take legal aid prior to 31 December 2011 now only about 2000 will.
I regret given the time delay and still not having all your files,  and the new legal aid regime that trying to take on your case requires more time than I have. 
Regrettably the payment offered form civil legal aid (which you of course are likely to be required to repay) does not provide a fair reward for work done.
Whilst I do not like to reduce the decision to a financial one, I regret having to be more selective in taking legal aid cases, and have turned down 10 in the last month, your potential case is not even ready to be considered and in addition to financial considerations I regret I don't have the time.
I will return your files.
Tony Ellis."

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