"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Michael Francis Murphy's lies:

Michael Francis Murphy and Tracy Feast, of Wyndham Street, Carterton are responsible for a violent attack on me in my home on 11th February 2009 at 13 Brooklyn Road, Carterton.

Police refused to charge the offenders, and have corruptly charged me with perverting the course of justice and escaping from custody instead.  I have no faith in the Court system whatsoever and intend putting evidence of this corruption on this site and others for everyone to see.  The corrupt, incompetent Wairarapa police are perverting the course of justice, not me, and the evidence is indisputable.  They do it to cover up for their mates, they do it for sexual favours, they do it just for fun sometimes.  The child abuse victims pay the price, the cops are laughing all the way to the bank - Oh and not to mention greedy corrupt lawyers and sleazy "amicus curiae" like corrupt, incompetent, nasty Bryan Yeoman.

Police are trying to pretend the attack on the 11th February 2009 never happened, and Murphy has stated in several police statements, etc, that the attack never happened and he wasn't even there and never came to my place, in spite of the fact that several people who were watching the attack called 111 as it was taking place and described Murphy, his car, the license plate, etc.  One of the calls has Murphy recorded in the background screaming his threats.

After police corruptly refused to charge Murphy, and corruptly accused me of harassing the people who came to my home repeatedly, and attacked me on numerous occasions, I requested a copy of the recording of the call to 111 from Claire Cook and Kelly Wilson, two witnesses who rang 111 and intervened to stop the attack.  I received a letter refusing this request from the manager of the police communication centre, Inspector Wayne Ewers, telling me that I am "not entitled to information that is created by other people according to the Privacy Act", which is, of course, a deliberate lie intended to prevent me accessing the evidence of the attack by Murphy and his mates.

I complained to the PCA and Ombudsmen and received a computer disc from the police with 46 police radio tracks on it.  Crucially, not one of these was the recording of the call from Wilson and Cook.  Most of them had nothing to do with me or the attack, and many contained extremely intimate personal information of a number of other people.  The information contains their names and addresses, dates of birth, street addresses, details of their personal lives, mental history, etc.

Police corruptly refused to charge the attackers and instead wasted police resources trying to corruptly blame the victims, exactly as they did when corrupt local Mayor and gutless drunken bully Gary McPhee and his drunken mate smashed their way into the flat where Derek Eastwell and Guy Booth lived and attacked the occupants.  Readers will remember that corrupt local police refused to charge him or his mate after that attack, they conspired with their snivelling little mates at the Wairarapa Times-Age to spread the word that McPhee was a hero and the victims were the criminals - and many of the people of the Wairarapa were too stupid to see through it, like they are too stupid to see through corrupt transvestite prostitute Georgina Beyer.

Michael Murphy and Tracy Feast conspired with corrupt Mayor Gary McPhee to plan the attack, which was motivated by jealousy on Feast's part and greed and spite on Murphy's part.  McPhee was cheeky enough to enter it on the Mayoral Diary as part of his "community work"!  Tracy Feast is a manipulative, sneaky, jealous woman, who I was introduced to after I became friends with her ex partner, a friend of Murphy's.  Feast was regularly leaving her five year old daughter in the care of Murphy, who even at his youthful age is the father of no less than seven children, who he has little or no contact with, and are being mainly supported by the tax payers of New Zealand.

Tracy Feast and her ex partner were involved in the death of a Wairarapa woman who committed suicide after having an affair with Feast's ex partner, leaving her own young daughter without a mother.  Feast is a cunning and manipulative woman, dangerously so, like Murphy.
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