"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Monday, June 7, 2010

Huge backlog of child abuse cases not investigated

It's been revealed by a District Court Judge that there is a huge backlog of child abuse allegations which have not been investigated by the police (Wairarapa Times-Age August 13 - 21 2009). This internet site site was set up to show people what the police have been doing instead, and how they 'investigate' the allegations that they do receive.

Details of the Wairarapa's disgraceful record of child abuse can also be found on the internet, through the website of the Masterton Library, Searches, Newspaper Index. Type "child abuse" in the search box, sort set by date of publication latest to earliest, and check out the results.

Winter's a good time to search this index, type "suicide" in the box, "murder", "crime", "police", "Gary McPhee", "Georgina Beyer" - but remember - these articles are mainly biased in favour of the police, Beyer, McPhee, etc, according to the editorial bias of the Wairarapa Times-Age toward corrupt redneck bullies.  There are plenty of things you won't read about in the Times-Age:

Today the latest charges against me in the Masterton Court were dismissed, because AGAIN the police had no evidence to offer the Court, AGAIN they just wasted everybody's time.  I said ages ago on this site that the Principal of the South End School Rod O'Leary wouldn't turn up because he has been proven to have lied to the Privacy Commissioner and other people, including the police, and wouldn't dare turn up and swear on the bible because I would have him for perjury in a flash, as he well knows.

Corrupt police prosecutor Gary Wilson wasted everybody's time - and tax payers money - again - when is he going to resign?  When are we going to elect an MP that's going to do something about the corrupt Wairarapa police.  Listen to them bleat about not having enough resources to investigte all the child abuse allegations, and here's Gary Wilson and his girlfriend Liz Harpleton, corrupt Court Registry Officer perverting the course of justice again with this rubbish!  Read the full story of the liars and thieves that run the South End School.  There's more at this link and this one and others.  And after biking a few kilometres to the train station in the rain and hail, and all the way back from Masterton in the rain and hail - for NOTHING - I got home to find someone had let one of the Community Garden horses out of it's paddock.  Great place the Wairarapa.  Let's get rid of the corrupt police and other idiots like McPhee, Beyer, John Haze, etc.

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