"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Kirsten Grenfell of Barnardos:

Wayne Friend, Kirsten Grenfell, Rachel Taylor

9th August 2010.

Court tomorrow (more corruptly laid charges), it's about 2 degrees outside at the moment, a howling southerly and sleet.  I have nowhere to live and cannot access my belongings, including warm clothes, documents I need for Court, etc, because of this so called "charity worker", Kirsten Grenfell, who 'works' for Barnardos.

Kirsten Grenfell rang up my friend and the owner of the property where I live (Tim Reynolds) the other night, told him a pack of lies and threats, including that she was going to send her mates, the cops and the president of the Upper Hutt Mongrel Mob, round to "deal to me", and ordered that he evict me.  Then she asked to speak to me, the cheeky, troublemaking tart.  I said I didn't want to speak to her.

This matter began when Kirsten decided to send an email gossiping about me through Barnardos email system, under the heading "This is a Taita community initiative", and she has been causing trouble and domestic violence in the Wairarapa ever since she started having an affair with my partner, and it's time we looked at how our donations to charity and taxes are really spent, and what the cause of the social problems in the Wairarapa really are.  It's not what you know, it's who you know.  Grenfell's been earmarked as a political stooge, like her boss, Murray Edridge, Paula Bennet's lackey for the Green Paper on vulnerable children - Grenfell and Edridge EXPLOIT vulnerable children for their own profit - nothing is more obscene!

Kirsten Grenfell arranged for her mate Wayne Friend to shift in and threaten and assault me every time I go home.  He and his mother are best mates with Michael Murphy, who attacked me at Brooklyn Road on 11th February 2009 and is conspiring to pervert the course of justice.  Not content with evicting me into the freezing cold and taking possession of my property and making sure I can't access any of it, she incited him to report his bicycle stolen - we lived miles from anywhere, Reynolds told me to leave, my bicycle had a puncture, Reynolds routinely allowed me to borrow his, he had about a dozen cars registered and warranted and has never ridden his bicycle once anyway, and after he asked me to leave I just wanted to comply with his request.  He mentioned it as an afterthought, and confirmed that I complied with his instruction to leave promptly, and that he didn't want to make a formal complaint regarding the matter.

On the basis of that feeble call to 111 - for which both Reynolds AND the call taker should be charged forthwith with Wasting Police Time - Police kicked in the bedroom door of a 14 year old girl to assault me in front of her, handcuff me, bash my head into a door frame, lock me up in handcuffs in a cell for a few hours - for nothing - for riding down the pavement on a Sunday afternoon, minding my own business.  I wasn't charged with stealing the bicycle - because it WASN'T stolen - and there has been NO formal complaint that it has!  All because of Kirsten Grenfell of Barnardos and her little games.

Constables Dallinger and Pope charged me with swearing at the police after they bullied and harassed me instead of getting on with what they're paid to do.  Wairarapa police are wasting taxpayers money persecuting decent, innocent people and this is quite possible why Wairarapa has such high rates of crime and suicide, because the police waste their time bullying me instead of solving the hundreds of uninvestigated child abuse cases.

I am homeless, freezing, often hungry, and disgusted that so-called charity workers, like overpaid troublemaker Kirsten Grenfell have got their snouts in the trough of donations to charity and taxpayer funding to spend their time sending gossip about me through Barnardos email with the intention of causing a great deal of domestic disharmony and violence.  Intentionally and deliberately.  As Kirsten put information on the internet about me, I'm going to put it on there about her, because I have been contacted by several other women who have suffered domestic violence because of her nasty troublemaking by chance, and suspect there are others.  Kirsten used to work in a chemist shop before being sought out by Barnardos or so she tells everyone, I think she's better suited to that than anything involving families.  Too many people like her get their snouts in the trough through charity organisations.

The Carterton Community Centre was wound up because the people who took it over by punching the Secretary/Treasurer in the face and changing the locks to cover up the fraud going on there involving Carterton District Councillors, told the High Court that the reason for winding it up was that "due to a change in the way the government is delivering social services there is no longer a need for a community centre in Carterton."  What rubbish!

Changes in government policy have delivered power to people like Kirsten Grenfell and her managers - people like Murray Edridge, Paula Bennet's "Green Paper" Puppet (who condones her actions in a short email saying "Kirsten denies your allegations" - which is why I'm putting her email, etc for all to see - which part of this does she deny?) and local bully Tere Torea (more about him soon).  The same people involved in the fraud at the Community Centre have just gone on to waste money and rip off other organisations and their clients, it's absolutely rife in the Wairarapa - the Secretary and Treasurer of the local A&P society just defrauded them of about $50,000 because he was involved in not one but three internet scams.  And this is after I've been going on about the fraud at the Community Centre for ten years - they still think I'm the criminal element in Carterton and Gary McPhee and Georgina Beyer are fine upstanding role models in the community.  Kirsten Grenfell likes people to think butter wouldn't melt in her mouth and she's a caring community minded person.

Kirsten works for Barnardos, she had a little fling with my friend for a few months last year, to indulge her little fireman fantasy.

She got bored and dumped him, sending him texts saying:

1.  Hi Xxx the flowers were nice thought and offer of tea, thank you.  I need to finish  things between us, please just respect my wishes.  I hope you will chase your dreams but    

2.  please don’t text me etc., sorry it hurts I know.  Thanks for everything, and your kindness to ruby.  Take care of yourself, Goodbye, Kirsten

3.  Thanks for being big about this, I know that hard and takes a lot to do - I thank you.  Please don’t try to hold on or give me space and try again, it won’t work.  May luv, light and peace be yours x

After she dumped him to go back to her old boyfriend Dave, who it sounds suspiciously like she was cheating on in the first place, I moved in, and my friend and I enjoyed a happy life together until my friend's phone went on the blink and he asked me if he could put his sim card into my phone to check his messages.  It seems the messages were held in the memory of my phone after he removed his sim card, because I found the messages above, and a more recent one saying:

"Got a punch in the gob from Dave's ex, but the cops are going to deal to her ha ha"

Then checking our emails found this:

From: Kirsten Grenfell
Date: Wed, Aug 19, 2009 at 1:06 PM
Subject: The Tim report
To: Mr X

Hey Xxxxx

Hows it going mate!  Ran into Tim the other day at the mall, had a chat and a cuppa as you do….

Anyway your name came up and I gave him the hard word about getting an email address and keeping in touch etc.  and he actually has one!

He did ask me though what happened to all the emails that got sent - did they go to everyone's computer?! (yeah, I said, you just have to scroll down and find the ones from your mates) classic…. I told him it was all good, only you would get it :-)  But I wouldn’t hold your breath!

So, as he doesn’t have a PC at home and the whole deal is a bit daunting for him, he wants me to wish you a

Happy Birthday for the 26th!!!

and to tell you that he's going to Aussie soon for Guy's 50th and that you should meet him there!  sorry I don’t know many details…

Otherwise he is all good, Kate has moved in apparently, Tim is saving hard and likes the extra dosh he is getting from his job now that he moves around the different stations.

Hope you are well and happy Xxxxx and I wish you a wonderful day on the 26th too!  Go hard!

Ok, tarrah, I will text Tim and tell him to get his butt down to an internet site sometime to see if he has mail from you.

Take care,


A Taita community initiative
held by Barnardos NZ

Kirsten Grenfell
Ph: 04 567 KIDS (567 5437)

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A Taita Community initiative indeed!  We had a pc, had the internet, and were in regular contact with our friend ourselves, my flatmate told me he didn't tell her we didn't have a pc at home at home at all!  Every woman I've spoken to thinks it's out of order to dump someone like that and say don't text me etc, then take over "the Tim report" to all his mates, saying "Kate's moved in apparently," etc.  If you dump someone and another woman moves in, keep out and mind your own business and don't email their mates with the news about them.  Furthermore, she hardly knew our friend.

The thing is, she knew I went round there every night for dinner before she began her little fling, and had been more than just a friend.  I was good about it when she came along, I didn't go over for dinner every night, but picked them up from the pub and drove them home sober after they'd been drinking and anything else I could do for my friend and her.  She was polite but not friendly toward me, and made the odd comment such as "I have to remember not to speak Maori in front of you people" - you people?  I asked why she had to try and not speak Maori in front of "us people", having established that she meant us in the Wairarapa as opposed to her other friends.  She said "Because you wouldn't understand."  What a cheeky, arrogant, ignorant tart!

She works for Barnardos, a so called Christian organisation which offer domestic violence courses, she rang up here the other night and threatened to send her mates in the Mongrel mob round to deal to me.  The so called "news" report at this link is an example of her half witted idea and her self promotion, this pathetic "initiative" is typical of her "community works" - people want to be empowered themselves, not rely on her, this idea is ridiculous and a complete waste of time and money.  Many so called 'charity workers' are paid far too much money for providing 'services' that are of questionable value to their 'clients' compared with other viable alternatives that actually meet the real needs of their 'clients'.  Media journalists promote their favorite 'charity workers' and their initiatives, we've got a few of them over here.  What is this videophone worth and  how accessible is it really?  My hearing is impaired so I send faxes - we don't need this 'initiative' - it's a waste of money!  Apparently we're paying for the interpreter as well as Kirsten Grenfell to make all this happen, because although Kirsten tells us she's fluent in te reo, she doesn't do sign language.

Barnardos will send her on lots of courses to learn it though.  She spends her time filling in funding applications for things like this, going on team building exercises, etc, and talking about the things she's going to do if she gets the funding.  This is how your donations to Barnardos are spent - enriching Kirsten Grenfells life.  Round here we just do it whether we get the funding or not, Grenfell won't do it unless she gets paid handsomely for her "efforts".

After she'd dumped him, and after she'd sent the emails, she came over one night and slept with him again, then started texting him every night which led to a negative change in his behaviour toward me.  I glanced at his phone on the table one night when it lit up with the message saying "Dave's working tonight, doing security at Johnsonville, want to come over?"  Another said "Just got a smack in the gob from Dave's ex".  - No wonder she got a "smack in the gob" - she richly deserves it!

I emailed her and told her what I thought of her for sending my friend an email about me headed up "This is a Taita Community Initiative for Barnardos", discussing my private and personal living arrangements and appointing herself in charge of "The Tim report" and making up excuses to contact our friends - and so would most of the women I know - what a cheek!.  She denied sending it - the LIAR!  - The EVIDENCE of it is there in black and white!

She knew I'd moved in, she'd sent him emails saying "Don't text me" etc, and she should have minded her own business.  My flatmate complained that she wouldn't introduce him to any of her friends during the time they went out, but she wanted to take over the Tim Report after she knew I'd moved in, through the Barnardos email, with "this is a Taita Community initiative all over it!"

She hadn't felt comfortable sneaking over to sleep with my friend while her partner was working while I was there, and convinced him that if he got rid of me she's resume the affair.  He got ever so excited at the thought.  She also said she was going to get her mates in the Mongrel Mob to come and "deal to me".

Because of these threats about the Mongrel Mob, he immediately went out and bought some big locks and chains and put them on the gate evicted me, and abused me for upsetting her.  Kirsten Grenfell is just a dishonest trouble maker and a slapper of the lowest order, who associates with methamphetamine dealers and thieves.  If CYFS saw where she takes her daughter they would remove the child from Grenfell's "care" on the spot.
Karen Friend

Dallas Powell
This is Wayne Friend's mother Karen Friend who plays a key role in the matter of the South End School.  She's best mates with Michael Murphy.  She's also a local drug dealer, like her son, who is a methamphetamine addict. 

She's also best mates with the corrupt local police and local drunken bully, corruptly elected Mayor, Gary McPhee.  She often runs the bar at the Seven Day Club, McPhee's popularity has waned somewhat, even there I'm told.  Ex Deputy Principal of the South End School Dallas Powell has also been pressuring and blackmailing my friend to get rid of me because she comes out there to smoke dope where her own neighbours won't smell it and her son won't see, and because she feels I put her in a difficult position regarding the allegation of child abuse from the South End School, this is how the Wairarapa works.

Michael Murphy sent me text messages about five days before he came to my home and attacked me saying "I'm at your house with the cops and Gary McPhee" and "You smell like Satan", etc.

This is Dallas Powell, who was Deputy Principal of the South End School when I got the letter sacking me over the false allegation that I'd been recently (let alone ever) charged by the police with an offence involving a child.

Dallas knows that Rod O'Leary, the Principal is lying regarding his account of events surrounding my sacking, and the letter sent to me by the Board of Trustees of the South End School, but she refuses to simply write and say so.    Dallas is good friends with psychopath Julian Tyerman.

As a result of the letter from the school she was the DP of, and her refusal to admit the facts, I have had no job for over a year.

The we've got Emily Brown, who's on the Board of Trustees of the School, and who lives two houses from me.  When I asked her if she could please facilitate a meeting between me and the Board because the ongoing situation was causing me extreme hardship and depression, she came to another friends' house where I was visiting at the time, and announced to everyone that she was so concerned about my depression that she had rung the police and mental health services!  I asked for a meeting with the Board because they sacked me over a false allegation of child abuse - I am not a criminal or a mental patient OR a child abuser!  I'd like a meeting with the Board of Trustees please.  This is further evidence of Emily Brown's delusions, and her outrageous and nasty behaviour - the fact that she's on a Board of Trustees at all is a matter of serious concern.  Emily's mother and brother committed suicide - like Julian Tyerman's brother - and yet these monsters think it's amusing to incite other people to commit suicide - makes you wonder why their own family members made that decision really, it seems pretty obvious to many people who know them.  Nasty manipulative and dishonest people like this are the reason the Wairarapa regularly has twice the average national suicide statistics - in a country which regularly has among the highest rates in the world, the fact that people like this are in charge of running local schools and "charities' explains at lot, sadly.

Kelvyn Alp has pressured the Ombudsmen into reopening their inquiry into the matter.  That and the disgraceful ERO reports for 2010 and 2011 are evidence that the school governance is still seriously dysfunctional. 

Kirsten Grenfell rang Tim Reynolds because I complained about her gossiping on the internet about me and causing trouble, the complaint was well justified.  Murray Edridge and Niamh Lawless, the CEO's of Barnardos, defend Grenfell to the hilt, denying that she sent the email repeatedly until they were confronted with it, then saying they can't see anything wrong with it.  Then they told Grenfell I'd complained, so she rang and incited Reynolds to throw all my Court paperwork out in the rain, local police refuse to assist me to recover the rest of my property from the address, local police and so called community services aren't doing what they're paid to do they are acting with prejudice and bias, and perverting the course of justice, and supporting the criminals.

Kirsten Grenfell and Murray Edridge of Barnardos are Paula Bennett's stooges, and the sooner we get their snouts out of the trough the better.

"Kirsten denies your allegations" indeed!  The email is INDISPUTABLE PROOF of my allegations!  And I challenge anyone to obtain the further evidence from the email forensic records.  Then there's the matter of "Dave's ex" giving her a "smack in the gob" - there's a pattern there.

Murray Edridge and Kirsten Grenfell are typical of the manipulative liars who slither ever higher up the tree of public funding, Edridge is in charge of  Paula Bennett's "Green Paper" gravy train, a huge waste of time and money - here's the problem, this is what needs fixing.- we don't need a "Green Paper" we need constructive and decisive action regarding these matters - police deliberately throwing hundreds of child abuse files in the bin and deliberately lying about it - nothing whatsoever has been done about the problems in the Wairarapa police - and things are the same around the country - the so called 'inquiry' never even interviewed the ringleaders, McHattie and Johnston, both were actually promoted - instead of imprisoned for this blatant corruption!  

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