"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lies, Lawyers and Legal Aid part 2, March 2010

Above is the letter requesting information written to the police by Ken Daniels on 2nd November 2005, after police charged me with:

  1. Trespass
  2. Disorderly Behaviour
  3. Resisting Arrest
  4. Assault on a police officer
  5. Assault on a police officer
I was acquitted of all these charges without having to put forward a defence, when the Judge acquitted me before the police could get around to calling the officer in charge of the case.

Below is the letter sent to police on the 2nd April 2009 by Ken Daniels, requesting information regarding the charges of:

  1. Perverting the Course of Justice
  2. Escaping From Custody

Above is the letter written by Ainslie Hewton the day of the hearing, and posted after the hearing had finished, advising me that her firm was representing me.

Ainslie Hewton took $50 from me as initial contribution to take a case to the employment tribunal on my behalf, regarding the Carterton Community Centre, then failed to act, and didn't put either a claim into the Tribunal or the application into LSA, and kept the $50.  The firm agreed to apply the money to "historic and contemporary matters" which they agreed to act for me on, according to a letter to the PCA (up soon).  One of these was the matter of the letter from the South End School, which continues to cause serious trouble in the community and in my life in particular, sacking me because of the false allegation that I have been charged by the police with an offence involving a child.
The firm failed to act on these matters either after promising to do so.

Above is a letter from Bryan Yeomans, the amicus curiae who is responsible for my illegal imprisonment, and for misinforming me, and the Court, and now the prosecutor.

My requests for information have been clear and specific, and Ken Daniels and Ainslie Hewton's firms have long standing knowledge of the matters and the relevance of the information requested to the current charges.

In particular I have requested the audio recording of the phone call to emergency services on 11th February 2009 from two woman (Ms C and Ms W).  Police have released the audio recording of a call made by yet another person who was alarmed at the violent attack they were witnessing, but refuse to release the audio recording of this call although the information is identical, and again, the Privacy Commissioner refuses to act.

Police refuse to charge the violent offenders in spite of overwhelming evidence, and similar complaints from other people.  They are refusing to release the audio recording because Murphy can be heard screaming in the background like the violent psychotic nutter that he is.  Now that's what you call perverting the course of justice.

Yeoman is a complete waste of space and taxpayers money.  He is responsible for persuading the Court to bail me to an address where the police successfully opposed me being bailed to very recently, because they claimed to have concerns about violence at that address, as Frank Minehan of Ainslie Hewton will verify.

Furthermore, the occupant of the address went to the police station just the other day, to complain about the arguments at his property over the letter from the South End School containing the false accusation, which is even more reason why the decision to impose the bail condition that I reside at this address is outrageous!

As is the continued refusal of the police to admit that the allegation is untrue!

The Court previously agreed that I could reside at no fixed address and that is exactly where I intend to live, notwithstanding the dirction of the Court, who have been misinformed again by Yeoman and by Liz Harpleton and Gary Wilson of the Masterton Court and Police respectively, conspiring to pervert the course of justice as usual in the Masterton Court.

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