"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Local media puts a spin on violence again:

Here's the report published by the Dompost, reported by police associate Tanya Katterns, who reports rubbish like this all the time, trying to make out that the men are heroes indeed - people despise them, and know full well that they are violent criminals who went out looking for trouble with a loaded gun.  Katterns was later sacked for plagiarism thankfully:
Two Martinborough businessmen charged after a vigilante-style clash with teenagers have now been given hero status for "cleaning up the town".  Yeah, right Tanya.  They are only considered heroes by you and your police associate mates.  All the right thinking, fully informed people know that Vizor, Sullivan and their mates are violent troublemakers with vigilante, confrontational, aggressive, self righteous, shoot first and ask questions later mentalities.

Like McPhee and his mate who smashed their way into the home of a tiny, sick, harmless man who had just got out of hospital the day before.  The occupants were cooking their dinner, they hadn't done anything wrong and weren't making any noise.  Police claimed McPhee and his mate were heroes, saying that "the flat had been the subject of police inquiries for some time."  What rubbish.  McPhee and the local police spread the lies that it was a P lab and the occupants were P dealers and big time criminals.  McPhee boasted that he ran them out of town - another lie - they moved into a flat over the road from the old folks home (Carter Court) and went on living like they always had, causing no harm to anyone.
McPhee had ridden his Harley Davidson around drunk on a previous occasion and threatened and assaulted patrons of a local pub on yet another occasion, he regularly makes a  drunken, violent spectacle of himself with his violent, drunken, criminal behaviour. and local police shamelessly refuse to acknowledge the many complaints about it, like they did regarding the vicious drunken home invasion.

McPhee appointed Garth Gadsby and endorsed his shotgun rampage.
The turnaround just a day after Bruce Sullivan and Chris Vizor walked free of a conviction over last year's clash, has South Wairarapa's mayor fearing more residents will take the law into their own hands.
Criminologist Trevor Bradley has also criticised the decision to let the pair go free.
"A judge letting them off by saying they were performing a public service and were victims themselves is just sending a message to potential vigilantes that assaultive behaviour can be excused and legitimised.
"They were being vigilantes. They overstepped the mark and became police, judge and jury. We can't as a country operate on that basis."
But many Martinborough residents said yesterday that the men's actions had driven the rogue element out of the town.
"It is good they got off," retired resident Robin Burgen said. "They were just doing the right thing with the [community] patrol trying to stop all those robberies in town.
"It might have got out of hand that one time but there is no trouble any more. They have the town's support." No, they have the support of Tanya Katterns and Robin Burgen, whoever he is.  Hundreds of people voted for me, hundreds signed my petition, nobody voted for Robin Burgen, or Vizor, or Sulluvan, or Gadsby.  Or Tere Torea, or any of the other idiots the local journalists feature, quoting their idiot opinions.
Judge Paul Barber discharged Mr Sullivan, 52, and Mr Vizor, 34, without conviction this week despite the pair admitting to possessing an offensive weapon and recklessly discharging a firearm during a violent street fracas on May 21 last year.
The altercation with batons left one teen with a gaping head wound. Three other youths suffered bruising. Mr Sullivan was also seriously injured.
Judge Barber said he understood how a community would want to protect itself amid perceptions that police were under-resourced to deal with burglaries.  Judge Barber doesn't understand anything about our community, or how to deal with the problems with violence and bullying and injustice, the decision to let the offenders off is outrageous.  It just proves that there is one law for some people and another law for corrupt ex cops and their mates - local cops spend all their time making up corrupt charges against me and chasing after people who don't wear their bike helmets instead of getting on with investigating REAL crimes.
Mayor Adrienne Staples said that though vigilante behaviour was "plain dumb", problems with police resourcing were real and she feared more confrontations. "This is the second time this has happened in the South Wairarapa in three years, where people have moved to protect their own. When it comes to after-hours police cover, the South Wairarapa does not have enough. We have one sole-charge constable. I have even been to the police minister and been told what we have is what we are getting."  Mayor Staples does not support them, I do not support them, where is support expressed by any elected representative, local Councillor, anyone with any real credibility?  What credibility does Tanya Katterns have?  She has been found to be a plagiarist - copying Deborah Coddington's sycophantic article on Ron Muck.
But Wairarapa area commander Inspector John Johnston said Wairarapa had 72 sworn staff – enough to cover the region.
Mr Bradley said there were more than 5000 New Zealand community patrol members who were the eyes and ears for police. But it should stop there.
"Here you have a judge sending out an implicit message that vigilante behaviour is understandable, putting police in an impossible situation where they have been saying for so long they can't act like this.  yes, but it's the QUALITY of the officers that matters, not the quantity.
"We as a country cannot operate on a vigilante action basis because it descends into chaos. We have to leave active intervention with police."
Mr Sullivan said yesterday that the group were not vigilantes. "I think that we were able to prove we were confronted by 15 drunk and drugged youths who were aggressive from the start and that we were attacked and we were defending ourselves, it's as simple as that."
What sickening rubbish!  They instigated the violence, discharged the firearm, left another person with a gaping head wound, inflicted with an axe if I remember rightly.
The community patrol group was police-sanctioned and the burglaries had stopped as soon as the patrol began, he said.  Yes - police sanctioned alright - Vizor and Sullivan were disgraced ex police officers and they were using police issue weapons!
Local police make up their own statistics, and they waste the resources they get. 

Here in Carterton we've got Acacia Simpson, long time family friend of Constable Cunningham, new non sworn officer at Carterton police station - Gary McPhee and his mates petitioned parliament for a glorified bit of fluff to decorate the Carterton station - talk about nepotism!  McPhee's quoted in a local "news' paper as saying that when victims of crime go to the police station they just want a shoulder to cry on and someone to make them a cup of tea.
What an outrageous insult it is to victims that McPhee is on the committee of Victim Support Wairarapa!  
I was attacked in my home last February, there is considerable evidence linking McPhee to the attack.  Police are corruptly refusing to charge violent attackers, and have corruptly charged me instead.  
"We were never vigilantes. We'd been patrolling for weeks and weeks. If we were vigilantes, we would have been hitting people and shooting people right from day one."  Oh yeah, right - these people should be locked in secure mental asylums where they belong.  They pick on poor people, people with brown skin, anyone who's not like them.
Judge Barber had just dragged the New Zealand "Justice" system to an all time low.  Are we just going to put up with it?  I'm not.

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