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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Confirmation of ongoing corrupt prejudice and bias by Wairarapa police.

This letter from a lawyer dated 25 July 2007, says (p2, para2) "It was always apparent from an early stage that for whatever reason you were a 'lightning rod' for police attention in Carterton.  This was, in my view, most unfair to you, and unwarranted police attention resulted in unnecessary charges being laid."  I do not agree with all the statements in this letter, but I certainly agree with that one.

I shoplifted once about 30 years ago after I listened to a friend who said it would be a good idea, and stole a pot plant from someone's verandah at about the same time.  I learned my lesson and didn't break the law again for 30 years.  And then I ended up in Carterton, where the corrupt local police get their kicks tormenting law abiding people while they let criminals get away with blatant crimes such as the drunken home invasion committed by recidivist violent offender Gary Hamilton McPhee (half way down the page at that link).  I discovered how the media corruptly portray decent people as criminals while they promote their favorite political candidates for personal gain.

McPhee boasted about his despicable attack in the pathetic little police propaganda publication the local Wairarapa Times-Age, under the headline "Exclusive: WHY I DID WHAT I DID" which lauded him as a hero and promoted the lie that the victims had "asked for it", describing them as "criminals and troublemakers" - exactly the same way PC Cunningham tried to make out that I had "asked for it" regarding the attack by Michael Murphy on 11 February 2009, which McPhee helped plan, and which resulted in the equally despicable letter from the Board of Trustees of the South End School, not to mention the current corruptly laid charge of perverting the course of justice.

After I was punched in the face by the chairman of the committee of the Carterton Community Centre (which mainly consisted of members of the Carterton District Council, I couldn't believe that the police insisted on letting him off with diversion in spite of the fact that it was the second time he'd assaulted me in a week.

Wairarapa Police have corruptly conspired with Masterton Court staff to pervert the course of justice repeatedly for many years now and it is time for a full and transparent inquiry.  Systemic failures in the Wairarapa Police have been well documented for years - the website of the Masterton Library has a link to Newspaper searches.  Search 'Wairarapa Police' (sort set to latest to earliest, try Masterton police or just police) and you will see that systemic failures have been reported regularly since the library began keeping records.  (Other interesting keywords to search this database are Crime, Suicide, Georgina Beyer, Gary McPhee, etc.)  I'm not perverting the course of justice, the police are, and have been for years, assisted by Police Prosecutor Gary Wilson's de facto partner, Deputy Registrar of the Masterton Court Liz Harpleton, and their corrupt mates.

Here's a link to part one of a report by the IPCA into systemic failures within the NZ police with particular regard to uninvestigated child abuse allegations, and the manner such investigations are carried out in general.

After coming to Carterton I was elected to the committee of the Carterton Community Centre as Secretary and Finance Officer by the members of the incorporated society and asked to investigate allegations of fraud and mismanagement which were obviously well founded, and are supported by letters from several lawyers and the evidence itself, such as the financial reports, Minutes book, etc.  I discovered a number of large number of payments being made to individuals and recorded as personal grievance payments, or miscellaneous, although the payments were purely arbitrary and the matters were not subject to Employment Tribunal judgements or any other legal process, and in fact, had been made against specific legal advice.

This is the transcript of a letter from Masterton lawyer Ivan Young-Gough to fellow lawyer Ainslie Hewton regarding these matters:  Ainslie Hewton had agreed to represent me in an claim to the Employment Tribunal of unjustified dismissal, etc, and Ivan Young Gough offered his assistance accordingly, after confirming to me that he had specifically advised the committee of the Carterton Community Centre, including current Deputy Mayor Elaine Brazendale and several Carterton District Councillors, not to make the payments, which was the reason for the Bill of Costs referred to in the last paragraph.  Ainslie Hewton kept my initial contribution payment for legal aid - and then never even submitted my application for legal aid!  Ainslie Hewton was also instrumental in corruptly denying me access to the local Community Law Centre:


Dear Kamil,

As discussed with Kate and yourself I said I would get back to you with my view of the issues arising from her relationship with the Carterton Community Centre (CCC).

I note that Kate already has a personal grievance underway with Gawith & Co, arising from a previous employment relationship.  I do not believe it would be helpful for her cases by having three lawyers working for her.  I also hold the view that the personal grievance arising from her employment at the CCC is too closely associated with the other issues that arise and that the wisest course is to confine the matters to one lawyer.  

The issues as I see them are as follows:

  • personal grievance for unjustifiable disadvantage before her dismissal (or lock out);
  • personal grievance for unjustifiable dismissal (good arguments on substantive and procedural grounds;
  • arising from the above there seems to be holiday pay owing (I am not sure what notice provisions there were, if any;
  • a second complaint to the Police arising from an alleged assault the day before the one that went to Court;
  • A complaint to the Police concerning the granting of diversion for an assault causing actual bodily harm (broken teeth) and the manner in which that outcome was arrived at by the Police;
  • A claim for ACC cover and entitlements;
  • A civil claim for restitution/reparation for the costs of treatment and associated matters arising from both assaults;
  • Civil action against the person who assaulted Kate if this is possible; and civil action against the CCC and the individual members if they nave acted ultra vires (which seems to be the case)

From past experience I doubt if the CCC itself has much in the way of assets.  I doubt whether most of the individuals concerned have much either.

I would be happy to assist, advise or provide whatever I can to progress Kate’s claims.  I believe there needs to be a pragmatic approach, and that any proceedings unlikely to succeed or achieve much for the effort expended should be ditched.  The rest needs to be prioritised and set down in some sort of plan/strategy.

Finally, Kate has asked me about a Notice of Costs the CCC paid to me sometime last year.  As she is no longer employed in the position she held I cannot assist.  This could possibly be obtained by disclosure.

Give me a call if you want any help; leave a message if I am out or unavailable.

Yours sincerely,

Ivan S. Young-Gough, lawyer


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