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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Corruption in the Masterton Court: Mrs Deputy Registrar & Mr Police Prosecutor cheat on their spouses, shack up together, then judge the rest of us:

The Masterton Court deputy registrar Liz Harpleton and Masterton police prosecutor Garry Wilson both cheated on their spouses and shacked up together a while ago, and they now conspire to pervert the course of justice in the Masterton District Court as often as possible.

This is a letter from a nasty, corrupt little man called Bryan Yeoman.  He's an ex police officer who perfed out of the police force when he found an easier and much more lucrative way to get his snout in the trough by being an amicus curiae, or "Friend of the Court", a very airy fairy, nebulous but very highly paid position.  He specialises in 'representing' vulnerable mental health patients, achieving predetermined outcomes in exchange for bribes.  I wrote to him and asked him when I had to be in Court in January 2010, he told me not till February 23rd.  I received an urgent message to tell me that a warrant had been issued on the 16th - it was no coincidence that the warrant was issued the very day after I'd had a conversation with the husband of a woman called Jenny.  Jenny's been having it off with the same local police officer as Jo Roffe (Constable Stephen Wakefield - it's well known in Carterton that Wakefield is a sleazy disgusting creep who abuses his powers to get sex, and like he let Roffe and her mates off with the illegal takeover mismanagement and closure of the Carterton Community Centre, he let Jenny's neice, who we'll call Tracy, off will stealing $500 from a local woman who shall remain nameless (because it is not in the community's interests that she needs to be named, he also made sure that Michael Francis Murphy got away with a home invasion at my home and Gary McPhee got away with another such attack, and Jenny's son Hayden got away with smashing my window and threatening and terrorising me and witnesses who were present in another violent incident), after Tracy told the victim of her theft that she needed to borrow the victim's car and drive to my home urgently, because she (Tracy, the thief) had received a phone call from me and Jenny's son, who we'll call Hayden, asking her to come to my address because we had rung her and said  we'd heard an intruder or some such thing.  Hayden, and I and the victim of the theft went to the Carterton police station and tried to make statements to Constable Harvey Pope that Hayden  and I had been at my house at the time Tracy alleged to the victim, and the police, that we had rung her, and that neither he or I had phoned Tracy, proving indisputably that she was lying to the police and the victim.  Pope refused to take statements from Hayden and I regarding the alleged phone call, and apparently left all reference to it out of the statement he took from the victim.

Wakefield wrote, and also got his fellow officers to write, letters of support for Jo Roffe's funding applications for her "crafty youth" programs, run through the former Carterton Community Centre as part of the rip offs that saw her pocketing over $600 for running a shambolic and useless craft program for "troubled youth" - young criminals, etc.  The community gardens did way more to help these people into employment, drug programs, parenting programs, etc, than Roffe's silly course ever did!  You can learn most of what she was teaching at any local kindergarten, and Roffe is on a par with disgraced ex politicians Georgina Beyer and that drunken lout Gary McPhee as far as community role models go!

Other attempts were made to pervert the course of justice involving Jenny and her mates, including after the attack on  me on 11th February 2009 at 13 Brooklyn Road, when Jenny came to the house unannounced the day after the attack and drew over a crack made by the attackers in the door with a felt pen, and made repeated visits over the next few days making other attempts to conceal and repair the damage to the door, despite repeated requests from me that she not do so until the police had photographed the damage. Photos were eventually taken by Constable Cadwallader, but these have never been provided despite numerous requests.  Independent witnesses took photos however, and described how the attackers were smashing the door down at the time the attack was taking place.  The police refuse to acknowledge that the attack even took place in spite of calls to 111 from four witnesses while the attack was taking place, describing it in graphic terms.  There was another incident involving Jenny's son - Constable David Gallagher's brother in law - making serious threats on a number of occasions, trespassing, and one occasion smashing a window and threatening me and another woman who was present and two young children, while Constable Pope and Constable Cunningham watched and did nothing (see witness statement below).

Meanwhile the Carterton District Council were taking me to Court alleging that I trespassed after being forbidden to enter the Council chambers by Gary McPhee.  I instructed my lawyer to advise the Court that McPhee was never legally elected and therefore could not trespass anyone from the Council chambers.  The Judge agreed, I was acquitted.  McPhee was furious.

This is about how Liz Harpleton and Gary Wilson, Court Registrar and Police prosecutor conspired to pervert the course of justice in the Masterton Court, and imprisoned me on an illegally and corruptly obtained warrant issued on 16th February 2010 to punish me for the conversation with Jenny's husband, during which he confirmed that he knew that the attackers did the damage to the door on the 11th February and that he knew his wife lied to the Tenancy Tribunal in April (or May) and told them that I did the damage, and sought money for the damage from me, knowing that I hadn't done it.  He confirmed that he had known for years that his wife has been having it off with Constable Wakefield and that is (just one of) the reasons his family receives favourable treatment from the police.  Jenny's daughter is married to another police officer, and her son has never had a job in his life, receives a benefit from the tax payer, but owns several houses and cars, and came to my home in April and threatened a woman and two children who were visiting, and myself, and smashed a window, in another terrifying attack, while Jenny and her husband and the police, stood and watched and did nothing whatsoever, despite the police having served him with a trespass notice weeks earlier because of his daily visits and threatening behaviour.  These conflicts are rife in the Wairarapa, the husband of Court registry officer Liz Harpleton walked in and found her and police prosecutor Garry Wilson at it on the floor, both were married with kids, neither one of them has any moral compass and both are as corrupt and depraved as you could imagine.  It's an extremely serious and totally unacceptable conflict of interest and blatant corruption for them to be cooking up corruption together in the Masterton Court and everyone knows it!

We'll start with this record of the discussion between Ken Daniels and I (and a witness), which is accurate to a degree, but omits a large amount of the lengthy discussion indeed. This refers to a meeting regarding the charges of trespass at a Council meeting which were later thrown out because the Judge agreed that McPhee had no lawful authority to evict me, as I told the police in the first place.

One of the points I wanted made very clear to the Court was that I had not disrupted the meeting whatsoever, I had spoken briefly on a few matters including:
1    I requested the return of my electoral nomination deposits.
2    I requested the return of property belonging to Friends of the Carterton Community Gardens, which was taken unlawfully and unreasonably by the Carterton District Council and gifted to one of their employees, Melvin Pike, and other people.
3.   I presented a petition calling for an inquiry into the affairs of the Carterton Community Centre, and the involvement of several individuals associated with Council in the illegal takeover, mismanagement and closure of the CCC, particularly the accounts "compiled" by Council accountant/employee Lyn Patterson, and the manipulation to appoint Patterson by Brazendale, Carter, Greathead and the other individuals referred to, and related matters referred to in the volume of complaints from me, the petition, the letters from numerous lawyers, scathing comments from several judges, witnesses such as the complaint made after the public meeting about Ewen Hyde and Bill Knowles, exclusion of certain members of the public from Counci deliberations but not others, undeclared conflicts of interest, etc, all of which has been put in writing and not responded to.
4.   I complained that I had been denied my lawful rights to be heard in support of my submission, by Ewen Hyde, who had written different letter to different submitters depending on whether he wanted them to be heard or not and who had deliberately  provided false information to Council in order to exert undue influence of the grants of funding he had applied for.  I said that all well informed people in Carterton want an inquiry into the former Carterton Community Centre, and do not support the planned "Event Centre" replacement CCC.

McPhee then told me to shut up and get out.  I reminded the Council that I had just sat and listened to disgraced ex politician Georgina Beyer go on about her new "job" as the Wairarapa anti violence co-ordinator, and Teri Lenihan go on about the Wairarapa Safer Community Council, both women spoke for considerably longer than the time afforded to me (twenty minutes in each case for them, less than five in my case).  I said I understood that speaking rights were for five minutes and I had not been granted that because McPhee was afraid of the truth.

McPhee got up and approached me with his fists clenched, then when I said "Look at him - take a look at yourself - the only way you can ever sort out anything is with your fists" he seemed to wake up to the fact that the whole Council and about a dozen members of the public were watching him, so he walked to the door and opened it and demanded I get out.

I said, no, I am entitled to stay and listen to the meeting, unless the public are excluded, and I should be treated no differently to anyone else, and excluding me for no reason in fundamentally undemocratic, and  discriminatory, and against the New Zealand Bill of Rights.

I then sat down quietly with the other members of the public.

McPhee then stood there like an idiot, shouting and carrying on like the attention seeking drama queen of a big girls blouse that he is, which was rather amusing for a while, and when that didn't work he ran next door to the police station and wasted police time again, making a complaint when there hadn't even been a crime committed.

I also told Ken that I had requested the Minutes of the Council meeting from the CEO and the Mayor, as soon as the charge was laid, and these had also not been provided.

So, less than a week later, there we all were in Court - me, McPhee, Ken Daniels, and Bryan Yeoman, the ex police officer amicus curiae who has somehow managed to get his snout in the trough and has been stuffing things up as hard as he can ever since he was appointed.  Below is the record of the "rather strange events of 9th June 2009", and an urgent letter to the police, after Judge Tuohy refused to disqualify himself, requesting the documents that McPhee was reading from when the trial was stopped:

Here's the statement from the witness to the offence, and the police refusal to arrest the offender they allowed to smash a window and terrorise me and another woman and two little children:

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Takedown Cyfs said...

harvey pope mentioned in this blog is a compulsive liar and severly corrupt.he has a major anger problem when things dont go his way and abuses his power as a cop to get at people he feels vengeful towards. hes very much disliked and loathed around carterton by a very large perportion of people especialy those people that have had their rights trod on by this clown masqurading as a cop