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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Friday, December 3, 2010

Shame on Emily Brown and Rod O'Leary - corrupt LIARS:

Over a year ago Police went to South End School and told the Board of Trustees that they had charged me with child abuse, regarding the lies cooked up by Tracy Feast of 14 Wyndham St Carterton, and Michael Francis Murphy of 18 Wyndham St Carterton, the gutless wonder who came to my home and attacked me, and lied to a local woman so that she would attack me too.  This attack was a result of the local police policy of 'sharing information with community organisations'.

The problem is that these organisations are staffed by corrupt and uneducated people with and common sense or professional qualifications.  The most outrageous of the statements in Diane Swan's correspondence (below) is highlighted in yellow, it alleges that I told the school I'd been charged by police with "an offence involving a child".  What utterly corrupt lies!  This is exactly why Wairarapa has the highest rates of suicide in the world - just look at the blatant arrogance and corruption!

Click on the link and read the letter from the Board of Trustees, you'll see that it makes no mention of any meeting, as Swan alleges it does.  That's because there was no meeting with O'Leary and I prior to me receiving the letter from the Board sacking me, the only meeting was between corrupt police and O'Leary.

I asked local South End School Board of Trustees member Emily Brown, who recently left her husband to shack up with George Smith, to please pass on my request to meet with the Board to discuss these matters, as the continuing situation was causing me great harm.

Emily Brown had the cheek to turn up at the home of a friend of mine who had written one of the letters of complaint to the school referred to in the correspondence below (which the school tried to deny it had received until confronted with the evidence in the form of one of the letters), and in front of my friend Emily Brown said that she was concerned about my mental state and had contacted Police and mental health services.

Emily Brown's mother and brother committed suicide, and I can certainly see why now - what a bitch!  I use that word because the school secretary was recently found to have called a young female student, aged about 9 or 10, a "lying bitch", she said to the girl, in front of witnesses "You're a lying little bitch."

Emily Brown knows perfectly well that I haven't ever been charged with an offence involving a child, and that a meeting with the Board is the least I am entitled to.  She knows perfectly well there was no need to contact police or mental health, she is a manipulative liar!  She had no right to come to my friends home and slander me in front of my friend with her manipulative lies and her false, hypocritical "concern"!  People like Emily Brown shouldn't be on Boards of Trustees, she is an adulterous liar.  Emily Brown needs a psychiatric report far more than I do!  The Board of Trustees needs investigating.  Here is the correspondence:

18 February 2010

Dear Ms Raue I refer to our phone conversation on 9 February 2010, a message you left on our 0800 number on the same day, and your email of 10 February 2010 in which you provided a copy of your request for information to the South End School. Thank you for providing this information. Under principle 6 of the Privacy Act you are entitled to request, and have access to, personal information held by an agency. This right is not absolute and an agency can withhold information under sections 27-29 of the Privacy Act. I should also point out that 'personal information' under the Privacy Act is defined as information about an identifiable individual. So long as you are identified by the information, or it relates to you, then this is covered by the Act. You requested information about the garden at South End School. Unless this information identifies you in some way, it will not be your personal information so you will not be entitled to this information under thePrivacy Act. I have contacted the School about your requests for information and have also asked it about information it appears to have received from the Police about you. I will be in further contact as soon as I receive the School's response.  Regards

25th March 2010
Dear Ms Raue
I refer to previous correspondence concerning your complaint that the South End School has not provided you with personal information as requested. I have now had a response from the School. It advises that the only personal information it holds about you comprises emails you have sent; a supporting letter the principal Rod O'Leary wrote on your behalf on 9 November 2006; a letter from the Board of Trustees dated 25 March 2009 explaining its concern over an incident; and a copy of an incident report sent to Carterton Police on 5 February 2010. As you sent the emails to the School you will have copies already. You also have a copy of the Board of Trustees letter as you have provided us with a copy. The School says that you also have a copy of the supporting letter and received a copy of its complaint (or incident report) to the Police during the court process. As such, it does not have to provide this information to you again. If you have not received this information please let me know. As I have told you previously, you are not entitled to information about the school garden under the Privacy Act as this is not 'personal information' for the purposes of the Act. The School has also told me that it did not collect any information about you from the Police.  I understand you had a meeting with Mr O'Leary at which you told him about being charged by the Police, and which is also referred to in the Board of Trustees letter. As you disclosed this information to the School, and it did not collect any further information gathered from Police, there is no privacy issue for us to investigate. You are welcome to provide your comments which I would appreciate receiving by 9 April.  Regards
Diane Swan
Office of the Privacy Commissioner

31st March 2010 - 14:38
Dear Ms Raue
I refer to your email below and one sent on 30 March. I will contact the school about the complaints or letters from parents you refer to. In terms of the meeting which you allege did not take place, I refer you to an email you sent to the school on 3 September 2009 in which you said: "I met with the principal Rod O'Leary, and told him that the allegation that I had been charged with any offence involving a child was untrue". Your comment that there was no such meeting is either incorrect or you have forgotten that meeting took place. It also appears that you did disclose information to Mr O'Leary during this meeting. If you require information urgently for a court hearing, you should be using the court discovery process. Under court rules each party to a proceeding is required to discover the existence of documents to every other party. This is done using a discovery order. If this information is required for a court hearing, you should ask your lawyer, or the court, about getting a discovery order. We cannot help you in this regard. I will be in further contact in due course.
Regards Dawn Swan | Team Leader, Investigations (Wellington) | Office of the Privacy Commissioner

31st March 2010 - 12:13
The school is deliberately withholding information, and the principal is lying if he caused you to "understand" any such thing.There have been a number of written and verbal complaints from parents who support me regarding the actions of the staff and letter from the BoT regarding me, and the request for copies of these complaints is well overdue.Where are the dated notes of this alleged meeting at which the principal alleges I told him this rubbish?  This claim is an outright lie and O'Leary knows it, so does the deputy principal, who came to my home and told me that I would be getting the letter because of discussions at a Board meeting which were recorded in the staff representatives notes of the meeting, which is how the DP found out about it.I request those notes also, immediately, and sworn statements from the DP and the staff rep.The information is urgently required to prepare for Court hearings.
Katherine Raue

4th April 2010 - 10:14
O'Leary is lying deliberately, and you are deliberately misinterpreting the facts.The only meeting was AFTER the Deputy Principal XXXXX came and told me that McPhee and the police had told O'Leary and Kennedy that I'd been charged, I told the DP and O'Leary I HADN"T, in response to the false allegation in the letter, and any meeting occurred AFTER I received the letter.
O'Leary is deliberately lying in trying to make out that I ever told him I had been charged.

4th April 2010 - 10:22
URGENT:Whether or not I may be able to access information through the Court discovery process, I am entitled to the information under the Privacy Act and expect to receive it immediately, IN PARTICULAR ALL THE LETTERS FROM PARENTS TO THE SCHOOL IN PROTEST ABOUT THE ACTIONS OF KENNEDY, POWELL. O’LEARY AND 'WHAIA MICHELLE'.
The refusal of the school to acknowledge the many complaints from parents who support the work I did is an attempt to pervert the course of justice, it is corrupt deceit, the attempt by Diane Swan to manipulate the facts is pitiful, and I request that she is immediately relieved of further involvement in this "investigation" immediately and the Ombudsmen commence a proper investigation immediately.I made a serious allegation of child abuse and it has proven to be well founded and still not investigated, this matter is urgent.  There was no meeting until AFTER I received the letter containing the allegation, Diane Swan, Kennedy, O'Leary, XXXXX, all know that perfectly well and are attempting to pervert the course of justice.
Kate Raue

8 May 2010 14:12
Diane Swan:
I have told you repeatedly that the meeting was AFTER I received the letter, and all the evidence makes this perfectly clear.
I don't have copies of the emails you refer to, because they were sent from another computer, and have been deleted from that computer without being saved.  Please provide ALL INFORMATION, as requested, including these emails, particularly the one which you refer to in your email, dated 3rd September 2009, IMMEDIATELY.  Please print all the emails out and post to 1 Brooklyn Road Carterton.
I have told you repeatedly the details of the matter in chronological order:
I received a visit from the DP Dallas Powell informing me of the notes of the Board meeting and her discussion with the staff representative who attended the meeting.
I told Dallas Powell the allegation was untrue and requested a meeting with the Board and staff.
Then I received the letter from the Board.
AFTER receiving the letter from the Board I went to the school and met with O'Leary and told him that the allegation was untrue.
He told me that he had been told by the Police and Mayor McPhee about the allegation.
I consider that your email is an attempt to pervert the course of justice, you now perfectly well that the only meeting was AFTER I received the letter
I repeat my request that a detailed statement be taken from the former Deputy Principal of the South End School, Dallas Powell , from whom I requested a copy of the notes of staff representative when Powell told me that she had seen them, regarding this matter, confirming that:
Dallas Powell met with me prior to me receiving the letter.
Dallas Powell told me at this meeting that she had seen the notes made by the staff rep of the BoT meeting at which the allegation had been discussed.
I requested a copy of the notes.
I told her the allegation was not true, and told her that I hoped I would not receive such a letter.
I received the letter.
I then requested a meeting with O'Leary and at that meeting told him that the allegation was untrue, as I had previously told  the DP .
Provide the emails and the letters from the parents immediately, and stop lying about the meeting taking place prior to me receiving the letter - you know perfectly well it didn't!

Katherine Raue

14 May 2010 11:27
To The Privacy Commissioner, Ombudsmen and Diane Swan's supervisor/manager:
Formal Complaint:
Regarding the orchestrated litany of lies regarding my complaints about the South End School.
I insist that you copy the numbered, chronological account of events listed in my email to your office, which refers to the conversation with the deputy principal after xxx initiated communication about the matter by telling me about the staff representative's notes, and Dallas Powell conversation with the staff representative to the BoT, and the principal, and ask Dallas Powell to confirm or deny each numbered point -immediately - this matter involves the safety of children and it is completely unacceptable that Diane Swan is deliberately lying, and deliberately delaying and hindering this investigation - she should have sought this information from Powell when she was first asked to do so A YEAR AGO.  Swan knows perfecty well that O'Leary is deliberately lying,

O'Leary is lying about any meeting with me prior to the writing of the letter, and by concealing the many written complaints from parents about the way he and the Board have treated me, and denying the existence of these complaints and the staff reps notes of the meeting at which it was decided to write the letter - provide this information WITHOUT FURTHER DELAY.
Kate Raue
Friends of the Carterton Community Centre
Transparency in New Zealand

Further to my previous email -  The Deputy Principal’s email is: "[withheld for privacy reasons - but not for long!]" hurry up and obtain a written response from Dallas Powell to my account of events.
Katherine Raue

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